Medical Monsters: Not Only in America


In a tuxedo they look almost respectable, don’t they?

“Michael Salmon abused his position as a pediatrician and took advantage of his status and circumstances to sexually abuse the children, during medical examinations, for his own sexual gratification. (Nina Maisuria, Senior Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service)

In the city of Reading England an 81-year-old physician, already in prison for patient rape, has been found guilty of 14 more sex-related crimes.

Doctor Michael Salmon, who was a resident of Britford, Salisbury when he was convicted in the first case, was convicted this time in Reading Crown Court after an 8-week trial.

The court listened to the testimony of 18 more female victims, all between the ages of 8-15 at the time of the assaults. According to the court record, all of the additional attacks occurred at multiple Salisbury county hospitals where he was employed as a pediatrician.



But catch some MDs out of costume and what do you get?

At trial, the freaky physician admitted that he kept a copy of the book, “The Joy of Sex” in his child examination room.


The girls had come to be treated for various medical complaints, such as severe headaches, stomach pains and seizures. But in almost every case, the lecherous physician’s exams involved highly unprofessional groping, and often totally unwarranted vaginal and rectal manipulations on the poor children.

One victim, for example, testified that she had arrived at the clinic with an inner ear problem. She told the court that the doctor insisted she undress, after which he put his hands on her naked body inappropriately for “quite some time”. And he never did get around to examining her ears.

Other young victims were also ordered to disrobe, during which time Salmon would talk about sex while touching them.

During the trial Salmon was described by the defense as a consulting pediatrician who was well-known professionally and highly regarded. The court heard repeatedly that he was trusted by his child patients as well as their parents.

Investigator Emma Barlow told the news media that, “Following the doctor’s convictions in 1990 and 2015, victims had the strength to report what had happened to them during their medical visits. Mr Salmon abused the trust placed in him in the most vile way for his own sexual gratification.”

Throughout the trial the doctor described the testimony of his victims as “fantasy, nonsense and fairytales.”

The court disagreed, and now sexual predator Salmon has been convicted of a total of 28 felony assaults on 20 children, in 3 separate trials over 25 years. His medical license was revoked in 1991 after he admitted then to 3 indecent assaults on young female patients. But he was never jailed until February 2015, when he was sentenced to an 18-year term for 2 rapes and 9 indecent assaults.

Salmon was a child care specialist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

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We Blame Doctors for Lots of Things. But We Can’t Blame Them for ‘Text Neck’. That’s on Us

 “It’s an epidemic. Just look around you. Everybody has their head down.” (Doctor Kenneth Hansraj, New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine)


The reverse evolution of humanity is a sobering reality to behold. Less speaking; more bent-over squinting. Call it the chimpanzeefication of a stupefied species

Any idea how much your own personal, precious, one-on-the-planet head weighs? Well, it happens to weigh about 12 pounds. And your precious neck is designed to carry it around for a lifetime.

But . . . but . . . consider this nifty factoid:

When you bend your neck forward, the stress on your cervical spine grows substantially. At as little as a 15-degree angle, this stress more than doubles to equal about 27 pounds. Bend your neck 15 more degrees and the stress on your neck equals about 40 pounds.

At 60 degrees? Guess what? Your head now weighs the equivalent of 5 times its real weight – about 60 pounds of neck-stress. That’s five full-grown cats clinging to your bangs.

So go ahead – keep staring at your phunny-phone, like countless millions of cell zombies do, for hours and hours on end. Over the course of years your poor posture – appropriately called “text neck–  results in far more repetitive injury to your cervical spine than you would have developed otherwise. And you can look forward to early degeneration and maybe even the joy of spinal column surgery. This, according to research published by Doctor Kenneth Hansraj in the National Library of Medicine. The study was covered on the Surgical Technology International website.

So maybe you can’t envision the extra weight that  merely tilting your head causes. Imagine carrying a bag of potatoes around your neck during daylight hours. Legions of cell-zealots in your own neighborhood are hunched over at this very moment – tinkering with social networks and plinking out critically important communications like, “wher u at?” Hundreds of hours every month, needlessly stressing their spines. All indications are that teenagers are the worst offenders, spending thousands of more hours bent over than anybody else. But nearly 60% of adults are well on their way toward this addictive electronic toy scourge, too. When it comes to addictions, grown-ups can be as ridiculous as anybody else.

Medical professionals have been warning us for years, of course. They report that the pressure on your spine doubles for each inch your head bends forward. Doctor Michelle Collie of Rhode Island’s Performance Physical Therapy, reports that she was seeing patients with cellphone-caused neck and back pain as far back as 2009.

Personally, we happen to be an electronic Neanderthal, clinging to the era of the cellusaurus. We stubbornly carry a flip-phone – 12 years old. That’s about 152 in either dog – or phone – years. We rue the day it’s too exhausted to wake up, one last wretched morning, too worn out to flip, ever again. Horrors, that’s gonna be a serious pain.

But at least . . . not in the neck.

Something to think about, wouldn’t you say?

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More Daily Doctor Doo-doo. Take a peek at This Lab-coat Loon in Australia

“We are thankful that this outcome protects the community from this doctor, from practitioners who think they’re above the law. But the sadness never goes away.” (Tracey Wiggins, daughter of the dead mother)


Guess who killed Christine Crickitt?

In Australia’s NSW (New South Wales is a state) Supreme Court earlier today a horny-toad physician was found guilty of Murder in the death of his wife.

Doctor Brian Kenneth Crickitt, a 63-year-old general practitioner in Sidney, was just this morning convicted of killing Christine Crickitt, age 58.

The monster MD had denied murdering his wife, which happened 6 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, 2010 at their Sydney suburb home. Sure, it was New Year’s. And yeah, he had a newly dead wife. And yeah, he had a new, sexy mistress. And yeah, he’d soon have a brand new wad of life insurance cash coming his way. But . . . but, that was all an amazing coincidence.

But investigators learned, among other odd matters, that Crickitt had done a significant number searches on the internet pertaining to insulin overdoses, just before she died. In his previous years as a doctor, he had never done that. And there was plenty more evidence than that.

At Campbelltown Medical and Dental Centre, he wrote a prescription for quick-acting insulin for a patient who had no need for it at all. He then deleted the prescription from the clinic computer system – something he was never known to have done before. And after that, he drove to a drug store and had the unneeded prescription filled for one of his patients. Apparently this stethoscope twit failed to consider that a patient might ever testify they never got the prescription he wrote.

When is the last time YOUR doctor ran a pharmacy errand for YOU?

Christine Crickitt died from an insulin injection of that exact type, within hours.

“The Crown’s case is that on the night of December 31, the accused injected his wife in her buttock with a lethal dose of insulin with the intention of murdering her. He waited at home until she was either dead or comatose, so that without medical intervention she would die. He then left the house at 2:00 in the morning to spend the night with Linda Livermore.” (Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi)


Get rid of the old wife using doctor skills; fetch a new wife using doctor charms.

Judge Clifton Hoeben, who heard the trial with no jury, determined that the doctor had indeed used a prescription written for one of his patients, to illegally obtain the insulin from a neighborhood pharmacy. The insulin he purchased was indeed the rapid absorption kind – the kind that kills quickly and leaves practically no trace in the system to be found on autopsy. The judge agreed with the Crown (the prosecution) that Crikitt’s motivation to kill his wife was certainly twofold: he wanted a future with his mistress, Linda Livermore – not his wife. And he wanted his wife’s life insurance payout, to help finance the adventure. She was insured in the amount of $565,000 in the event of her death.

This doctor was not the brightest bulb in the surgical suite: 2 days after his wife’s death he gave his mistress his dead wife’s car. Who’s gonna notice?

Christine Crickitt’s adult children by a previous marriage, noticed. And they testified in court they were stunned by their step-father’s weird behavior, like holding hands with some woman at the mortuary. And they were extremely upset and confused that he insisted their mother be cremated instead of buried.

The killer doctor, who’s been out on bail for 4 years entertaining his new lady while his case moved through the legal system, is now finally locked in a cage. He is scheduled to be  sentenced in early 2017.

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America’s Immigrant Doctors: No Adult Supervision Whatsoever, and That’s Plain Stupid, Wouldn’t You Say?

San Diego-area Physician Guilty in Ugly “Sex for Pills” Drug Case


They come to America by the thousands, where physician-perversions are tolerated 

In the city of El Cajon a so-called pain management MD has admitted to 7 charges of distributing narcotics in exchange for sex with two patients.

Doctor Naga Raja Thota, age 62, operated a clinic on Navajo Road, confessed to criminally providing 870 oxycodone pills and 300 hydrocodone pills to a woman referred to in court the initials of J.S.. He prescribed the pills in 2013, illegally using other people’s names to fake out the pharmacists. Here’s an earlier report of this degreed scumbag:


Naga Raja Thota attended Andhra Medical College, in Andhra Pradesh, India in 1979. He then came to the U.S. to ply his skills on Americans.

So Who’s REALLY Drugging The Citizenry Straight to the Cemetery?

Still another in a long line of Los Angeles-area physicians has been found guilty of outright drug-dealing, according to the L.A. County District Attorney. Doctor Gerard  Geoffrey Goryl of Redondo Beach was convicted last week of Narcotics Trafficking.


America’s drug-deaths are off-the-chart appalling. So who’s minding the store? Answer? Those who profit the most. It ain’t rocket science, folks.

Goryl, a 61-year-old neurologist, chose not to contest the 38 felony charges, which included criminally prescribing controlled substances, as well as criminal possession for sale, of controlled substances.

Investigators discovered that Goryl – along with another fool named Will Arvizo, age 69 – owned and operated a sham medical clinic called A Better Weigh on Artesia Boulevard in Redondo Beach. Undercover investigators posing as “patients” were routinely able to buy drugs such as Xanax and hydrocodone with no medical need and with no physical exam performed.


Goryl was arrested October 21, 2014, after Redondo Beach Police and the DEA discovered he leased a public storage locker full of narcotics.

The daffy drug-pushing doctor is scheduled to be sentenced in the first week of January to at least 4 years in prison, according to a D.A. press announcement

Arvizo could get an 8-year state prison term.

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They Come From the World-over for a Better Life. Also to Push Drugs and Rob the Feebleminded Americans Blind


Dr Ljudmil Kljusev – one of thousands of immigrant physician criminals

Still another immigrant physician – and we call them Third World Assassins has confessed in federal court to Drug Dealing and Healthcare Fraud. What else is new?

Doctor Ljudmil Kljuseva resident of Fairfield Connecticut, changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” this week before U.S.  District Judge Alvin Thompson in Hartford federal court. He admitted that he routinely sold narcotics to so-called “patients” for no medical need.

Federal investigators revealed that Kljusev, a Macedonia emigrant, operated a psychiatric clinic in the city of Milford, and used his office as a front for high volume Xanax and Adderall prescribing on a cash-only basis. Adderall is the brand name for a drug that combines amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, both of which are nervous system stimulants. Xanax is the brand name for a drug containing benzodiazepines. Both drugs are extremely popular with drug addicts.

Kljusev’s drug-pushing scam was exposed by  undercover agents acting as patients, who reported  that Kljusev was prescribing the drugs with no true patient exams, and wrote prescriptions for people who walked in with no true medical need. In many cases, Kljusev simply exchanged prescriptions for cash, for people  who clearly displayed drug abuse and addictive behaviors.

Like far too many other lab coat loons, this isn’t the first misstep for this medical mountebank. He is also facing a lawsuit from a patient who told authorities he lifted her hair and kissed her on the neck, in 2013. After hearing the woman’s stories of his increasingly sexual aggression, the state medical board fined him $15,000.

But did they report him to law enforcement? Of course not.

Kljusev  was trained as a child psychiatrist and graduated from the Kiril & Metodij University in Skopje, Macedonia. He could get 20 years in a federal prison. We can promise you his sentence will be nowhere near that.

And when he is finally released . . . will he be deported as he should be?

Not on your life. The U.S. does not deport criminal physicians. We relicense them, and then hide their criminal histories deep within the amphigory of NPDB secret files.

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