Yet Another New Jersey MD Locked Up in Massive Healthcare Bribery Scheme

 (This Doctor) “periodically solicited, and received from the BLS employees and associates, monthly bribe payments in the form of sham rental and consultant payments; received the bribes between March 2006 and April 2013 from BLS employees and associates.” (U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick)

A River Edge family practitioner now sits in federal prison for taking $200,000 in cash bribes. He exchanged lab test referrals for money for years.

Dr Bernard Greenspan

Doctor Bernard Greenspan, age 79, was sentenced to a 40-month term in June, and the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners revoked his license.

A federal jury found the scheming physician guilty last March of 10 felonies, following an 11-day trial in Newark. There is no parole in federal prison. Greenspan will be required to serve all of his sentence.

The elderly criminal was part of what U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick called “a long-running and elaborate scheme operated by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services in Parsippany, its president and many associates.”



In the United States there are billions of illegal dollars raked in by blood tests – thousands of which are totally unnecessary in the first place

Investigators learned also, among other improprieties, that BLS hired – at Greenspan’s specific request – a patient of Greenspan’s with whom he was sexually involved.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey has successfully prosecuted 30 doctors, including Greenspan,  in connection with the BLS bribery scheme, that raked in more than $100,000,000 in illegal payments from Medicare, as well as many  private insurance companies. It is believed to be the largest number of medical professionals ever prosecuted in a single bribery case. Law enforcement has recovered $13,000,000 of the stolen insurance money.

Last summer executives of BLS – which has since been closed down – confessed to their scam and forfeited all business assets, in order to qualify for reduced prison sentences.

In addition to prison, U.S. District Judge William H. Walls fined Greenspan $125,000 and ordered him to give up more than $200,000.

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Palm Harbor Cancer MD Gets 6-Year Sentence for Drug-Smuggling, Fraud

And here we have still another shamed Florida physician – this one would routinely administer cheaper, illegal, foreign-made drugs to her unknowing cancer patients. A federal jury found her guilty of all 45 criminal charges . She was sentenced last week to 6 years in federal prison.


Doctor Diana Anda Norbergs, age 61, cried as she read her statement of sorrow before U.S. District judge James Moody. She apologized to the five-dozen patients who were victimized by her careless, dangerous and usually worthless treatments, by a supposed cancer-care expert. Of course the “apology” was rather tepid, since she blamed the drug companies and her own staff for the “errors.” 

Norbergs testified in court that she had “no idea” her clinic was using unapproved drugs from unlicensed foreign distributors. She believed that the drugs she was receiving had been FDA-approved and could be legally sold in the United States.

Yes, she really did say she didn’t know a thing about the drugs she was pushing into her patients’ veins.


Dr Diana Anda Norbergs

Here’s her clinic PR sheet. She looks almost respectable in a lab coat, doesn’t she?

Norbergs’ criminal deeds occurred at a sham medical clinic called East Lake Oncology in Palm Harbor, where she pushed at least $700,000 worth of the illegal drugs like Altuzan and MabThera. She then billed Medicare for the legal – and more expensive – American counterparts.

Federal health officials said patients at East Lake Oncology were unaware that for the past 6 years Dr. Diana Anda Norbergs and her staff were giving them cheaper, misbranded drugs that were not approved for use in the United States. She then billed the taxpayer-funded Medicare program and private insurance companies for the illegal prescriptions, falsifying that she was actually using the FDA-approved versions. Norbergs would then pocket the extra money.

Norbergs was found guilty in a jury trial last November. She was convicted of Drug Smuggling into the United States, Healthcare Fraud, Mail Fraud and Receiving Misbranded Medications.

“It doesn’t get much more serious than this . . . a physician giving unapproved drugs to cancer patients and billing Medicare as if she had provided FDA-approved drugs.”  (Shimon R. Richmond, special agent, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

So judge Moody ordered Norbergs to serve 70 months in federal prison, and she was ordered to repay the nearly $850,000 she stole from in Medicare. 

Her medical license was revoked last May, so don’t bother calling the “clinic” anymore, located at 4114 Woodlands Pkwy # 301, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Phone: (727) 789-2595. (disconnected)


The doctor isn’t in today. And she won’t be in tomorrow, either.

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MD’s Ruan and Couch: Doctor Drug-Pushing Duo Head Off to Prison

For their despicable wealth-building roles in an outrageous and lethal drug-dealing operation, two Alabama physicians have now been sent off to prison for at least the next 2 decades.

Dr Ruan & Ferrari

Dr Xiulu Ruan: a drug-dealer and one of his perks

Doctor John Patrick Couch received a 20-year federal prison term on May 25, and was ordered to repay the $15,000,000 to the insurance companies he robbed.

His buddy-in-crime, Doctor Xiulu Ruan, was sentenced to 21 years the next day, and he too will repay the millions he stole.

The doctor do-bad duo were found by investigators to have defrauded numerous insurance companies in a scheme they manipulated out of their pain management clinic in the city of Mobile. As an example, they wrote out more than 65,000 narcotic prescriptions in the year 2014 alone – more than 100 every day the clinic was open.


Dr John P Couch and Dr Xiulu Ruan: Just your friendly drug dealers down the street

The daft doctors’ downfall actually began in 2015, when U.S. DEA agents raided the clinic called Physicians Pain Specialists of Alabama.

At trial prosecutors were able to prove the pill-pushing physicians were raking in thousands of dollar each day by using their clinic – as well as the C&R Pharmacy they owned – to prescribe thousands of doses of narcotics to patients with no need, and then fraudulently bill insurance payers.

The DEA and prosecutors discovered that Couch and Ruan had raked in millions by overprescribing potent narcotic pain medications; had ignored signs that clinic nurses were stealing drugs and working while impaired; had systematically handled patients in a way designed to maximize payouts from insurance companies; and had collected speaking fees and other payments that essentially were kickbacks. The array of charges included money laundering, mail and wire fraud and even a violation of the RICO organized crime statute.

The trial, which lasted nearly 2 months, involved more than 75 witnesses testifying.

Following their convictions, both doctors were ordered to forfeit their homes, vacation condos, and bank accounts. They lost the 23 exotic cars they had accumulated, including multiple Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys. All will be sold at U.S. government asset auctions.

Each MD was also fined $5,000,000.

Here’s the case:


Another Day; Another Immigrant Physician Criminal Sent to Prison. But Who Cares?

Doctor “Khan” is actually “Doctor Con”

In Detroit Michigan still another immigrant physician has been found guilty in the never-ending string of monstrous health fraud scams. And Detroit seems to routinely churn out as many MD-crooks as any other city in the U.S.


Doctor Sardar Ashrafkhan, age 59 and a resident of Ypsilanti, owned and operated a sham home-health company irrationally called Compassionate Doctors, which for years had convinced insurance companies they were providing physician-level, home-bound patient care all across metro Detroit.

No they weren’t.

According to FBI Special Agent David Gelios, Ashrafkhan, who immigrated to America from Pakistan in 1991, built a stunning criminal enterprise that brought in more than $8,000,000 between 2006-2013.

Agent Gelios said recruiters would pay “patients” to see criminal doctors who conducted fraudulent – or non-existent – exams and then billed Medicare and private insurers. The doctors would write prescriptions to the patients, who would then get the drugs from criminal pharmacists. They were then paid cash for their participation and the drugs were given back to  the Compassionate Doctors scamsters, who sold them illegally.

“It was a scheme that involved recruiters delivering so-called patients to get bogus prescriptions for narcotics. Medicare was then billed for medical exams that were not conducted. Marketers filled the prescriptions at corrupt pharmacies and sold the drugs on the street.” (The U.S. Attorney’ Office)

Investigators estimated Ashrafkhan himself, prescribed more than 1,000,000 doses of highly addictive opiate painkillers, and 3,000,000 doses of other drugs.

Now, this drug dealer in a lab coat has been sentenced to 23 years in federal prison. He is but one of countless hundreds of foreign doctors who come to the U.S. and fleece the medical insurance system. Ashrafkhan’s case resulted in the arrest of 44 other scamsters participating in the fraud, among whom 6 are doctors and 5 are corrupt pharmacists.

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Mid-Eastern MD Who Poisoned American Patients Will Spend 40 Years in a Cage

Here’s an idea: Come to America. Ignore the vapid, toothless physician ‘oversight’. Rip off insurance payers by faking medical conditions. Injure and kill the appallingly gullible citizens who walk through the door. Retire a multi-millionaire back in your own country.

Lebanese emigrant Doctor Farid Fata will spend at least the next four decades in federal prison. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to consider his appeal.

Fata’s attorneys had appealed to the Supreme Court after the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against him 2 years ago, saying this:

Dr Farid Fata and wife

This pair of immigrant criminals were preparing to buy a CASTLE, with the millions they amassed by damaging the health of U.S. citizens.

“This doctor made false diagnoses and administered deadly, medically unnecessary, treatments for hundreds of patients. These patients relied on his presumed integrity and they accepted his presumed professional judgments — all to their detriment and to Fata’s financial gain.”

Then the highest court in America announced yesterday in a brief statement that they too have turned down Fata’s appeal, and will therefore not hear the case.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office identified  a shocking 550 victims, but suspect there have been many more. This particular medical monster treated at least 17,000 patients via his criminal enterprise – 7 Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers from at least 2009-2014.

Dr Fata Mansion

Fata’s jaw-dropping insurance theft financed this Michigan mansion

The Supreme Court’s announcement comes 3 years after the Detroit-area physician confessed to poisoning literally hundreds of patients deliberately, inflicting unnecessary treatments and administering dangerous chemotherapy regimens. Some patients lost their teeth because of the unconscionable madman. No matter. By doing so he amassed $17,000,000 by illegally billing insurance providers.

Dr Fata Patients

Here are just a few of this healthcare embarrassment’s poor victims – most of whom were falsely told they had cancer and needed chemotherapy “immediately”

The scamming, extremely dangerous doctor is a naturalized citizen whose native country is Lebanon. He was charged with operating a scam clinic empire that billed Medicare for thousands of totally unnecessary cancer treatments. After his arrest in 2013, government agents seized his mansion and numerous bank accounts. They established a $12,000,000 fund to assist the victims continued care and living expenses. 

Federal agents actually recovered $13,000,000 of stolen money  but $1,000,000 was paid to the whistle-blower in the case.

Another California Drug-dealing MD Heads Off to Prison. Anybody Listening? Hello?

Prosecutors told the court that the doctor was well aware that at least some of her so-called “patients” were reselling the pills on the streets for profit, and she knew that some of them were being routinely arrested by law enforcement. She just didn’t care.
Jasna Mrdjen is an immigrant from Croatia. She attended the University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine. She is a pluperfect example of what we call a Third World Assassin.