Case Update: MD Who Murdered Other Doctor Also Killed Former Girlfriend

Dr Giocondo Navek; Dr. Payman Houshmanpour; Shawna Givens dead

Dr Giocondo Navek; Dr. Payman Houshmanpour; Shawna Givens dead

It was exactly one year ago this week that detectives in Cumberland County, North Carolina determined that the murder of a local doctor’s girlfriend, was linked to the murder-suicide of two doctors in Voorhees, New Jersey.

According to Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the same gun that Doctor Giocondo Navek, age 39, used to kill Doctor Payman Houshmandpour in New Jersey, was also used to kill a woman named Shawna Givens in North Carolina.

Investigators reported that all evidence pointed to Navek as the person who shot and killed the 35-year old woman in her home.

According to investigators, Doctor Houshmandpour was leaving for work on the morning of Wednesday, April 12, 2012,  when physician Navek suddenly confronted him in the parking area of his condominium. Witnesses state Navek simply walked up to the car and shot Houshmanpour multiple times.

Then Doctor Navek fled the scene in his own car. A witness immediately called 911 and when police caught Navek not far from the murder scene, Navek shot himself to death while still inside the vehicle.

Investigators were able to track that car to South Philadelphia, where they found Navek’s Mercedes. Evidence inside linked him to Shawna Givens’ body, his former girlfriend in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Detectives believe Navek’s motive to kill Doctor Houshmandpour’s was revenge. Navek believed that Houshmandpour was responsible for him being fired from Virtua Hospital in Voorhees, where both were employed.

Police say Navek met Shawna Givens when they both worked at the same Army hospital at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina. They’d driven up to Philadelphia for Easter weekend to visit family.

Investigators remain unclear as to why Navek murdered Givens, who was the mother of three children.

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Tennessee MD Headed for Prison After Trying to Kill His Wife

Dr Wesley Parris at his sentencing

Dr Wesley Parris at his sentencing

A doctor in Memphis charged with severely beating his wife changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ last week in superior court. As a result, he was sentenced to 24 years in state prison for Attempted Murder.

According to investigators, Wesley Parris, age 43, assaulted his wife Mollie in their home 3 years ago, beating her with a wooden sword; a tennis racket, and strangling her with a belt.

Tennessee State Prosecutor Karen Cook told the court that the attack occurred when Mollie Parris told her husband in September, 2010, that she was planning to divorce him.

According to Mollie’s testimony, Parris began the assault by saying, “If I’m going to die today, you’re going to die today, too.”

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‘Dentist the Menace’ Idiocy Threatens Thousands

Dr Scott Harrington

Dr Scott Harrington

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, hundreds of patients of an oral surgeon arrived at a medical clinic yesterday. They were anxious to learn whether they had been infected as a result of a dentist’s unsanitary surgical routines.

How much do you trust YOUR doctor?

How much do you know about YOUR doctor? Not much

According to Tulsa County Health Department, nearly 7,000 patients of Doctor Scott Harrington, are being contacted via official public health direct mail. More than 400 showed up at the North Regional Health and Wellness Center Saturday morning, many standing in a pouring rainstorm, to await testing for Hepatitis and HIV viruses.

The bizarre case began when health department investigators discovered a number of safety violations at Harrington’s dental clinics – one in Tulsa and another in Owasso. What followed was the Oklahoma State Dentistry Board filing a 17-count complaint against the doctor. According to the complaint, Harrington routinely used the same needles on multiple drug containers after being used on multiple patients.

Upon inspection of the clinic, investigators found numerous serious violations of the health code, including infectious disease instruments being rusty, and the pressurized instrument sterilizer had not been tested and certified in over five years.

Investigators also found that expired medications were being used on patients, and that Harrington allowed dental assistants to draw up and administer sedatives, which is a gross violation of the law.

Harrington faces a medical license revocation hearing on April 19.

You can read more here:–86864.html

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L.A. Physician Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Patients

It was one year ago that Doctor Kevin A. Brown, a Los Angeles ear, nose & throat specialist, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, as a result of being convicted on 21 of 29 counts of sexual abuse of patients.

Dr Kevin A Brown

Dr Kevin A Brown

As details of the man’s sexual perversions came to light, it became clear that Brown’s stature in the city had intimidated many of the women testifying against him. Some women were reluctant to report the physician’s outrageous behavior, all of which occurred during physical exams in medical offices, because he was respected in the community, and was known to have held fundraisers for presidential candidates at his home.

Brown, age 40, was found guilty on charges which included sexual battery by fraud; sexual exploitation by a physician; and lewd act upon a 15-year old. Unknown to Brown during one assault, his “patient” was actually an undercover police officer with a hidden camera.

Trust Me pic

Brown MD would use the guise of medically unnecessary breast and pelvic exams while treating his female patients for cold symptoms.

As Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor read the verdicts, Brown appeared surprised and looked over at family members, which included his father, the former Premier of Bermuda, Ewart Brown.

The doctor, who had been free on a $4,000,000 bail was immediately handcuffed by bailiffs and taken to L.A. county jail.

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Lab Coat Lunatic Revisited: The MD Who Carved His Initials into a Woman’s Stomach

Lab coat lunacy at work

“I don’t see what the problem is. I delivered a good little baby.”
(Comment by Allan Zarkin MD, medical maniac personified)

In a case which literally screams out the reason for this website, a New York physician was once convicted of cutting his initials into the abdomen of a patient, following the delivery of her baby.

Dr Allan Zarkin

Dr Allan Zarkin

Dr Liana Gedz

Dr Liana Gedz

And if any aspect of this story is more insane than the act itself, it is the fact that Doctor Allan Zarkin would serve not one week in prison. He would instead be – unbelievably – sentenced to probation, as the result of a plea bargain.

The indisputable facts of the case are these:

>   After performing a Caesarean section on a pregnant woman at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, the egomaniacal Zarkin shocked the nurses in the room by literally using his scalpel to carve  a large “A Z” into the abdomen of the patient lying before him.

>   The patient happened to be a doctor herself, 31-year-old Liana Gedz, a dentist friend of Zarkin.

>  According to New York State Department of Health investigators, Zarkin’s penchant for juvenile delinquency was well-known, because his coworkers had witnessed his habit of making strange, sexual comments as he performed surgeries on women.

>  The District Attorney’s office had received complaints about him for at least seven years. Two dozen women, in fact – patients, doctors and nurses – contacted them, reporting incidents they described as “bizarre,” “dangerous” and “weird.”

According to Linda Fairstein of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit, “So far we’ve received about 24 complaints on Zarkin.”

>  Zarkin was indicted in February, 2000 and could have gotten a 25-year sentence if convicted of first-degree assault, the most serious charge.

>   He was convicted of lesser crimes and sentenced to five years probation.

>   His license to treat patients was then revoked by the state health department.

>   Beth Israel Medical Center was fined $14,000 for numerous violations, including faiure to properly report Zarkin as required by law after the incident, and failing to properly supervise him after knowing that his behavior was unprofessional.

>   Doctor Liana Gedz, the victim of the assault, was awarded $1,750,000 by Zarkin’s malpractice insurance company, after suing Zarkin for $5,000,000. She would require several surgeries to repair the scars on her stomach.

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Our Observations:

Who in Hell are these people?

Who in Hell are these people? Who’s behind those lab coats?

The criticism from  MedicalMiscreants is based on the preposterous fact that madman Zarkin was allowed to continue to treat people for four months after carving “A Z” into the flesh of a helpless patient.

Beth Israel, for its part, insists it followed protocols and suspended Zarkin after an investigation, and that they reported to the state Health Department that the doctor had engaged in “grossly inappropriate conduct.” (Zarkin was suspended from the hospital after a brief investigation and resigned)

But our research reveals that Beth Israel’s report to the state oversight people was vague, and in fact not nearly specific enough to raise any sense of alarm. The hospital’s report did not even mention what Zarkin had done to Dr. Gedz. And, in keeping with the typical lab-coat wall of silence that permeates U.S. health care, the cosmetic surgeon who examined Dr. Gedz after the attack made no written or verbal report of the carved initials at all.

Kristin Smith, a spokeswoman for the New York State Health Department, put it this way. “What is fair to say, is that had we known the specific circumstances, we would have moved much more quickly to stop Zarkin from hurting innocent patients.”

So Zarkin was stopped, but the medical mania continues unabated by thousands upon thousands of other degreed nutcases who ought to be weeded out of the medical garden, but won’t.

In the 12 years since, more than 410 daffy doctors have been convicted on a jaw-dropping range of lunacy, in the city of New York alone – a whopping 11,230 physicians nationwide, in a little more than a decade. So much garbage behavior is going on, in fact, that ethical medical professionals have a hard time keeping up with all the shenanigans of their freaky peers. But within the sequestered halls of health care, nurses and doctors, techs, medics and ethicists,  have no trouble at all recalling Allan Zarkin MD, who is now 74 years old.

They simply refer to him as “Doctor Zorro.”

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Utah Doctor and Girlfriend Found Dead

In the Salt Lake City area a cosmetic surgeon and the woman he had once kidnapped in 2011 were found dead, according to Utah County Deputy Attorney Craig Johnson.

Dr Joseph Berg at Kidnapping Sentencing

Dr Joseph Berg at Kidnapping Sentencing

Police spokesman Sergeant Craig Martinez told reporters there were no clear signs of trauma to either of the bodies, such as gunshot wounds, but the deaths were still being investigated as a murder-suicide.

The physician had been convicted in December, 2011 of kidnapping a woman named Lucy Schwartz, after an emergency call during which 911 dispatchers could hear a woman in the background crying and begging for help. When police arrived at the house and crashed through the door, they found Ms. Schwartz in a closet, tied to a chair with medical tape, and Berg the only other person in the home. In court testimony, the woman stated that Berg had gotten angry at her, dragged her through the house by the hair and tied her to a dresser and chair.

Lucy Schwartz in happier times

Lucy Schwartz in happier times

Berg was sentenced to 18 months in jail, but was released after only four months.

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Research into the case reveals that Berg lost his medical license in January. At that time, the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing determined that he was not mentally fit to practice medicine. The previous November, reports by his nurses came to their attention that Berg had been seen using drugs while treating patients; that he would fall asleep while standing up; and that his entire medical staff quit at the same time, because they could see he was becoming increasingly dangerous.

Body of Lucy Schwartz removed from the Orem home

Body of Lucy Schwartz removed from the Orem home

Prior to the tragedy, Berg had operated the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute & Day Spa, in Orem. He is a graduate of University of Kansas school of medicine in 1993, and was affiliated with Timpanogos Regional Hospital, in Orem.

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