L.A. Coroner: Model Died of ‘Neck Manipulation’ by Her Doctor

“I personally have never seen this before.” (L.A. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter)


Katie May & Mia in happier times

When Los Angeles model Katie May died suddenly last February her family, her friends and her social media fans were absolutely stunned. Ms. May was, after all, a 34-year-old in what appeared to be perfect health. But five days before she died, she tweeted out she was having neck pain after injuring herself during a photo shoot. She went to see a chiropractor, who is as yet unnamed.

That visit was on Friday, January 31. Two days later, on  Sunday, she told friends that she thought she should go back to the chiropractor the next day.

Within 24 hours she felt too dizzy to drive and her right hand started tingling – something that had never happened before. She was concerned enough to call her parents in Pennsylvania and tell them she was worried. They suggested she go to the hospital. Within three hours she was taken to Cedars Sinai ER by a friend, feeling more dizzy than ever.

Cedars Sinai medical staff tried multiple treatment procedures, but the patient lapsed into a coma and died 3 days later on February 4.

And now we know why. According to a copy of her death certificate, Katie May died several days after a “neck manipulation by a chiropractor.” L.A. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the news media that a chiropractor had adjusted the victim’s neck, and that shifting of her neck vertebrae tore an artery on the left side of her spinal chord, which cut off normal blood flow to her brain. The official cause of death is “infarction of brain” and has been determined to be a medical treatment accident.

Katie May had also worked in public relations and marketing. She modeled for Sports Illustrated and Playboy Magazine. She had a seven-year-old daughter named Mia.





Condition Critical: Baltimore ERs Battle Gunshot Patient Epidemic


Just remember: when your ER is busy with this . . . they don’t have time for you

In the city of Baltimore Maryland garbage-level street violence is taking a toll not merely on victims, which is of course understandable. But what is lesser known is the affect it is having on inner city ERs, swamped as they are with hundreds of severely wounded gunshot patients. So much so that medical team members, already burdened with stress and exhaustion, are finding their trauma care resources stretched thinner than ever before, leaving  emergency caregivers in a nearly impossible struggle to save lives. 

The reality is that Black males are killing each other at an astounding pace – 344 homicides in the last year alone. Nearly 90% of the 2015 homicides were the result of shootings. Counting non-fatal shootings, gun violence was up more than 75% compared to the previous year. More than 900 citizens were shot.

With the appalling frequency of urban gorilla gun-crime growing worse by the month in Baltimore, keeping victims alive has become an ugly challenge for trauma care providers. Many experts are calling it a public health crisis, according to a The Baltimore Sun report. 

An ever-growing number of  victims transported to ERs by paramedics are now showing up with multiple bullet wounds. The result is that different surgical specialists are called upon to operate on different areas of the patient’s body at the same time.  

“Some of these people need three, four, five operations.” (Doctor Elliott Haut, Johns Hopkins Hospital trauma surgeon)

Baltimore’s EMS teams are world-famous for their skills, but the death statistics grow worse with each passing year. Over the last decade many programs have added staff to keep up with the flood. Johns Hopkins, for example, has increasing its full-time trauma physicians 600%. But more staff means more debt. Street gunshot violence costs Baltimore hospitals nearly $1,500,000 a month, partly because many, many of the victims have no insurance.

Here are but three irrefutable statistics:

  • More than 90% of homicide victims this year were male
  • More than 90% were Black
  •  More than half were between the ages of 18 and 30

Here’s another look at this societal scourge:

Maryland Doctor ‘Killed Himself’: Frederick Police Report

“We are ready to officially call this a suicide and we’re confident that the Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the manner of death was suicide. There was video inside the business that shows the doctor was alone at the time of his death. And he left several notes.” (Sergeant Andrew Alcorn, Frederick Criminal Investigations Division)


Sometimes the criminals look almost respectable

In the city of Frederick a physician found dead in his clinic two weeks ago most likely committed suicide, according to city investigators.

Police say that Doctor Sandeep Sherlekar’s body was discovered early Friday morning, September 30, not long after he had been named in a federal criminal indictment.

The Maryland Chief Medical Examiner Office has not yet publicized details of the death, but law enforcement in Frederick did say that evidence they found proved that Sherlekar took his own life.

Sherlekar, age 51, operated a clinic called The American Spine Center on Key Parkway in Frederick. Investigators believe the doctor died of an intended overdose, based on evidence gathered at the scene.

A federal grand jury in Maryland brought charges against the doctor along with four other medical professionals last June, in a kickback scam that illegally netted $1,400,000 in a 14-month period. Another physician, Doctor Atif Malik, was also arrested. The scheming doctors made 1/4 million dollars each. Named in the indictment are the following foreign=born scamsters:

  • Sandeep Sherlekar, MD, age 51
  • Atif Malik, MD, age 46
  • Muhammad Ahmad Khan, CEO, age 43
  • Mubtagha Shah Syed, age 49
    Konstantin Bas, age 40

According to David Fitz, spokesman for the FBI field office in Baltimore,  Sherlekar’s death will not change the federal case against the others.

Here’s another look at this case:



Imperial Valley Physician Admits His Role in Clinic Insurance Scam

According to a press release by the Southern District of California U.S. Attorney, an El Centro California MD has changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty”, in a case that involves obstructing a federal healthcare investigation.

Doctor Paul Robinson, arrested last year along with 4 of his criminal buddies, confessed in San Diego Federal Court this week that he lied to Department of Health and Human Services investigators. The DHS agents were probing ongoing Medicare billing fraud at an El Centro medical office.


According to the case record, Robinson joined the El Centro Clinic at 485 Broadway Street with another crook named Gevorg Kupelian 3 years ago. Kupelian has already admitted his crimes of Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud. He was sentenced to two and one half years in April, 2015. Kupelian said that he routinely paid recruiters to find older El Centro residents  and deliver them to the clinic. The elderly patients were told they needed to undergo a series of medical exams that were in fact unnecessary, after which Medicare was fraudulently charged. The scamsters raked in nearly $3,000,000 in false billing. The doctor earned about half the illegal take.

So in the end, 5 so-called medical professionals were involved in defrauding Medicare of millions, by way of setting up a fake clinic in a small town: Paul Robinson, Levon Tovmassian, Hasmik Senekerimyan and Nazar Muradyan and Gevorg Kupelian were the clinic culprits.  

For his part, Doctor Paul Robinson could get 5 years in federal prison when he is sentenced.

To our way of thinking, the only thing more appalling in this case than abusing the elderly, is the ridiculously  short sentencing in a case that involves stealing millions.

Had daffy doc Robinson robbed the corner store of $50, he might have gotten 10-years behind bars.


Here’s more:



Airline Pilot Examiner MD Fesses Up: “Okay, So I’m a Drug Dealer”

There was a time when people would ask us why we keep making this stuff up. Now, after nearly 1,700 “true” cases of jaw-dropping physician brat-behavior, our readers finally “get it”. NO other profession generates more serious crime.

Here’s another poop-for-brains idiot:


Yes, indeed. Doctor Gerald Surya assessed airline pilots for fitness-to-fly. Oh, he was a major New York drug dealer, too, right out of JFK airport. You gotta love U.S. healthcare



“Houston, You Have (Another) Problem”

dr-handcuffedWe don’t know what it is about Houston Texas. Maybe there’s something sprinkled into the water. Few cities come even slightly close to generating as much off-the-chart bizarre physician misbehavior.

Here’s lab-coat loon in the middle of a nasty hospital love-triangle. She  poisoned her doctor-sex-pal with antifreeze:


Here’s a doctor who squashed her horny-toad husband with a Mercedes sedan:


This one didn’t kill anybody that we know of. He just stole a god-awful amount of insurance money:

Houston Physician Sentenced in Medicare Fraud and Conspiracy Case

medi-fraud-artDoctor  Leonard Kibert, age 65, along with his clinic manager, Tsolak Gevorgyan, age 30, were convicted in Federal Court last February on 41 charges, according to U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson. They stole $6,600,000 dollars.

The basis of Kibert’s scam was fraudulently billing Medicare for unnecessary – and often never performed – diagnostic testing at the New Life Sleeping & Allergy Disorder Center.

Kibert, the only MD at the New Life Center, was sentenced Friday to 5  years in federal prison. Gevorgyan, who “recruited” patients, will be sentenced next month by U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison.

In fact, more than 100 Houston MDs have been found guilty of a stunning array of crimes over the last 25 years. Here are just a few:

  • Doctor Emmanuel Nwora, age 38 – guilty, Conspiracy and Billing Fraud
  • Doctor Augustine Egbunike, age 61 – Convicted, Health Care fraud
  • Doctor Rachel Kientcha Tita, age 46 – guilty, Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud
  • Stella Akwarandu, age 46 – guilty, Healthcare Fraud
  • Doctor Enyibuaku Rita Uzoaga, guilty, massive Healthcare Fraud

Incidentally, a cursory check into the backgrounds of many of these criminals, shows they very often have immigrated to the U.S. They have learned – as so many foreign-born physicians have – that the system has NO oversight whatsoever on immigrant medical providers. They can steal, pilfer, cheat and kill . . . pretty much at will.

When it comes to physician oversight and discipline, the USA is pathetically weak.



Motorcycle Gang MD Finally Crashes & Burns

“The depth and breadth of his criminality was astounding. There was no explanation for his conduct other than unbridled, and amoral, greed.” (U.S. Attorney Zane D Memeger)


Dr William J O’Brian

For two and a half years a drug-dealing machine masqueraded as a medical clinic in the working-class city of Levittown Pennsylvania. The scam was operated by a wacked-out doctor named William J. O’Brien. O’Brien, trained in osteopathic general medicine, had other “clinics” too, scattered across northern Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey. His drug-pushing biz was on track to make the doctor a literal fortune. Over a 26 month time-span that started in the winter of 2012, O’Brien and his cohorts raked in more than $5,000.000 by selling more than 500,000 pills.

As medical folks go, the O’Brian gang was a motley crew. Peter “The Nose” Marandino, for example, was their “patient” recruiter. Pat “The Redneck” Treacy shopped for business partnerships. Michael “Tomato Pie” Thompson managed the “medical records”. Not that there was much patient charting going on, because the doctor performed almost no patient care. What he did perform were lightning quick, hand-written narcotic prescriptions – tossed out by the hundreds of thousands. His business buddies were members in good standing of the street gang Pagans Motorcycle Club. Together they built one of the busiest prescription drug scams in the East, illegally selling hundreds of thousands of opioid pills for huge profits.


The drug-pushing clinic was a strange twist on the usual pill mill scams that have popped up to fuel America’s appalling overdose death toll. The Pagans would recruit “patients,” willing to pay $250 cash for oxycodone or Xanax prescriptions. O’Brien would falsify medical records to indicate the patients were in pain. When clients couldn’t pay, the doctor would trade prescriptions for “sex time”. They recruited nude dancers from a local strip club, and the women would service the doctor in lieu of cash payments. The dancers testified they routinely performed oral sex on the doctor, in order to pay off other peoples’ debts.

The disgusting scam was able to fly under the radar for quite a while. But in January 2015, Pennsylvania state prosecutors charged the doctor with Narcotic Distribution Conspiracy, in a whopping, 127-count indictment against O’Brian, his wife and 8 of his buddies.

All of his drug-scheme buddies, and his wife, confessed. And after a trial that lasted a month and a half, O’Brien, age 51, has been found guilty on nearly all charges.

So this week, a federal judge handed down his sentence. The lab coat loon was escorted away in handcuffs, to begin his 30 years in prison.

Here’s another look: