‘The Paramedic Heretic’: “Not for the Faint of Heart”


Read the author’s experiences when PSA Flight 182 destroyed a San Diego  neighborhood.

What readers say about the book:

HERETIC COVER 1Makes you realize that good health is OUR responsibility – Not doctors. Not hospitals. Definitely not that of Big Pharma.”  (Mark Brown, Kansas City Star)

“What you have here is a paramedic/researcher who really does his homework. The author cuts right through the smoke-screen that so many of us are programmed to believe and never question. Either you make the decision to take charge of your own healthcare, or you can count on becoming a victim of a system whose priority is money.” (Eric Keese, Miami)

I spent 30 years in healthcare and grew to seriously distrust the medical industry. Far too often, what goes on in the name of ‘care’ is a sad commentary on what isn’t even necessary. ‘The Paramedic Heretic’ is an excellent look at medicine from an insider who’s seen it from the inside out. His observations and experiences are, at times, jaw-dropping. We all absolutely must realize that much of the ‘red lights & sirens’ mentality is simply wrong. Here’s a book that certainly opened the eyes of my wife and I, and incidentally, we are BOTH nurses.” (Tom & Lynn Frederick, New Haven)


The author was the first medic on this Palm Springs Girl Scout bus crash that killed 7 and injured 46.


“Face it. What you don’t know can kill you! Every adult in the U.S. should read this book and remember what it teaches you. Well researched, well documented, well written. (Macario Corpus, Reno)


When James Huberty shot 40 people in San Diego, the author was there, too.


Some of this paramedic’s experiences will scare the poop out of you.” (Lacy O’Brian, BSN, Stanford U.)




Meanwhile, 2 Years Ago a Columbian-immigrant MD Got 10 Years for Poisoning Her Man-Friend

Houston Doctor Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, now behind bars for mixing up some sweet poisoning. “She invited him over for a cup of ‘special Colombian coffee’.”


Go ahead. Ask us again why we call them ‘Third World Assassins’

It was exactly 2 years ago when a Houston jury realized they were about to sentence a Texas cancer researcher to state prison. She was days away from being convicted of poisoning her doctor/lover. The jury knew by September 14, 2014, that Columbian Doctor Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo had spiked her co-worker’s coffee in a spasm of revenge, with a chemical found in antifreeze. The 43-year=old breast cancer specialist at Houston’s renown MD Anderson Medical Center, had been involved in a sneaky sexual relationship with her fellow researcher, Doctor George Blumenschein. And then he started playing house with another brunette because, well, boys will be boys.

We can promise you that – as a veteran Paramedic – hospital-horny-toad shenanigans run as rampant as anything you can imagine in a college dormitory.

The prosecution was proving that their affair had turned into a “fatal attraction.” After more than a year of secret copulating encounters, Doctor Ana decided to poison Doctor Blumenschein with ethylene glycol. He was, after all, spending an awful lot of time with his longtime live-in girlfriend, Doctor Evette Toney. And wow. Did Ana love George. She loved him so much she decided to kill him.

Horn-dog Blumenschein got lucky. He survived the poisoning. And a Houston Superior Court jury sent Doctor Ana-nana bo-bana  to go sit in a cage until the year 2024. She could have been sentenced to 30 years, but she wasn’t. After all, she isn’t just your run-of-the-mill jilted homicidal freak. She’s a special human being. She’s a doctor, for God sakes.

So how about this: How about we all be thankful today – exactly 2 years later – that this particular pair of hormonal, stethoscope fools didn’t have time to breed. Let’s thank Heaven for small favors, shall we?

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Ana Gonzalez-Angulo, George Blumenschein: ‘Snapped’ Profiles Houston Doctor’s Sexual Affair, Which Almost Killed Him After Coffee Poisoning


Doctor Dodges the Tax Man: Big Mistake


Dr Anthony P. Sertich

In the city of San Antonio Texas a physician has been sent off to state prison after being found guilty on a long list tax fraud felonies.

Doctor Anthony P. Sertich, age 60, was convicted last March on 10 charges of failure to pay  taxes and one charge of tax evasion. He was sentenced to three and one-half years behind bars this week.

Investigators discovered that the doctor had failed to pay more than $250,000 to the IRS that he collected from his medical staff payroll taxes at his clinic, the Advanced Artistic Facial Plastic Surgery of Texas.

Over an 8-year span that ended in 2010, detectives learned that the scamming MD accrued nearly $3,000,000 in unpaid tax penalties and interest, according to federal law enforcement. They say that the doctor  withheld employee taxes and then kept the money for himself. He then filed for bankruptcy multiple times in order to avoid paying his creditors.

Scamster Sertich did, however, manage to pay himself several million dollars in salary.

The wayward MD has been ordered to repay $3,000,000 in restitution to the IRS.

Here’s another look at this surgiscrub screw-up:


San Diego ‘Sex-for-Drugs’ Doctor Case Gets Sleazier by the Day

 “This physician’s arrest came at the conclusion of an investigation that began several years ago, officials said. The doctor is believed to have been prescribing the alleged victims – ranging in age from early 20s to early 30s, various narcotics, including hydrocodone, methadone and oxycodone, and using his access to the narcotics as a way to pressure them into sex acts.” (Amy Roderick, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration) 


The Pain Management Center of Doctor Naga Raja Thota

In East County San Diego, law enforcement is planning to interview 12 additional women, who say they were  victimized by a physician already arrested and charged for swapping narcotics for sex. The as-yet unnamed adult women have come forward after hearing that their doctor is facing felony charges of dispensing painkillers illegally.

Doctor Naga Raja Thota, an anesthesiologist, was arrested at his clinic in the city of El Cajon last Wednesday. He stood in court later that day with his attorney and pleaded “not guilty” to charges involving 3 women who had already been interviewed by DEA investigators. The subject of the interviews was  suspicion of dispensing powerful painkillers to patients without legitimate medical reasons – specifically, a physician providing drugs to addicted “patients” in exchange for sexual favors.

During his first court appearance, U.S. Attorney Orlando Gutierrez told the judge that a 20-year-old patient of Thota’s reported that the doctor increased her prescription dosage without telling her. Her addiction became worse,  and that she felt she couldn’t get more narcotics unless she had sex with the doctor.

Another  woman, according to the prosecution, said Thota agreed to pay her money not to report what was going on to law enforcement.

Doctor Naga Raja Thota, age 62, was released on a $100,000 bond last Friday. His next court date in scheduled at the San Diego Federal Building today.

Here’s another look at this case:

Indian-Immigrant MD Caught in ‘Drugs for Sex’ Embarrassment

Our Third World Assassins just keep right on keepin’ on . . . .

“Doctors who exploit patients are the worst kind of predators.” (San Diego DEA Agent-in-Charge William Sherman)


Dr Naga Raja Thota

In the San Diego suburb of El Cajon, Doctor Naga Raja Thota was handcuffed and taken to jail last week. He has been charged with Illegal Narcotic Distribution in a particularly sleazy scheme.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Thota, age 62, was taken into custody by San Diego DEA agents at his clinic, the Pain Management Center, located at 2732 Navajo Road in El Cajon. He was arraigned in Federal Court Wednesday before Judge Bernie Skomal.

The charges are supported by sworn statements by at least three women, that they regularly received oxycodone prescriptions for no medical need, in exchange for sex acts. The investigation revealed a clear pattern of illegal behavior by Thota, in which sexually-explicit texts were retrieved by police, between the physician and the women, followed immediately by illegal prescriptions.


The case record states one of the women reported she met Thota when she was in the hospital for drug addiction. Before she was released, Thota falsified her medical chart to indicate he was treating her for pain, even though she was in no real pain at all.

The woman, age 20 at the time, told police she was addicted, and agreed to sexual liaisons with the doctor in order to keep getting the drugs. Investigators say she reported that her sexual relationship with the doctor began 3 days after she met him. She said he called and asked her out and the drug gravy train was well on its way.


Thota is being held in San Diego on 7 charges of dispensing opioids for no medical reason. He could get 20 years in federal prison and a $1,000,000 fine.

Judge Skomal set the daffy doc’s bail at $100,000.

(Anyone with information regarding other victims of Dr. Thota was urged to contact the DEA at 858-616-4100)

Here’s more:





Vegas MD Who Committed Fraud; Lied to Hundreds of Patients, Gets No Punishment



Dr Carmen Felice Jones

In April 2013, A Las Vegas childcare specialist had her medical license suspended by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. Why? Well, according to investigators, she was routinely allowing a “pretend” doctor to treat hundreds of patients.

That way she wouldn’t have to get up in the mornings and . . . you know . . . actually go to work. Who wants to be around sick kids?

Doctor Carmen Felice Jones, the medical director for the Las Vegas Health Center at 6332 South Rainbow Boulavard, had allowed an unlicensed staff member, Zeeshan Malik Hoodbhoy, to impersonate a physician, in order to prescribe, administer and dispense drugs illegally, according to the State Board.

But this week, in a stunning reversal, the state medical board has decided that “no further disciplinary action” will be taken.


The appallingly worthless Doctor Jones had already pleaded guilty to Conspiracy, in allowing a staff member to practice medicine without a license. This occurred in Clark County 8th Judicial District Court in 2014. Of course she got no jail time because, well, she wears a lab coat. At least, on those rare days when she worked.

But now, according to a Board statement, they were afraid she would sue the board members, so they dropped the civil charges, saying, “She learned her lesson.”

What a immoral gang of professional cowards.

The man in charge of the investigating committee was Doctor Benjamin Rodriguez. He said 3 years ago that Hoodbhoy would – at the direction of Jones – routinely, illegally use the doctor’s signature stamp, as well as her federal DEA registration number, to write prescriptions.

Based on the findings of the Medical Board, Washoe County District Court Judge Jerome Polaha had immediately ordered a restraining order against Hoodbhoy. The Executive Director of the Medical Board, Douglas Cooper, announced then, that Nevada State Pharmacy investigators, as well as the Las Vegas Police, worked together to reveal the illegal arrangement between Jones and Hoodbhoy.
“Hoodbhoy treated hundreds of patients illegally,” Cooper said.

The investigation revealed that freaky physician Jones admitted being the medical director of a second clinic called Agape Health, where “she never met the patients; never treated the patients; allowed unlicensed staff to treat and inject patients with controlled substances.”

Now, several members of the Board were “uncomfortable” last week, in that not even a letter of reprimand would be issued in the case. But in the end, they decided that the “visibility of the case and settlement agreement online” by patients and their families, would provide the public with a record of the case.

Really? That’s how you spank a physician who blatantly disregards patient safety and broke the law hundreds of times?

Jones filed a complaint in federal court in June 2013, arguing that the Medical Board denied her due process when it suspended her license. That judgment was denied, as was her appeal. She then filed a civil lawsuit against the members.
That was all it took to get the board to roll over like bedbugs. In exchange for dismissing its complaint, Jones will dismiss the civil lawsuit, the Board’s attorney said. The deal  “mitigates additional expenses regarding legal matters.”
And some people actually wonder why a veteran Paramedic might become a heretic.
UN-effing believable.


Healthgrades records show Jones’ speciality is pediatrics. She graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School in 1991.

Drugged-up Doc Steals Patients’ Meds; ODs Between Surgeries; Gets Scolded


Dr Gregory G Theodore

In Carlisle Pennsylvania an anesthesiologist has finally confessed that, why yes!  He did indeed routinely drug himself into a stupor while on duty at the hospital.  And his confession last Wednesday afternoon was a key factor in a plea deal that will keep him out of prison.

You’ve just got to love – strike that, cringe at – what passes for physician discipline in the good ‘ol USA.

According to Assistant District Attorney Jamie Keating, Doctor Gregory G. Theodore, age 62, was ordered to complete a substance abuse rehabilitation and may not treat patients. In return, he was sentenced to 4 years probation.

Pretty neat deal, if you can swing it: steal other people’s meds for years; perform highly complex  procedures on patients when they are most vulnerable – asleep. Put entire surgical teams at risk. And then get the adults to send you to your room like a punky 8th grader. Cool.


In lab coats they look almost normal . . .


Cumberland County Judge Albert Masland thought Theodore’s efforts to beat his substance abuse problem played a large role in the decision to offer him a probationary sentence. He said Theodore has passed drug tests, is undergoing counseling through a program for addicted physicians, and voluntarily surrendered his medical license.

Investigators determined that Theodore was using drugs between surgeries, taking excess medications, including the narcotic Demerol.

Theodore was arrested in April as the result of an investigation that began in July 2015, when he was found unconscious in a bathroom between surgeries at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. Police said Theodore admitted that he had been pilfering medications prescribed for patients “for several years.” 

Defense attorney J. David Farrell said Theodore has proven “he is a good candidate for lifelong rehabilitation.”

And we believe he’s a good candidate to work at the local car wash.

But that’s just us.

Rest assured, the man will be back passing gas at another hospital, for fun and profit, in no time. He will have NO problem getting relicensed in another state before you know it.

Because in the Twilight Zone of American “healthcare” that’s the shell game we allow medical authorities to play on us.

As an intellectually sluggish society, you see, we get exactly what we tolerate.