Another Third World Assassin MD Goes on Shooting Rampage. This One Kills 1, Injures 5 in a New York Hospital

Still wonder why we label criminal immigrant MDs Third World Assassins? Read up:

In New York City last Friday a crazed physician walked into Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and shot 7 people. Yes indeed. He then killed himself as NYPD rushed to the scene of the shooting.


Dr Henry Michael Bello

Dr Henry Michael Bello was an immigrant physician crime-wave well before he stalked and killed coworkers. As is generally the case in American medicine, immigrant doctor oversight is non-existent, so nothing really happens until they murder citizens. 

The wigged-out medical madman – identified as Doctor Henry Michael Bello – was a former family medicine specialist who was forced to resign his position at Bronx- Lebanon in 2015.

The shooting victims included a lady physician who died; 5 other staff members who are in critical condition, and one patient who was shot in the leg. An NYPD spokeswoman told the news media that the early estimation is that the mass shooting was a case of “workplace violence by an irate former employee.”

Dr Tracy Sin-Yee Tam

Dr Tracy Sin-Yee Tam. Our lack of immigrant physician oversight got this sweet lady killed

The doctor – wearing a long white lab coat to conceal his assault rifle – was able to walk right past security and take the elevator to the 16th floor of the hospital, just before the 3:00 p.m. shift change, where he opened fire. A female doctor, Tracy Sin-Yee Tam, was found shot to death on the 17th floor.

According to police, Bello – a 45 year-old immigrant from Nigeria – had asked at least 2 staff members where he could find a specific doctor. And when he learned that the physician he was in search of was not on duty at the time,  he erupted in anger and started shooting at everybody he could see. 

According to witnesses, Bello went up to the 17th floor; shot and killed Doctor Tracy Sin Yee Tam, and then tried unsuccessfully to set himself on fire. But the hospital sprinkler system went off and sprayed water all over the idiot, so Bello’s last mindless act was to shoot himself to death.

The exact motive for the outrage is unclear, but investigators say the daft doc began employment at Bronx-Lebanon in August 2014, but was forced out in February 2015 after multiple complaints of sexual harassment were filed. According to law enforcement, this particular Third World Assassin had been arrested numerous times, for Sexual Assault, Burglary and urinating in public.

Of course, the New York State medical licensing website reveals absolutely no disciplinary history whatsoever. Well how about that?

Here’s more:

Who Is Doctor Henry Bello? What We Know About NYC Hospital Gunman






Another Day; Another Immigrant Physician Criminal Sent to Prison. But Who Cares?

Doctor “Khan” is actually “Doctor Con”

In Detroit Michigan still another immigrant physician has been found guilty in the never-ending string of monstrous health fraud scams. And Detroit seems to routinely churn out as many MD-crooks as any other city in the U.S.


Doctor Sardar Ashrafkhan, age 59 and a resident of Ypsilanti, owned and operated a sham home-health company irrationally called Compassionate Doctors, which for years had convinced insurance companies they were providing physician-level, home-bound patient care all across metro Detroit.

No they weren’t.

According to FBI Special Agent David Gelios, Ashrafkhan, who immigrated to America from Pakistan in 1991, built a stunning criminal enterprise that brought in more than $8,000,000 between 2006-2013.

Agent Gelios said recruiters would pay “patients” to see criminal doctors who conducted fraudulent – or non-existent – exams and then billed Medicare and private insurers. The doctors would write prescriptions to the patients, who would then get the drugs from criminal pharmacists. They were then paid cash for their participation and the drugs were given back to  the Compassionate Doctors scamsters, who sold them illegally.

“It was a scheme that involved recruiters delivering so-called patients to get bogus prescriptions for narcotics. Medicare was then billed for medical exams that were not conducted. Marketers filled the prescriptions at corrupt pharmacies and sold the drugs on the street.” (The U.S. Attorney’ Office)

Investigators estimated Ashrafkhan himself, prescribed more than 1,000,000 doses of highly addictive opiate painkillers, and 3,000,000 doses of other drugs.

Now, this drug dealer in a lab coat has been sentenced to 23 years in federal prison. He is but one of countless hundreds of foreign doctors who come to the U.S. and fleece the medical insurance system. Ashrafkhan’s case resulted in the arrest of 44 other scamsters participating in the fraud, among whom 6 are doctors and 5 are corrupt pharmacists.

Here’s another look at this particular medical miscreant:




Report: Michael Jackson’s Killer-Doctor May be Illegally Treating Patients Again

Government investigators in Trinidad say they are looking into multiple reports that Conrad Murray is back to treating patients illegally – this time at a small, private clinic. Murray was stripped of his medical license in the United States after he was found guilty of killing  entertainment legend Michael Jackson in California in 2011.


Michael Jackson and Dr Conrad Murray. A deadly combination of drug stupidity

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island nation in the Caribbean near Venezuela. Its capital city is Port of Spain, where Murray now lives. In a statement to the media, the Ministry of Health of that country reported they were joining with the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago to determine the facts in the case.

Conrad Murray, now age 64, was convicted of deliberately and routinely overdosing the world’s most famous singer in June, 2009, at a private estate in Los Angeles. An extremely careless physician, Murray was paid $3,000 a night to hook up IV lines and run the powerful surgical anesthetic Propofol into his very famous – and seriously drug-addicted – patient. Even the dumbest doctor in the room knows that a Propofol-anesthetized patient should at the very least be hooked up to an EKG monitor and oxygen. Murray had neither. And on the morning Jackson finally stopped breathing and died, Murray spent at least 20 minutes hiding evidence of what he was doing, before he called for help.



During Murray’s Homicide trial, the 911 operator stated that Murray – a heart specialist – was unable to tell them the home’s address, even though he had been there many times. And according to Michael Jackson’s security detail, the doctor had no idea how to perform CPR, and asked them if they did.

Murray was born and raised in St. Andrews Grenada. He left California after spending a jaw-dropping 2 years in jail for killing Michael Jackson, “involuntarily.”

Trust us: for $3,000 a night . . . everything this drug-dealer did was voluntary.

Conrad Murray Verdict: Guilty of Manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s Death





Doctor vs Doctor Murder Case Finally Over

Go ahead: ask us again why – in the cloistered halls of medicine – we call these characters Third World Assassins.

In New Haven Connecticut last week Doctor Lishan Wang finally decided to plead No Contest, to the killing of his former hospital colleague on April 26 2010. The case has been allowed to drag on for a ridiculous 7 years because – among other insanities – this fool believed he could defend his rage by playing his own lawyer.

Dr Lishan Wang 2

Dr Lishan Wang in court during his murder trial. His case is the pluperfect example of the clash of cultures our naïve nation endures: a Chinese MD despises an Indian MD in the U.S. for on-the-job reprimands – so he hunts him down and kills him

Lab coat lunatic Wang, now age 51, has been held both in jail and at psychiatric hospitals since the fateful day he shot and killed Doctor Vajinder Toor at the victim’s home in Branford.

Dr Vajinder Toor

Dr Vajinder Toor of Yale University

Wang – originally charged with Murder – now stands convicted of First Degree Manslaughter, as well as multiple other firearm felonies. The state prosecutor told the media that they elected to lower the Murder charge to Manslaughter because Wang was under “extreme emotional disturbance at the time.”

So in other words, if your constant temper tantrums at work cause your boss to reprimand you, you qualify for a lesser degree of Homicide by playing the  “Duh, I was really, really stressed” card when you killed him and tried hard to kill his pregnant wife.

In what room of the Twilight Zone does that make sense?

Wang also pleaded No Contest to Assault for shooting at Toor’s wife. She was able to avoid being murdered in her driveway by hiding behind their car, as her husband lay dead on the lawn.

Within the hour police spotted Wang’s truck near a freeway on-ramp and stopped him at gunpoint. They discovered he had 3 pistols, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and directions to Toor’s home. As he would say later, that didn’t mean he was planning to shoot anybody.

Wang has argued for years that Doctor Toor unfairly cost him his job at a Brooklyn hospital, and had filed hundreds of motions to the court addressing his belief he was wrongfully fired. Time after time and year after year, the courts ruled that his complaints were illogical and had no bearing whatsoever on the Murder case. But since he was goofily allowed to act as his own attorney, he kept his case out of the courtroom for years.

By the No Contest plea, Wang agrees to accept punishment without admitting guilt. That way, he creates his last legal loophole: No Contest means he is no longer subject to millions of dollars in civil suits. America. What a country, eh?

Wang will eligible for release from prison in about 25 years.

As a citizen of Beijung China, he could be deported. Don’t bet on it. 

Judge Patrick J Clifford is expected to sentence the crazed physician to 32 years in state prison, in late September.


Healthcare’s Religious Psychos: Move to the USA, Set up Shop and Start Sexually Brutalizing ‘the Females’ in God’s Name

“Due to the secretive nature of this procedure, we are unlikely to ever know how many children were tortured by Doctor Nagarwala. The Minnesota girls were not the first victims.” (U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward)

Dr Muslims

Just your friendly, well-assimilated, child sexual torturers next door. Here’s a nifty and  ever-so-inclusive thought: let’s invite lots more

In Detroit Michigan this week a federal prosecutor announced that 2 physicians and one of their spouses are believed to have sexually tortured as many as 100 girls and women over a 12-year period than began about 2005.
You may want to go back and read that paragraph again.
Investigators have learned the identities of at least 8 victims of Doctor Jumana Nagarwala; Doctor Fakhruddin Attar and his wife Farida Attar, a non-physician.

As Medical Miscreants reported last month, Nagarwala, age 44, is apparently the first person to be arrested in the U.S. under federal law, for what is referred to as FGM. In April, the FBI announced that Nagarwala and Attar had secretly performed the horrific cultural ritual of FGM on two 7-year-old Minnesota girls. The 2 Muslim doctors lacerated the children’s vaginas while Attar’s wife pinned the victims’ arms to the bed.

The little girls told police they were told they were being “cut to get the germs out.” An emergency pediatrician informed detectives that the children’s labia were lacerated, deformed with scar tissue and their vaginas were partially sewn closed.

Although federal investigators estimate 100 women and young girls have been tortured by these individuals alone, U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward stated the total number of victims is certainly much higher. She said in a press conference thatDr. Nagarwala used Dr. Fakhruddin’s clinic at least a half-dozen times a year.”

Both MDs have been charged with transportation of children with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. They could receive sentences of life in prison.

Farida Attar is being charged with conspiracy to commit FGM. She faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.

The Attars were released from jail this week, but a federal judge ordered that the couple’s young daughter may not live in the home, and their passports have been confiscated.
Nagarwala is in jail on a “no bail” hold. Her trial is expected to begin in early October.

Mid-Eastern MD Who Poisoned American Patients Will Spend 40 Years in a Cage

Here’s an idea: Come to America. Ignore the vapid, toothless physician ‘oversight’. Rip off insurance payers by faking medical conditions. Injure and kill the appallingly gullible citizens who walk through the door. Retire a multi-millionaire back in your own country.

Lebanese emigrant Doctor Farid Fata will spend at least the next four decades in federal prison. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to consider his appeal.

Fata’s attorneys had appealed to the Supreme Court after the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against him 2 years ago, saying this:

Dr Farid Fata and wife

This pair of immigrant criminals were preparing to buy a CASTLE, with the millions they amassed by damaging the health of U.S. citizens.

“This doctor made false diagnoses and administered deadly, medically unnecessary, treatments for hundreds of patients. These patients relied on his presumed integrity and they accepted his presumed professional judgments — all to their detriment and to Fata’s financial gain.”

Then the highest court in America announced yesterday in a brief statement that they too have turned down Fata’s appeal, and will therefore not hear the case.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office identified  a shocking 550 victims, but suspect there have been many more. This particular medical monster treated at least 17,000 patients via his criminal enterprise – 7 Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers from at least 2009-2014.

Dr Fata Mansion

Fata’s jaw-dropping insurance theft financed this Michigan mansion

The Supreme Court’s announcement comes 3 years after the Detroit-area physician confessed to poisoning literally hundreds of patients deliberately, inflicting unnecessary treatments and administering dangerous chemotherapy regimens. Some patients lost their teeth because of the unconscionable madman. No matter. By doing so he amassed $17,000,000 by illegally billing insurance providers.

Dr Fata Patients

Here are just a few of this healthcare embarrassment’s poor victims – most of whom were falsely told they had cancer and needed chemotherapy “immediately”

The scamming, extremely dangerous doctor is a naturalized citizen whose native country is Lebanon. He was charged with operating a scam clinic empire that billed Medicare for thousands of totally unnecessary cancer treatments. After his arrest in 2013, government agents seized his mansion and numerous bank accounts. They established a $12,000,000 fund to assist the victims continued care and living expenses. 

Federal agents actually recovered $13,000,000 of stolen money  but $1,000,000 was paid to the whistle-blower in the case.

Canadian Neurosurgeon Charged With Killing His Doctor Wife

To nearly all who knew them, their lives were the perfect picture of medical professionals on the rise. He was 40 years old and a respected Canadian neurosurgeon. She was a beloved family medicine specialist and in the early stages of political advocacy. They had a stunning home in the Toronto suburb of North York, 3 young children, and a social network chock-full of fun photos together. They documented their exotic vacations as well as their marathon running competitions.

But now, the poor children are in the care of relatives; the estate is about to be sold; Doctor Elana Fric Shamji is dead of “strangulation and blunt-force trauma,” and her husband, Doctor Mohammed Shamji, sits in jail, believed by police to be the murderer of his wife.

Dr Mohammed Shamji

Doctor Mohammed Shamji and Doctor Elana Shamji

Doctor Elana Fric Shamji’s body, you see, was found stuffed into a large suitcase on the side of a road north of the city last December 1. Toronto police are certain he killed her, and Toronto’s medical community is in a serious state of shock.

Doctor Larry Erlick, the head of family medicine at The Scarborough Hospital where Doctor Flana Shamji  worked, and the former director of the Ontario Medical Association, told reporters that he knew –  in spite of her happy personality – there was serious trouble in her private life. And he was aware that she had just filed for divorce.

“She confided a lot in me,” he said, adding that he has spoken to police. “I don’t want to say a lot. There were issues … No one ever expects anything like this.”

He said the Ontario Medical Association is raising money for her children and to honor her legacy in a meaningful way. Physicians who knew her have had a series of meetings, to determine what their next steps should be.

Doctor Erlick described Elana – who was also 40 years old at the time of her death – as an emerging “physician leader” who had recently joined the policy committee of the medical association, which is involved with leveraging health-care reforms.

In the meantime, with some of his family members witnessing the sobering reality of a homicide trial, Doctor Mohammed Shamji made his first appearance at the Old City Hall Courtroom on December 4 in handcuffs. Police say he was found at a small café in Mississauga not long after his wife’s body was discovered. He was immediately charged with First Degree Murder.

“Imagine the nicest person in your workplace, and then, say, that person has been accused of killing their spouse,” one of his coworkers said. “He is nice to his assistants, he is nice to the residents he has with him, he is nice to nurse practitioners.”