Female Genital Mutilations and the Tortures We Tolerate

The number of little girls – as well as adult women – who are forced into the appalling ritual of genital torture in America, has increased 300% over the last decade. And there is absolutely no reason to believe those numbers will shrink anytime soon.


American ‘healthcare’ and the horrors it tolerates . . .

That is but one downside of out-of-control immigration.

And if you think the typical physician in this country is willing to report the damage they see during their routine examinations, you are seriously mistaken. They almost never do.

The best estimates are that at least 500,000 females in the U.S. have been subjected to the torture, including at least 166,000 under the age of 18.* Mid-Eastern and African immigrants – who often embrace the torture as a deeply-rooted cultural tradition – are the driving factor for the unspeakable ritual.**

African and Mid-Eastern immigration to America has doubled every decade since 1970, with nearly 2,000,000 now living here. Immigrants from Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria, for example – are all countries that perform FGM. About 20% of females at risk are from Egypt, Somalians rank second.

One recent study of FGM in the U.S. was released by the African Women’s Health Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2004 and found more than 227,000 American women were at risk of or had undergone FGM.

But a more recent CDC report supports the PRB study, with 513,000 females living here with FGM today. 

California has the largest number of at-risk women and girls, with 57,000; New York 50,000, and Minnesota, with 45,000. New York, Washington and Minneapolis-St. Paul are the metropolitan areas with the largest numbers of at-risk women and girls. Included in the data are girls at risk of being sent back to their family’s origin country to undergo FGM—a practice widely known as “vacation cutting” 

The ritual, performed in 30 countries at the hands of midwives or physicians, involves cutting the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. It can also include cutting away part of the clitoris to removing the inner and outer vaginal lips before sewing the remaining skin together, leaving a small hole for urination and menstrual blood.

The practice is extremely common, with its supporters believing it purifies the female, ensure she remains sexually inactive, prevent cheating on her future husband and keep her well-behaved.

Immigration to Western countries where FGM is not practiced, forces health care providers to adapt to the harmful consequences. Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, England reports treating 1,500 cases of FGM over the last 5 years. They have identified special health care needs of these patients: psychological trauma; greater attention during childbirth due to pain; genital tearing and the injury posed to the unborn child.

FGM has been illegal in the U.S. for 20 years, but an amendment to the law banning vacation cutting wasn’t passed until 2012. In 2006, Khalid Adem, an Ethiopian immigrant, was the first person convicted of performing FGM in the U.S. after he cut his daughter’s clitoris off with a pair of scissors.

U.S. Representatives Joe Crowley of New York, and Sheila Jackson Lee, of Texas, introduced new legislation, Equality Now, to close a loophole that allowed parents to take their children abroad for the torture. The bill establishes a hotline for at-risk girls and better education for teachers and health care workers.

The introduction of the law was timed to coincide with the U.N.’s Zero Tolerance Day, held annually to celebrate the progress that’s been made toward FGM elimination—like the passing of legislation banning it in countries like Kenya, Guinea-Bissau and Uganda—but also recognize what still needs to be done.

“It’s an important moment for everybody to reflect on the harms of this practice, on the commitments that have been done at the international level,” says Nafissatou Diop, the coordinator of the UNFPA-UNICEF joint program on FGM. “We have girls fighting for their rights, we have communities, religious leaders, women, men, who are saying no to the practice of FGM.”

According to Diop, many doctors are pressured into providing FGM services by their communities. But, she adds, FGM performed by a doctor “is not safer. FGM cannot be safe.”

Medicalized FGM is commonplace. In Egypt, 75% of victims who undergo FGM are cut by healthcare staff. The torture is so widespread that it is a serious source of income for many doctors.

Without this insane ritual, many parents believe a daughter can never be an obedient wife.

* According to the Population Reference Bureau

** Mark Mather, a demographer at PRB who led the data analysis

Here’s more:


Sunday Physician Phunnies: The Case of the Digitless Dentist

“On any other day … this might seem strange.” (Nicolas Cage, Con Air)

It seems that Doctor John Rende, a Jacksonville Florida oral surgeon, had grown bored with his mundane career and needed more excitement. So he and his friends hatched a plan to amputate a finger, which he would then attribute to a woodworking accident. That way he would be disabled and of course, unable to work. He’d claim a comfortable insurance settlement. His wife Mary thought it was pretty cool, too. Who really needs a husband with all 10 fingers? Are these people clever or what? 


Here’s a hint: NEVER assume a doctor is smarter than you are.

But on the day of reckoning John got cold feet, so to speak, possibly anticipating the pain involved. His buddies, Robert Alberton, age 54, and Kenneth Alberton, age 49, however, had no such fear. They grabbed doctor John, held him down against his will and proceeded chop off one, relatively insignificant index finger, with an axe.

At some point after the bleeding stopped, Doctor John Rende collected a $1,300,000 check from his insurance company. And after paying his brothers the agreed upon finger-fee of $300,000, he purchased a yacht to ease his trauma, which he promptly christened Minus One. And life with nine fingers was grand indeed.

For a few months anyway.

But it wasn’t long before the axe-brothers wanted more than their measly $300,000. They wanted a lot more. They demanded $500,000. 

Now, surgeon Rende, age 38 at the time, knew blackmail when he smelled it – he was a smart fellow. (after all, he had that medical school diploma on his wall) So he called the FBI to report this outrageous extortion of his legitimately acquired theft. Pitting doctor against brothers, the feds had to decide who to believe. They elected to trust the fellow who  had lied to the insurance carrier,  conspired with his wife, collected the most money and bought the yacht. He was, after all, a doctor. The other two were plain ordinary low-lifes.

The brothers were arrested, charged and found guilty of Aiding and Abetting Fraud and were held without bond. John Rende was eventually released because, well, he’s a doctor with 9 fingers.

For our part we’d be gleeful to report all 4 of these imbeciles were lost at sea during a Florida hurricane. But alas, they’re all very much alive. We can only wonder what happened to the nifty boat, Minus One. Here’s to hoping she’s bobbing in the sunshine somewhere, under a totally respectable flag. Owned and cherished by somebody – anybody, really – with 10 fingers and no history of appallingly stupid scams.

Here’s more mental midgetry in a lab coat, if you can stand it:


(For still more seriously goofy physician misbehavior, download a copy of “America’s Dumbest Doctors.”)

Have a relaxing weekend readers.



Healthcare ‘Truthiness’: The Twilight Zone of Modern American Zeitgeist

Pill TossThe Leviathan called ‘modern medicine can generally be counted upon to turn common sense on its dizzy head. And it does so with predictable regularity. This sobering reality is nourished every day of the week by our intellectually lazy news media, who wouldn’t recognize logic if it bit them on the iPhone. If ‘healthcare journalists’ simply lived up to their career titles – if indeed, they merely did their jobs – they would step beyond their typical role of medical stenographers long enough to lift an inquiring eyebrow at these undeniable, seriously ugly truths:

Heart disease is of course, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. – it strikes down more than 12,000 citizens every week. So the legal drug cartels and medical practitioners have known for years, that a terrific way to gain wealth is by selling a mentally sluggish public on the errant medical notion that cholesterol is the culprit.

Many, many outcomes in life are entirely predictable. And one of them was the creation of statin drugs, advertised to lower cholesterol and therefore make the citizenry less susceptible to the boogeyman called heart disease. These drugs – foisted on the public by gargantuan TV and print media campaigns, are jaw-dropping wealth builders for those who make them and push them – they raked in $29 billion worth of sales in 2013. That’s the kind of cash you make when you convince one in four Americans over the age of 45 to take statins.

For more than a decade, we have been warning patients about the seriously negative side effects linked to these drugs. For the benefit of those readers unaware of what we have been saying, here is a summary of exactly what you need to know for your own safety, as well as the safety of your family members:

  • Statins function by reducing your natural ability to produce cholesterol, which is essential to brain health. There are excellent biological reasons the human brain contains 25% of the body’s cholesterol.
  • Statins weaken the immune system. This makes it much harder to fight bacterial infections and increases the production of cytokines, which cause inflammation.
  • Statins interfere with the production of coenzyme Q10a key  body’s immune and nervous systems, boosts heart and other muscle health, maintains normal blood pressure, and much more.
  • Statins reduce the positive effects of omega-3 fatty acids by speeding up the metabolism of omega-6 fatty acids. This  increases insulin resistance and the risk of developing diabetes.
  • There is evidence that statin blocks the benefits of exercise. Exercise increases the activity and numbers of mitochondria, cells’ “power plants” that process sugars and fat. The study found that with statin use, mitochondrial activity actually decreases with exercise.
  • Statin users have a higher incidence of nerve degeneration and pain, memory loss, confusion, depression, and a higher risk of ALS and Parkinson’s, according to Doctor David Williams in his July 2014 Alternatives newsletter. Statins also decrease carotenoid levels. Carotenoids, which are found in fresh fruits and vegetables and act as antioxidants, have a number of benefits, including protecting against cell damage, aging, and chronic diseases.
  • Statin drugs may also be driving Americans to overeat: a twelve-year study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that statin users increased their calorie intake by 9%, and fat consumption by 14.4%, over the study period, whereas those who didn’t take statins didn’t significantly change in either measure.
  • An animal study linked statin use to muscle damage. Animals that exercised on statins had 226% more muscle damage than those not given statins.
  • They affect the quality of sleep.
  • Statins increase the risk of prostate and breast cancer.
  • Statins are known to cause liver damage by increasing the liver’s production of digestive enzymes.
  • Statins also speed aging and lower sex drive.
  • Statins have been linked to aggressive and violent behavior in women.

Modern medicine insists on interpreting reality to its own benefit – not always for the benefit of patients. When it comes to preventing heart disease, they have it completely backwards. Consider the American Heart Association. They actually  published a study based on the outdated, simplistic idea that there exists 2 kinds of cholesterol: “bad” – Low Density – and “good” – High Density. Their guidelines for a healthy diet are founded on the long-since, known to be untrue opinion, that “bad” cholesterol causes heart disease, and that because saturated fat can raise “bad” cholesterol levels, that is the ultimate dietary culprit. Of course the result of this false notion is that the American Heart Association’s guidelines lead to 33 million healthy Americans taking statin drugs for absolutely no good reason.

Well, there’s one good reason: the statin fad is making the drug-pushers richer.

What the AHA does not want to comprehend is that cholesterol is vital to human healthWe’ve noted in the past that cholesterol is not the ticking time-bomb most people have been led to believe. To the contrary. The real danger is that cholesterol levels can get too low as we age. Science has proven that so-called “bad” cholesterol is = surprise, surprise – a key ingredient to good health.

Of course, there’s not much money to be made off a healthy public. So you need to believe you’re sick.

Instead of swallowing drug ads and drug garbage, digest this:

And finally, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which sets U.S. government recommendations for a healthy diet, is preparing to withdraw its longstanding guidelines of avoiding high cholesterol foods.

So, if and when YOUR doctor recommends statins, that would be a very good time to refer him to this Medical Miscreants web page. Because your MD may be dangerously uninformed about statin reality. And that ain’t healthy.

But you’re well-informed, because you come here.


Convicted Drug-pushing MD Still on the Job in Virginia


Who in Hell is running our medical freak shows?


In Knoxville Tennessee a federal judge has decided that a doctor found guilty in a drug- dealing conspiracy, should still be allowed to work and treat patients until he is sentenced later this year.

Doctor James Brian Joyner, who worked at a drug-trafficking clinic called the Breakthrough Pain Therapy Center in the city of Marysville, had his medical license in Tennessee revoked by the state medical board. But thanks to this mind-bending ruling by a federal judge, he is allowed to cross the state line and keep right on trucking in Virginia. Joyner confessed in court that he made  $1,000 a day or more, by scribbling bogus prescriptions for narcotics and sedatives for people off the street with no medical need. He performed no physical exams and ordered no tests. The drugs were oxycodone, morphine and Xanax.

The so-called medical clinic, Breakthrough, was a cash-for-pills drug-front that raked in $2,500,000 in less than 18 months, from July 2009 to December 2010, when it was finally raided and boarded shut.

Now, federal law demands that convicted drug felons be kept behind bars until their day of sentencing. But in yet another case which defies all logic, U.S. District Judge Pamela Reeves is allowing the criminal Doctor Joyner, age 47, to keep working in the ER at Pioneer Hospital in Patrick County, Virginia. According to the court, he must be “supervised” by two other physicians. So this MD gets a “stay out of jail” pass as long as he has a babysitter.

And some people wonder why we call healthcare the Twilight Zone.

Another doctor and co-conspirator at the scam clinic, Deborah Gayle Thomas, age 64, was found guilty last month on similar charges. No word as yet regarding her “punishment.”

When it comes to physician discipline – or the lack thereof – this nation is stunningly vapid, and appallingly stupid. And we reap what we sow.

Here’s another look, if you can stomach it:




Patrick McDonald Pens ‘THE PEDIGREE of a PARAMEDIC HERETIC’-Book Review



“We might want to listen to what this gentleman has to say.” (Dr Max Harry Weil)

New York, New York

When author Patrick McDonald first began medical training in the late 1970s, he was among the first paramedics in the nation, lit up with zeal to save lives in a way not imagined even a few years before. Now, after 20,000 EMS calls for help, his view of his own profession is jaded by ethical dilemmas, and he has written a book that focuses on the power struggles between physicians and paramedics – battles that at times have fatal results. He also describes what he calls the “Immutable Laws,” which reign supreme in the Twilight Zone world of EMS.

McDonald, who has labored in the trenches of rescue for more than three decades, details story after story in which rules and policy get in the way of rescuers simply doing their job. Some success stories are brilliant, such as when he was dispatched to the first paramedic-level EMS call in San Diego in 1979, saving a patient stricken with a dissecting aortic aneurysm. But other events, including some in other countries, point out the consequences of policies that hinder rescue efforts. The author himself once nearly lost his license, after authorizing a non-EMS helicopter to fly out critically injured Girl Scouts in a bus tragedy. Sonny Bono (who had been on the scene) saved the day.

“The Pedigree of a Paramedic Heretic: Immutable Laws and Ethical Illusions” drives home McDonald’s argument that saving lives is no longer rescue priority. Instead, following policies, protecting oneself and avoiding lawsuits – all trump patients lives. The book boldly challenges numerous myths, such as lights and sirens Code-3 driving (and details dozens of ambulance crashes); the “Golden Hour” of patient care; and the futility, in nearly all cases, of CPR. Some of the greatest problems, McDonald writes, are the drug-rampant prescriptions, unnecessary surgeries, medical records fudging, as well as paramedics not questioning doctors’ orders for fear of losing their jobs. Saving lives, in the end, has become much more about capitalism than heroism.

Author Patrick McDonald knows of what he speaks. He was appointed the City of San Diego’s first EMS supervisor and created one of the nation’s first STAR teams – Special Trauma and Rescue. McDonald, a graduate of University of California-San Diego School of Medicine’s original advanced field medicine program, has served as a consultant to the U.S. Secret Service. He co-authored the “National Waterpark Lifeguard Training Manual” and wrote “America’s Dumbest Doctors: Ever Wonder About Yours?”

Order your copy today. You’ll be glad you did.
The Pedigree of a Paramedic Heretic: Immutable Laws and Ethical Illusions
K. Patrick McDonald
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3180-4
296 pages
$16.49 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

Surgeon Nabbed 3 Times for Drunk Driving. Still an MD in ‘Good Standing?’ of Course!

Dr M Macias Drunk

“Have to forgive my drunk-face”

In Waukesha Wisconsin the medical licensing board has reluctantly launched an investigation into the repeated treacherous behavior of a Milwaukee surgeon, who is now facing her 3rd drunk-driving conviction. We say “reluctantly” because they put off proper disciplining this degreed, societal train-wreck for more than a decade.

Because when you are a state medical board, your priority is protecting criminal physicians – not a vulnerable citizenry.

Doctor Melissa Yvonne Macias, who works at the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute, was pulled over and handcuffed for the 3rd time in April. She went through the same self-centered, who-gives-a-damn-about-anybody-else routine 30 days earlier in Brookfield, Wisconsin, too. She clearly didn’t take drunk-driving all that seriously – after all, she’d been arrested for swerving while swacked 10 years before.

Dr Melissa Macias

See? I can look real professional when I’m sober

According to police, this daffy doc’s blood-alcohol level on the night of her most recent arrest, was .20 – well over twice the limit considered dangerous.

The state authority which issues licenses – the Department of Safety and Professional Services – told investigators they were “unaware” a doctor had been taken to jail, until they were contacted by WISN NEWS. A spokeswoman stated they “take the welfare of Wisconsin citizens very seriously”. They opened an investigation into the doctor’s professional conduct on May 26.

Well, to our mind, they couldn’t have taken citizen welfare too seriously. They waited a month to even convene a meeting on the subject.

A state spokeswoman said the board routinely checks on such things as licensees paying taxes and child support. They don’t check to see if doctors are being been arrested for crimes.


Note to Wisconsin medical licensing board: How about you hold off punishing this lab coat lush until she pulls something like this:

(This medical mental midget got PROBATION for nearly killing another motorist)

Under Wisconsin law, Macias’ first two DUI’s are not considered criminal offenses because they happened more than a decade apart – in 1991 and again 2014. A third conviction would make the charge a criminal one and require Macias to “self report” to state officials.

“Self report.” Right. Doctors reporting their crimes to state medical boards works about as well as 6th graders fessing up window breaking to their parents. It’s science fiction.

Macias is free on bail and is still treating patients because, well, physicians who can’t control their drinking couldn’t possibly injure a patient with a scalpel, could they?

She could get 12 months in jail when she is sentenced this September.

She could. But we’ll bet our paycheck against yours that she won’t get any jail time at all.

Another Observation:

If drunk doctors irritate you as much as they do us, you can file a citizen complaint against a professional licensee on the Department Of Safety & Professional Services website.

We already did.



Another Day: Another Mid-Eastern MD Gets a Wrist-Slap for Sexual Assault

Dr ismail taher

Doctor Ismail Taher

In Canada, Edmonton authorities are looking an awful lot like their USA counterparts when it comes to physician predators getting little more than a legal swat on their adult diapers.

Doctor Ismail Taher was sentenced last week to 1 month in jail after being convicted of sexually assaulting a nurse at a Medicentre clinic in 2013. Provincial Court Judge Greg Lepp said this on Wednesday:

“Doctor Taher has been blessed with all of life’s advantages. He abused his position for selfish, prurient and unwholesome reasons.  He had no excuse. There is no remorse shown here. I am imposing a short jail term because I know it will have a profound effect on his family.”

Well isn’t that special. What about the “profound effect” on the nurses?

Perhaps as stupid as the weak sentence is the added foolishness that Taher will be allowed to serve his sentence on weekends. Wouldn’t want to stress him out any more than absolutely necessary.

This case is a pluperfect example of a point we need to underscore as often and as loudly as possible:

NO other professionals are held to a lower standard of discipline, than the errant physician population.

UN-effing believable.

Other Observations:

Lab coat lunatic Taher had already been convicted of assaulting a nurse manager at another clinic several years before. Did he go to jail on that one? Was his medical license revoked for a sexual attack at his workplace?

Of course not. He was given a suspended sentence, so that he would have every opportunity to do it again, you see.

And so he did. When it comes to garbage behavior by doctors, some things are predictable, at least by us.

Stay classy, Canada. If you keep trying, you just might grow up to be as off-the-chart mentally unbalanced as America’s medical authorities are.

At least, when it comes to doctor discipline, or the lack thereof.