Paramedic Perspective: Another Former Wisconsin Doctor-Pervert Jailed

A physician who used to work in the city of Plover Wisconsin was sentenced to 6 years in state prison yesterday. He was convicted of sexually assaulting patients while on duty at Plover Family Practice

Dr Wilton C Calderon

Put a stethoscope on a sexual predator and you get instant – albeit totally unmerited – respectability.  As a society we are appallingly gullible.

Doctor Wilton C Calderon, who had moved to Old Lyme Connecticut and set up shop there after losing his Wisconsin medical license, was found guilty last February 17 on 2 charges of Sexual Assault, of two adult female patients. He was also found guilty of “manufacture/delivery of a Schedule I, II or III Non-narcotic Drugs.” Numerous other felony charges were dismissed in exchange for his plea of guilty.

The doctor left the room, returned with her prescription and told the woman, “I am really sorry again – unless you liked it.” (One victim’s testimony)

Portage County Circuit Court Judge Robert Shannon determined that Calderon, age 47, had performed sexual intercourse with at least 2 patients against their will, after they had sought treatment at the Ministry Medical Group in Plover, where he was employed as an osteopathic specialist.

The judge also found that Calderon was guilty of drugging one woman for the purpose of engaging in a sexual acts.

Law enforcement investigated Calderon’s case for more than 8 months before arresting him in December 2015. Investigators learned that the predator-MD had sexually attacked at least 7 women, and had traded narcotics for sex with one of the patients.

So this particular despicable doc gets to ponder his new surroundings while spending the next 6 years in a cage. And he will have his life legally supervised for 8 years after he gets out.

Our Observations:

An astute reader will notice that even though the man was brought up on sexual assault charges and lost his medical license in Wisconsin, all he had to do was cross a few state lines and set up shop all over again in Connecticut. Had Calderon been a truck driver or a real estate agent, a nurse, a property manager or a Taco Bell supervisor, he would not have been able to simply regain his license in another state. 

But in the good ol’ USA, physicians are held to the lowest standards of discipline of any profession. And that, my friends. is the ugly fact.

And – as so often happens when it comes to lab coat lunatics – this freak with a stethoscope could have been stopped many years ago. A pittance of research reveals that Calderon was accused of identical perversions as far back as 2009 by other women. Was the hooligan doctor brought up on charges back then? 

Of course not.


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