Child Sexual-Torture Doctor Says Cutting Young Girls’ Vaginas is “Religious”


Dr Jumana Nagarwala

America’s bizarre immigration policies create our own neighborhood nightmares

In the state of Michigan a doctor arrested for performing child sexual mutilation has stated in court through her lawyer that she was “performing a religious practice.”

Doctor Jumala Nagarwala, about whose case we covered earlier this week, was arrested and jailed on Monday, charged with lacerating the genitals of 2 seven-year-old girls.


Here’s an idea: let’s allow any nut with a stethoscope to waltz right in

Nagarwala, age 44, is an ER physician, and is believed to have routinely cut clitoral tissue off of numerous children, but her arrest is based on charges related to only the most recent 2 girls, who were brought across the state line from Minnesota.

At her first hearing last Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Woodward told the court that the doctor performed the genital mutilation on both children after other employees of the clinic in Livonia, Michigan went home. She reported that the doctor recorded no medical charting of the surgical procedures, as required by law.  Nagarwala takes the position that her actions were “not surgical, but religious” and stresses that she did not charge the parents for the procedures.

Nonetheless, U.S. Magistrate Judge Mona Majzoub stated there was “clear and convincing evidence that this doctor poses a danger to the community.” She also said Nagarwala, a native of India, is a flight risk, and was ordered jailed with no bail possible, until trial. She was actually re-arrested later in the week at Detroit Metropolitan Airport while attempting to flee to Nairobi Kenya.


America is rapidly becoming a nation many of us don’t recognize

FGM is a horrific infliction upon a child; a barbaric ritual commonly practiced in numerous cultures, involving the cutting away internal parts of female genitals for “Godly” – as opposed to medical – reasons. The deranged practitioners report they do this to “cleanse” females and eliminate sexual desire after puberty. The torture is commonly performed by Muslim sects, primarily in Africa, Yemen, India and the Middle-East. It is extremely common in Egypt, and is secretly practiced in shadow communities in the U.S., especially Minneapolis-area, New York and California, where at least  500,000 women either have been – or will be – forced to undergo the butchery, according to the World Health Organization.

Nagarwala’s case is apparently the first under U.S. law criminalizing the practice. It is illegal to either perform, or to transport a girl out of the U.S. to undergo the procedure. At present, only 26 states have laws making this particular form of sexual torture illegal.   

Nagarwala is a member of the Dawoodi Bohra community, an Islamic sect originally from India which has a mosque in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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“Biggest U.S. Doctor-Crime-Scam” Ever



No other profession steals more money from the citizenry

“Patients should come before profits.” (Scott J. Lampert, Special Agent in Charge, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

A jaw-dropping 27 New Jersey and New York physicians have now been found guilty in what is being called a “bribe-for-blood” scam that raked in more than $100,000,000 of taxpayers money, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan.

U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman described the conspiracy to commit medical fraud as a long-running and elaborate scheme operated by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services, a Parsippany New Jersey lab which has since been shut down by federal agents. A full 13 non-physicians, most of whom were employed BLS, have also been found guilty.

As of yesterday 39 lab coat criminals – 26 of them doctors – have confessed their roles in the conspiracy, which its organizers admitted involved millions of dollars in bribes and resulted in more than $100,000,000 in payments to BLS from Medicare and other insurance carriers.


We’re guessing you didn’t know that.

Fishman added that many of the doctors engaged in elaborate versions of the kickback scheme, such as getting under-the-table tickets to concerts by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, worth thousands of dollars.

Here is the litany of New Jersey physicians alone,  who secretly tucked cash into their floppy lab coat pockets:

  • Doctor Bernard Greenspan, of Saddle Brook
  • Doctor Frank Santangelo, of Wayne and Montville
  • Doctor Gary Safier, of Randolph
  • Doctor Angelo Calabrese, of North Arlington
  • Doctor Dennis Aponte, of Cedar Grove
  • Doctor Dana Fortunato, of Montclair
  • Doctor Claudio Dicovsky, of Paterson
  • Doctor Paul Ostergaard, of Pompton Plains
  • Doctor Wayne Lajewski, of Madison
  • Doctor Glenn Leslie, of Ramsey
  • Doctor John Vitali, of Howell and Wall
  • Doctor Douglas Beinstock, of Hawthorne
  • Doctor Anthony DeLuca, of Point Pleasant
  • Doctor Franz Goyzueta, of Secaucus
  • Doctor Eugene DeSimone, of Secaucus
  • Doctor Anthony Delpiano, of Jersey City
  • Doctor Ralph Messo, of Colts Neck

This case is believed to be the largest number of medical professionals ever prosecuted in a single American bribery case.

San Diego Paramedics’ First Life Saved? It Almost Didn’t Happen


Our first medic shoulder patch looked like this

By 1972 millions of federal dollars became available to counties that agreed to adopt the nationally acceptable EMS template. So in cities great and small, highly trained pairs of rescuers started popping up like dandelions on the landscape. But not so fast, Charlie Brown. Not in some cities and certainly not in our city. Not San Diego.

One of the largest cities in the nation, San Diego was a mere 90 miles down the freeway from Daniel Freeman, Harbor General and L.A.’s Emergency! television medics.  But our burgeoning border metropolis would wait nearly another decade for the level of street medical care enjoyed in Podunk, USA. And why would that be?


If you think San Diego’s most powerful doctors wanted something like this running around town, you don’t know your history. Doctors lobbied the City Council because they didn’t want to see ANY of this. They did all they could to stop it.

In ‘America’s Finest City’ the most vocal opponents of advanced rescue medicine were a handful of MDs who happened to hold pontificating sway over the City Council. Yes indeedy. These politically-bent MDs held a considerable level of contempt toward these “unproven, unnecessary, probably dangerous” rescue changes. San Diego had operated barren police ambulances for decades, and that was quite good enough, thank you. The last thing citizens needed – in the minds of these physicians – was a bunch of pretend-doctors running around in shiny trucks.



When evil struck a San Diego McDonald’s – the author was there. James Huberty shot 41 innocent people. Had the city’s politico-MDs gotten their way, there would have been no medics for this tragedy, either. Go figure.


So the years went by. Eventually, after nearly a decade of hearing little but a litany of negatives from some of the most respected physicians, the City Council decided to put its collective foot down and voted to approve San Diego’s first Paramedic program, to begin in February,1979. Of course a PSA airliner wiping out a neighborhood four months prior, did nothing to strengthen the contrarian physicians’ case. The Mayor – and future Governor – Pete Wilson, was pushing hard for a true EMS upgrade, and had it not been for his vision and persistence, San Diego might have waited another 10 years.

No need to look far for a training program: UCSD School of Medicine in La Jolla was, after all, smack in the middle of town, already generating qualified Paramedics for other, more enlightened cities. The highly-intensive curriculum was directed by Doctor Andrew Rauscher, under the School of Anesthesiology. It was overseen by Doctor Silvia Micik. It was managed by Gail Walraven, whose team of instructors were seriously dedicated, marvelous women, everyone: Ginger Murphy. Margie Nerney. Karen LeBlanc. Josie Harding. Marilyn Sheets, who came along just a bit later, should be included too.

Because it was so late in coming, we find it noteworthy to reference the first Paramedic-level EMS call in the city of San Diego, which occurred on February 2, 1979, at 8:19 in the morning. The emergency was what is known as a dissecting aortic aneurysm and there exists no condition more deadly. Had this gentleman collapsed the day before, he would have been picked up, loaded into a police van and carted away to die within the hour. But not on this day.


For those interested, an excellent overview of America’s EMS evolution

The rescue team – Medevac 2arrived within five minutes and performed a very sophisticated physical assessment of the poor man lying on the kitchen floor. They compared blood pressures on each arm in both sitting and supine positions – a technique likely unheard of by first-aiders who came before. They determined a 100% accurate diagnosis of critical internal bleeding. They placed their patient on high-flow oxygen and inserted two large IV lines, running fluid into the man as quickly as humanly possible. They interpreted his heart rhythm – sinus tachycardia with dangerous runs of premature ventricular contractions via a portable EKG monitor called the LifePak 5. They transported the patient slowly, smoothly – red lights but no ridiculous siren – to Mercy Hospital 3 miles up the street. He was admitted directly to surgery and he lived to tell his grand kids all about his nearly lethal adventure.

San Diego City EMS Case #79-00001 went down in medical history. It did. Mr. Ivan Kosygin, a 66- year-old Ukrainian emigrant – lived 18 more years. The Mobile Intensive Care nurse on the hospital end of the radio that morning was Diana Hunt, with her marvelous British accent. The ER physician of record was Thomas Kravis. The rescuers? Cyndi Stankowski, one of the first women Paramedics in the nation, fresh out of school.

And your author.

Have a happy and relaxed Easter Sunday, readers. And thank you for your ever-growing interest in subjects that we believe truly matter. Perhaps someday one of our scribbled bits of wisdom will save a loved one.

Bay Area Doctor Disappears During Sex Crime Trial. Police Ask for Public’s Help

Bunyad was arrested in November  on the original charges of Sexual Battery, and additional charges were added in Sonoma County Superior Court in January. Police interviewed two teenage girls who reported being molested, who happened to be employees at his clinic. The additional charges alleged 10 counts of Felony Sexual Assault and 6 Misdemeanor counts of molesting a minor, over a 3-year period that started in 2012, according to Deputy District Attorney Robert Waner.

“There were multiple acts of sexual assault by a person using his professional license,” Waner said. “He would routinely have female chiropractic patients to remove their underwear during treatments, and then touch them in sexual ways.”

Bunyad was found guilty of 12 criminal charges at trial, including 6 felonies. Authorities say he failed to show up for the sentencing phase of his trial and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.
The Board of Chiropractic Examiners database still lists Bunyad’s license as “in good standing.”
Go figure.
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Sobering Week for Healthcare: Another Murdering MD Has Died in Prison

Dr Dipak Desai

No other country has more physicians sent to U.S. prisons than India. And yet they continue to pour into this country by the thousands – UN-supervised.

An Indian-immigrant doctor by the name of Dipak K Desai died while in prison last Monday. He was serving a life sentence at Northern Nevada Correctional Center after he was found guilty on 27 felony charges in July, 2013. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office was able to prove in court that Desai’s shockingly careless medication injection routine at his clinic in Las Vegas, was the root cause of a massive Hepatitis outbreak in 2007 that sickened many and killed at least 2 of his patients.

Desai, age 67, was transferred to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno last week after suffering what prison medical staff believed was a massive stroke.

It was on July 1, 2013, that a jury convicted Dr. Dipak Desai of murder, and nurse anesthetist Ronald Lakeman of criminal neglect, in connection with the blood-born outbreak that has killed two people so far and infected 114 others.

Desai was convicted because he resolutely refused to follow standard medical protocols. He instructed his nurses to administer anesthetics to patients before colonoscopy procedures. If patients began to wake up, he would have the nurses draw more of the drug from the vials, by reusing syringes. This allowed the vial to be cross-contaminated by other patients’ blood. When the nurses filled a syringe from multiple vials, including a contaminated vial, that contamination was passed on to other vials, and ultimately to other patients.

At trial the nurses testified that Desai instructed them to ignore sterile technique and reuse plastic syringes and drug vials “to save money.” And they were pressured to rush through as many patients each day as possible.

Brian Labus

Heathcare Hero: Brian Labus, a young epidemiologist at Southern Nevada Health District, who figured out how and why Doctor Dipak Desai was injuring patients at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada. 


On February 27, 2008, after announcing at a news conference that tens of thousands of Southern Nevadans would have to be tested for Hepatitis C and HIV, Brian Labus, who had never been the focus of public attention, would find himself thrust into the public eye for years.

His “serial contamination theory ” of how Desai’s outbreak occurred, unprecedented in medical circles, would be supported by top physician/researchers with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The Hepatitis outbreak happened in 2007, but did not become public until early 2008, when health officials notified 63,000 former Desai clinic patients to get tested for potentially fatal blood-borne diseases. Within months, regional health investigators linked as many as 114 cases of Hepatitis C to the shameful physician.

Madman Desai was the poster-child example of what is known in medicine as a Third World Assassin.




Immigrant MD Faces Prison for Sexually Torturing Young Girls: “It’s God’s Will.”

My mom said it’s a secret and I’m not supposed to talk about it. The doctor had to cut me and get the germs out” (One little victim told FBI Agent Kevin Swanson)

Dr Jumana Nagarwala

We cut vaginas to keep us pure. We’re not like American women at all. We just live here.

In the city of Livonia Michigan an Indian-immigrant doctor was handcuffed and taken to jail this week for performing female genital mutilation on at least several girls as young as 6 years old. FGM is the appalling rite of sexual assault brought to the U.S. under the guise of “religious cleansing.” The purpose? To curb female sexuality and cause sexual intercourse to result in excruciating pain.

Doctor Jumana Nagarwala, age 44 and a resident of Northville, Michigan at the time of her arrest, worked as an ER physician at Henry Ford Hospital. She is also, apparently, a member of an ever-growing, secretive cultural niche in this country, that routinely sexually lacerates girls and women, in the name of God.

Except for a shocking few, American physicians who are aware of this imported societal scourge – such as pediatricians who treat patients after “cutting infections” – choose not to speak out. FGM is but one – albeit terrible – symptom of what is well-known as the “lab coat conspiracy” of silence. Doctors almost never ‘out’ the crimes of other doctors.

“Despite her oath to care for her patients, Doctor Nagarwala is believed to have performed horrifying acts of brutality on the most vulnerable victims.” (Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco)

According to the  case investigation brought to the U.S. District Court in Detroit, the parents of the young victims transported them from Minnesota to Livonia Michigan, under the pretense that they were going on a “special girls trip” and that what happened to the children had to be kept secret.

Detectives learned that Nagarwala performed the vaginal torture at a small clinic in the city of Livonia. According the FBI investigation, Nagarwala has been permanently damaging the sex organs of children for more than 10 years.

In a press release Wednesday, the U.S. Attorneys Office stated Nagarwala’s arrest is the first criminal case of its kind in American history – the sick practice of clitoris removal, which is punishable by 5 years in prison. This doctor however, could be sentenced to 10 years, because one of her felony charges is Transportation With Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Assault.

The parents of one of the girls told Minnesota Child Protective Services that they took the girl to Detroit to see Nagarwala for a “cleansing” of extra skin, the complaint said.

According to investigators, phone records and surveillance video prove that as recently as February, two Minnesota girls and their parents traveled to the Detroit area for appointments with Nagarwala. The girls believed they were seeing a doctor because their “tummies hurt.” Instead, police said, the girls had parts of their genitalia cut off and their vaginas sewn tightly closed.

A court-ordered physician examined both girls this week, and reported  to law enforcement that the genitals were abnormal in appearance and had been “totally altered.”

“Female genital mutilation constitutes a particularly brutal form of violence against women and girls. It is a serious federal felony in the United States. (U.S. Attorney Daniel Lemisch)

Nagarwala immigrated to America from Gujarat, India.

According to the World Health Organization, FGM is an internationally-recognized violation of human rights. The organization said 200,000,000 girls and women have been tortured in this manner, in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where FGM is considered “God’s Will.”

Second Michigan MD Confesses Guilt in $17,000,000 Health Fraud Scam



No profession steals more taxpayer money than the errant doctor population

Another Detroit-area doctor changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” in March for his part in an appalling scheme which defrauded Medicare of more than $17,000,000. The theft involved fraudulent physician exams and unnecessary prescriptions. 

Doctor Leonard Van Gelder, age 69, admitted in U.S. District Court Eastern Michigan, to Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud, as he stood before Judge Avern Cohn.

Van Gelder, a resident of Caledonia Michigan, was an MD for a company called Lake Michigan Mobile Doctors, a service which provided home-bound citizens with medical visitations. Their office was located in Southfield. Van Gelder confessed in court that he would routinely visit patients who did not require physician-level care, but were charged via Medicare for the highest possible billing codes.  The criminal physician also admitted that he routinely prescribed patients wholly unneeded narcotics, such as Vicodin, which provided illegal indications that the patients were in serious pain. 


Investigators discovered that Mobile Doctors illegally charged Medicare $17,100,000 over several years.

Last December, Van Gelder’s co-conspirator, Stephen Mason, age 46, of Zionsville Indiana, pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud. And another doctor, Gerald Daneshvar, age 41 of West Bloomfield, is awaiting his own trial.  

Van Gelder has not yet been sentenced.