When it Comes to Healthcare, Are You as Smart as a Bird?

Welcome. Good of you to stop by. It’s also smart of you to stop by. There’s simply no better place to get your weekly dose of medical reality therapy. And even though some of the doctor shenanigans we present are thigh-slapping hilarious, the underlying facts are no laughing matter. Because our national healthcare machine is downright rapacious, and that puts you – the patient – right in the crosshairs of a deadly weapon.

Now, here’s something that needs to be stressed, and it’s important: in those cases mentioned on this site, we adhere to the following protocol:

  • Names of the miscreants are omitted if the facts of the case are dubious at the time we go to print
  • Names are also omitted if the incident cannot be verified by three solid reporting sources
  • In each instance where names are indeed included, we provide the quickest possible route for you to verify the “who-what-when-where” of the story. And that route is right here – the Paramedic Heretic’s Medical Miscreant website.

In every case, when it comes to this site, keep in mind the individuals themselves are not the story. Quite the contrary. The narrative here is to accurately underscore the pervasiveness of lunacy among those we hold in highest esteem. The purpose here, is to educate you as to the appalling volume, the breadth and the depth of misbehavior going on, so you will – God willing – become an ever-increasing skeptic anytime you find yourself in the presence of an alien life-form in a lab coat. Are you catching the way we’re drifting?

No professional in America errs more unashamedly; steals more money; injures and kills more citizens, than does the errant physician population. And those are the ugly facts.

The sad reality is, what modern healthcare should be doing is cleaning house and taking out the garbage. But just like recalcitrant teenagers, they refuse to do so until they see they have no choice. You want an example? Here’s a terrific example of why we do what we do. Sit back and watch this one: 


Now you tell us: how much more garbage-level physician behavior do you reckon it should take, before we all invest a little anger?

We’re the Paramedic Heretic. As such, we prefer transparency to political expediency.

We assume you already know that 98% of MDs, PHDs and the whole-strange, range of other “D’s” are probably ethical and competent. So what you need is some “Fair & Balance” in your brain diet. So we’re the site that focuses on the rest of them – the 2% Lunatic Fringe. We expose the side of medicine you REALLY need to know about. This is the site that reveals the Ogres and Witches, the Warlocks and Demons, Sorcerers and Scoundrels, Rascals Charlatans and the Picaroons, in lab coats. We tell you what your doctors and nurses could tell you – and what they damned well ought to tell you – but don’t. And that’s who to avoid.

We’re the site that reveals how modern medicine has swerved so far off the path called “normal” that it routinely hides the bogeymen. When our fearless leaders talk about the Affordable Care Act, they’re talking about a system that is – at its best – inexpensive enough for people to pay for. When we talk “affordable care” we’re discussing the details of whether you can afford to risk your life to walk through the healthcare doors in the first place. And, can you trust what they do and say once you get there.

And chuckling a bit seems to ease the grinding of our teeth as we look around at the debris field. Why? Because errant ‘healthcare’ damages and kills more good people than anything – including wars.


Do I LOOK like I trust doctors? I don’t even trust cute kids.

Consider this, please: have you ever seen a sweet, innocent little sparrow, sitting on a low tree limb, just primping himself and being too cute for words? Maybe you even want to reach out and pick him up for a minute and touch his delicate feathers and tell him what a nifty little creature he is. Maybe you want him to eat right out of your hand. Does he let you? Hell no. He’s had a few hundred thousand years of DNA programming that tells him humans are not to be trusted. He flies away at the first movement of your hand.

And that innate skepticism is . . .  precisely what keeps birds alive. 

Innate skepticism at the core of creature survival. What a brilliant concept.

So here’s our question of the day: are you as smart as a bird?


Doctor Criminal Freight-Train Keeps Rumbling Right Into The New Year

We find it a damned shame that more than 6,200 physicians were either jailed or seriously punished for garbage-level misbehavior, in the single year of 2016 alone. Since 1985 – when the National Practitioner Data Bank was created in order to keep track of doctor screw-ups – more than 250,000 physicians have been logged into their secret files. That’s a preposterous fact.

So here’s your challenge for the day: Name ONE other profession that generates more crime? Just . . . one.

And it certainly appears that we Americans can look forward to the promise of even more  physician shenanigans this new year, can’t we? To underscore our point, here’s a peek at just a few of the 40 cases we have been made aware of, in just the first 2 weeks of 2017:


Dr Jose Ramos



Indiana MD Confesses He Took Part in Surgery While Drugged Up http://www.thestarpress.com/story/news/crime/2017/01/10/physician-pleads-guilty-narcotics-case/96392224/


Dr Sharon Pletcher




Penn State Physician Guilty in Maniacal Drunk Assault on a Police Officer http://www.centredaily.com/news/local/crime/article125763859.html



Dr Richard Rydze



Pittsburgh Steeler Doctor Faces Drug-Dealing Trial





Will Trump Drain the Drug Cartel Swamp? Guess We’ll Find Out

According to Reuters, since 2011 the top drug suppliers in the United States have increased the cost of medications for such common ailments as arthritis, high cholesterol and asthma, by up to 100%.


But now, it seems that our President-elect appears ready to go nose-to-nose with the legal drug cartels. Yes, Donald Trump reports that he has every intention of forcing pharmaceutical companies  into competitive bidding, when it comes to supplying prescription medications to the federal government, which buys more than $320,000,000,000 a year in prescription drugs.

In addition, Mr. Trump has launched a new investigatory commission to look into dangerous vaccine ingredients like Thimerosal –made from the toxic heavy metal mercury, which causes neurological damage. Not a bad idea. Is this really something that should have gone on for 40 years?

Listen up: it is almost impossible to exaggerate the stunning dysfunction of the American medical system, when it comes to drugs. The ugly money-grab schemes of Martin Shkreli are simply a recent, headline-grabbing example of drug-greed on steroids. There are a ton of others.

Did you know that drug-makers are allowed to monopolize product sales because they enjoy government immunity from the normal ebb & flow of market dynamics?

They have been given immoral permission to establish political clout that shields them from government regulation that others must obey – and that fact alone merits public outrage. Drug-makers take full advantage of taxpayer-funded researchwhich is monstrously unethical by any measure. As a result, they rake in jaw-dropping profits, even by Fortune 500 standards, paying their CEOs as much as $180 million a year. These corporations spend far more on incessant marketing to consumers and doctors, than they do on research – and they repeatedly lie about why medicines are so expensive.

So regardless of your political leanings, we should all hope that our new President can at least make an appropriate dent, in the swath of carnage that drug cartels have created in our drug-dependent, mentally sluggish society.


Doctor/Drug-Dealer in Trouble. New Year . . . Same Old Healthcare Scamsters


There was a time, not that long ago, when Albert R. Cowie was a well-known and well-regarded radiologist with a growing suburban practice.

Now, he’s a recovering drug addict facing a recommended sentence of 33 months in federal prison.

Cowie, a 38-year-old graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Medicine, was scheduled to appear in court Monday, but his sentencing was postponed just hours before his appearance. As part of a plea deal with federal prosecutors, Cowie admitted writing fraudulent prescriptions for painkillers and using them to feed his own drug problem.

“I was addicted to those medications,” Cowie told U.S. District Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo last year. “I issued scripts for those medications and then used some of those medications.”

In his plea agreement, Cowie said he wrote illegal prescriptions for his now-former wife, but prosecutors claim he also wrote them for two others and, in each case, received some of the painkillers for his personal use.

He pleaded guilty to two felony charges, health care fraud and obtaining controlled substances by fraud.

“It started with Lortab,” Cowie said of the numerous painkillers he took over the years, “and then Percocet.”

Arrested in 2015 outside his offices at Diagnostic Imaging Associates in Amherst, Cowie was initially accused of writing 280 illegal prescriptions over a four-year period ending in early 2014. He also was charged with establishing a relationship with a prostitute, injecting her with heroin on one occasion and later giving her prescriptions for Xanax and Percocet.

Cowie did not admit to those crimes as part of his plea deal, but prosecutors said he agreed the allegations at the root of those charges could be considered by the court in weighing a prison sentence.

Cowie, who received his undergraduate degree from Canisius College, is the fifth Western New York doctor to be charged with distributing illegal drugs over the past several years. His guilty plea last year came just 3 days after Dr. Pravin V. Mehta of Niagara Falls was sentenced to 2 years in prison for illegally dispensing pain medication.

At the time of Cowie’s guilty plea last year, defense attorney Robert M. Goldstein said the future of his client’s medical license was still up in the air.

Cowie reportedly signed a consent decree with the state that will delay action on his license until after his sentencing. He is currently without the authority to prescribe medications.

Cowie’s guilty plea is the result of an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, state Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement and Amherst Police.

(We thank reporter Phil Fairbanks of The Buffalo News for this story)

Doctor Stealing Artifacts From Tribal Land: ‘It’s a Slap in the Face’ of Native Americans

In the great state of California a doctor confessed last summer that, yes indeed, he was guilty of routinely stealing cultural artifacts from Death Valley National Park. Who told?


Physicians and crime: what else is new? Dr Jonathan Bourne, caught in the act of a felony. Is this man YOUR doctor?


Probation? Of course!

After nearly 20 years of pilfering historical treasures for fun, Doctor Jonathan Cornelius Bourne of Mammoth Lakes, confessed on August 15, 2016. He pleaded guilty to illegal defacement, removal, excavation and taking home priceless archaeological items, according to U.S. Attorney Phillip Talbert.

He also dug up and stole artifacts from the Humbolt-Toiyabe National Forest. Just doing a little creative home decorating, don’t you know. But not everybody thought it was cool.

“Cultural resources in national parks are irreplaceable. When someone takes something like a bottle from a mining site or an arrowhead, it breaks the link to the stories of that place. It robs all of us of our connection to the past.” (Wanda Raschkow, archaeologist)

According to investigators in one case alone for example, on January 10, 2011, Bourne defaced a famous prehistoric site in Death Valley and removed an ancient tool carved from the horn of a bighorn sheep. Police found it in his house.

Death Valley is the homeland of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe. The tribe continues to shape the history, culture, and ecology of their ancestral homeland, in partnership with the National Park Service. And the tribe takes artifact defacing and theft far more seriously than the California court did. Because the California courts have always been snake-bite stupid, when it comes to idiots in lab coats.

It was 16 months ago – September 17, 2015 – when a federal grand jury indicted the MD on 21 charges – violations of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act in Death Valley National Park as well as other public lands. This particular nut-job could have gotten 2 years in prison and $20,000 fine for each charge. And he should have.

But not so fast. After all, this repeat felon  with a shovel is, after all, a doctor. And we all know doctors deserve to be treated differently than common citizen criminals. They wear stethoscopes, for God sakes. They’re special.

So this self-absorbed ass was sentenced to 2 years probation instead; paid $249,000 in restitution to the tribes and a $40,000 fine, as announced by U.S. Attorney Talbert.

A jaw-dropping 20,000 stolen items were recovered from his home. The daft doc admitted he had been pilfering from native American land since 1994.

Bourne is also banned from entering public lands for any recreational purposes for a while 24 months. Now there’s a nasty punishment. That oughta teach him.

“Our ancestors have lived in the Death Valley region since before written time. The Timbisha people identify ourselves by our art, our being, our obligation to take care of the lands and to continue our traditions and customs. The Timbisha Shoshone Tribe is very distressed about the actions of Jonathan Bourne, who took it upon himself  to destroy a large prehistoric site here in Death Valley National Park, the homelands of the Timbisha Shoshone.  Our ancestors left their message [in their homelands], for our members and the general public to enjoy and cherish.  When theft occurs, it not only hurts the Tribe, but everybody.” (Barbara Durham, historic preservation officer, Timbisha Shoshone Tribe) 

For the record, this case was investigated by the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.  

 Here’s another look at this medical profession embarrassment:


Naked Ladies, a Dodgy Doctor and a Cell Phone by the Toilet. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Let us guess: You thought daffy doc behavior would go out with the old year. Fresh year, fresh start? Surprise!

In the great northwest province of British Columbia a Canadian physician meekly admitted in Victoria Provincial Court yesterday that, why yes indeed, that was his nifty cell phone perched secretly near the lady’s potty. Wonder how THAT got there?

Doctor Mark David Thiessen then proceeded to confess to his cool little plan to record his female staff members using the bathroom at the Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic. His arrest and criminal charges were the result of his sneaky shenanigans coming to light, when an employee saw a the cell phone positioned near the toilet.

Saanich Police Sergeant Jereme Leslie conducted an investigation into the rather odd matter, and then recommended a single charge of Voyeurism to the Crown Counsel last summer.


Dr Mark David Thiessen

“In this particular circumstance, Voyeurism is the appropriate charge,” Leslie said. He added that there was no evidence the camera had been there for more than one day.

In keeping with the way Western society coddles physician criminals, Thiessen is still allowed to work and undress people for money. Yes, indeedy. For although he was terminated by the Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic, he is still allowed to work at the Admirals Medical Clinic in the town of View Royal. The British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons has mandated that he have an adult baby sitter present, whenever he performs physical examinations on female patients. Mind you, he can still play with their bodies. Why, who needs a secret camera anyway?

A doctor required to have a babysitter while undressing ladies. How about that. Seems wholly appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

Horny-toad Thiessen is scheduled to be sentenced next week. Not to worry. The miscreant won’t even come close to having his license revoked. After all, he’s a . . . well, you know the story by now.

Here’s more:


Health Insurance Cyber Attack ‘Most Likely’ Done by a Foreign Government

cyber-attack-artInternet forensic investigators now report that, “a foreign government was most likely” the source of a massive cyber attack of Anthem Incorporated.  Anthem is the largest for-profit, managed healthcare company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield umbrella. They were founded more than 70 years ago, and up till 2014, they were known as WellPoint, Incorporated.

The report says that “foreign actors” illegally broke into Anthem’s database 23 months ago, in February 2014. At some point after that, they were able to access the computer system remotely, which allowed them to breach nearly 100 other internal insurance provider data systems.


Because of this stunning personal and professional data protection failure, the cyber attackers now have the private information – employment records, Social Security numbers, birthdates and far, far more – of at least 78,000,000 patients, patient’s families and employees.

Insurance Commissioner David Jones stressed in his announcement that investigators believe – “with a significant degree of confidence” – that the unknown intruders were operating at the direction of a foreign government. As yet they have not revealed whether they know – or if they will say – which government is at fault.

Once Anthem learned of the attack, they say they immediately made every effort to shut down the security vulnerabilities,  contacted the FBI and cooperated with law enforcement. They then hired Mandiant, a highly-respected cyber-security company, in order to assess system weaknesses and create solutions.

Here’s another look at America’s problematic healthcare systems: