The Coddling of American College ‘Children’ Precisely Mimics Our Overtreatment of American Patients

Question of the day: at what point does THIS . . .


Increasingly, U.S. college students demand to be treated like 1st graders, and college administrations are allowing it to happen

Become THIS?

Doogie Houser MD

“I was treated like a baby, so that’s why I treat patients like one.”


Name one other planet where the adults put children in charge.

The Twilight Zone Has Other Strange Rooms Too, Besides Healthcare

“Scales are very emotionally triggering for some people.” (Carleton University student)

Millenial Safe Space

Wonder what the 19-year-old sailors at Pearl Harbor would think of these crybabies


Just about the time you think you’ve heard it all, some freaky example of societal inanity pops up from left field to remind us that – lo & behold – our little imaginations are not quite capable of stretching far enough.

For it now comes to pass that an artsy-fartsy Canadian college by the name of Carleton University has determined that recognition of natural laws is too stressful to cope with. Specifically, they have announced that students need to be spared the indignity of the numerical value of their own weight. Yes, “gravity” is sending these poor adult-children into a tizzy. Mother Earth’s impolite habit of tugging on the human body has been declared a “stress trigger”, so the college has taken the only logical tack: remove the scales from the physical education department.

We’re guessing the next thing they criminalize is mirrors. Sometimes reflections can be downright rude.

The university’s decision to label gravity a “stressor” is, of course, entirely predictable, given academia’s mission: teaching students to substitute “feelings” for laws of nature.

But how surprised can we be, really, when so much of modern college education is no longer anchored in reality, but plods like a plow-horse, in lock-step with whatever the socially acceptable zeitgeist happens to be?

Of course there is a serious challenge with abandoning truth and replacing it with “feelings”. Where do you draw the logical line? Why stop with gravity?

In case you haven’t noticed the evening news, school children in their 20’s are on the march, demanding their right to “safe spaces”.

So here’s an idea: let’s eliminate numbers, especially the ones on those pesky Speed Limit signs. They certainly offend us.

You’ve got to hand it to the leaders of higher education, where laws of physics be damned. They strut to the artificial rhythms of the intellectually elite, showing us the way, because they know more than we do.

We ourselves are anxious to see just how much better off we’ll all be, with gravity shunned and numbers gone and words a thing of the past. (words make us downright twitchy) We’ll soon have our noses tucked so deeply into our phone-clone world, we won’t even notice the irritants of life. Logical thought will be gone, too, because reasoning can be a real bummer. But what the heck. We’ll finally be neatly folded and snug, burrowed into our very own, personal safe space.

Kinda like a coffin.

Here’s another peek into our “higher education” Twilight Zone:

Princeton banned “man-based” words, and California State University Fullerton, California State University Northridge, the University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee seem to be drinking the same Kool Aid.

Medical Miscreants Honors ‘Public Citizen’ Request for Assistance


Dear Patrick:

I’m afraid you won’t believe this. Hospitals throughout America may soon be allowed to force inexperienced “interns” — medical school graduates in their first year of on-the-job training — to work 28-hour shifts without sleep.

Do you think our nation’s hospitals should be filled with sleep-deprived novice doctors?

When they don’t get enough sleep, doctor trainees are more likely to make mistakes that injure or even kill their patients, and more likely to get hurt themselves.

But hospitals are trying to squeeze even more profits out of our pain and suffering by overworking their employees. Hospitals should NOT be run like sweatshops!

Please ask your readers to let their voices be known, by asking them to act now.

Add your name to oppose letting America’s hospitals require inexperienced doctors-in-training to work 28-hour shifts without sleep.

Sign the petition now.

Thank you for your years of taking action to protect patients.




Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen





Here are a few areas where Public Citizen looks out for you:

Doctor Discipline

Ethics in Clinical Trials

Find out how well your state is protecting patients from reckless or negligent doctors. Public Citizen exposes unethical trials and fights for protections for human subjects in medical research.



Read what Public Citizen has to say about the most outrageous offenses in the world of public health. Health care is a right. Join us in our fight for single-payer health insurance.

Another Month – Another Legally Drugged-Up, Totally Dead Celebrity


Death by overdose

It was last Spring when professional wrestler Chyna was found dead in her home in Southern California. And this week the L.A. County Coroner reports the reason she died at age 46: it was due to her damnable tendency to pop prescription pills while swigging cheap wine.

Chyna, whose real name was Joan Laurer, was found dead in her Redondo Beach condo by a friend on the morning of April 20. (Incidentally, Prince collapsed and died the same way the very next morning) And now after 8 months, her toxicology report shows she was abusing alcohol as well as a seriously lethal combination of narcotics: oxycodone, oxymorphone and valium.

Even at a young age Chyna was 5’10” and physically gifted. She started working out in a local gym as a teenager in Rochester New York, and within 10 years was able to bench press well over 300 pounds. She moved to California and achieved fame as a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation over an 8-year period that began in 1997. She was the first woman to ever compete in the King of the Ring matches, and defeated several well-known male wrestlers – including  world champions Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Jeff Jarrett.

Death by overdose

In 2008 Chyna was interviewed on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,  and discussed growing up in a home rife with physical abuse and alcoholism.

Unfortunately, living and working in the alternative universe of celebrity in Los Angeles later in life, she would have no problem at all finding a physician perfectly willing to prostitute himself, by providing her with all the drugs she might need to kill herself.

Death by overdose

In case you’re interested, here are just a few other extremely well-known, outwardly successful celebrities who were led to the grave by their doctor/drug dealers:
  • Corey Haim, 38, actor
  • Brittany Murphy, 32, actress
  • Lesley Carter, 25, actress
  • Paul DeMayo, 37, bodybuilder
  • Eric Douglas, 36, actor, comedian
  • Gidget Gein, 39, musician
  • Peaches Geldof, 25, fashion model
  • Lisa Robin Kelly, 43, actress
  • Bobby Hatfield, 63, Righteous Brothers vocalist
  • Heath Ledger, 28, actor
  • John Pinette, 50, actor
  • Anna Nicole Smith, 39, former Playmate of the Year
  • Michael Jackson, 50, singer
  • Amy Winehouse, 27, musician
  • Steve Bechler, 23, Baltimore Orioles pitcher
  • Vic Chesnutt, 45, musician
  • Greg Geraldo, 44, comedian
  • James “Ultimate Warrior” Hellwig, 54, professional wrestler
  • Corey Monteith, 31, actor
  • Amy Tryon, 42, Olympic equestrian
  • Brian Adams, 38, singer/songwriter
  • Bridgette Andersen, 22, actress
  • Matthew Ansara, 35, actor, bodybuilder
  • Erica Blasberg, 28, professional golfer
  • John Belushi, 36, comedian
  • Len Bias, 23, basketball player
  • Elisa Bridges, 28, Playboy Playmate
  • Ken Caminiti, 42, baseball player
  • Andy Irons, 32, professional surfer
  • Christopher Bowman, 40, figure skater
  • Lisa Robin Kelly, 43, actress
  • Brian Epstein, 34, entertainment manager
  • Chris Farley, 33, comedian
  • Thomas Kincade, 54, artist
  • Adrienne Nicole Martin, 27, model
  • Danny Gans, 52, Las Vegas magician
  • Margaux Hemingway, 42, model
  • Mitch Hedberg, 37, comedian
  • Anissa Jones, 18, child actress
  • Chris Kelly, 34, musician
  • Derek Boogaard, 28, professional ice hockey player
  • Billy Mays, 51, TV salesperson
  • Michael Carl Baze, 24, horse jockey
  • River Phoenix, 23, actor
  • Dana Plato, 34, actress
  • Freddie Prinze, 22, actor, comedian
  • Rachel Roberts, 36, actress
  • Whitney Houston, 48, singer
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman, 46, actor
  • Prince, 57, musician

But here’s a cool idea: let’s all keep pretending we don’t live in the Twilight Zone. Keep splattering drug commercials a thousand times daily across every network in America. Look how well that’s working out for a pill-popping, stoned-out-of-our-heads  nation.

Aren’t we the pride of the planet.

Wanna Live Longer? Best Fetch a Lady Doctor

“It could be something the doctor is doing. It could be something about how the patient is reacting to the doctor. It’s really hard to say. It’s probably multi-factorial.” (Doctor Vineet Arora, medical professor, University of Chicago)

Here’s a curious medical tidbit that might be well-worth pondering:

Elderly patients in hospitals are less likely to return after being sent home – and even more important – are more likely to live longer,  when they are treated by lady physicians instead of their male counterparts. 

Say that again?

According to a research study published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine magazinethe best information available reveals that female MDs are consistently providing higher quality medical care. Specifically, the study found that older patients of male doctors experience higher hospital readmission rates  – and higher death rates – spanning 8 different, serious medical conditions, such as irregular heart rhythms, breathing problems and infections. 

Leading the study was Doctor Yusuke Tsugawa of Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health. He and his team evaluated 1,500,000 clinical visits nationwide among Medicare patients over a 4-year period that started in January 2011. Their analysis exposed that patients treated by male doctors had higher mortality rates – 11.5% compared to 11% for female physicians. The study also revealed that patients of male MDs had higher readmission rates within a one-month period after being released – 15.5% versus 15%.


“There is evidence that men and women may practice medicine differently. Literature has shown that female physicians may be more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines, provide preventive care more often, use more patient-centered communication, perform as well or better on standardized examinations, and provide more psychosocial counseling to their patients than do their male peers.”


The report observed that although the differences in percentages may not appear impressive at first glance, what they actually mean is that male physician patient care – at least within the scope of the study – accounts for 32,000 more deaths each year, than women MDs treating patients in the same disease categories.

Here’s another look:

Medic Alert Systems: So Who Offers the Best? We Turned to the Folks Who Use Them

medical-alert-systemsWell over a million citizens wear or carry portable medic alert buttons. So we did a little research to see which systems are thought to be the most dependable and affordable. Here is what we found, with the last considered the very best:

Acadian On Call   – User Score – 7.1

Philips Lifeline User Score – 7.1

Medical Care Alert  – User Score – 7.9

MobileHelpUser Score – 8.1

And the number #1 customer-rated medic alert system is . . .

Medical Guardian – User score8.5

 We’re here to help.