California Doctor Admits Stealing Artifacts From National Parks

“Our ancestors have lived in Death Valley since before written time.  The Timbisha people identify ourselves by our art, our being, our obligation to take care of the lands and to continue our traditions and customs. The Timbisha Shoshone Tribe is very distressed about the actions of this doctor, who took it upon himself to destroy a large prehistoric site here in Death Valley National Park, the homelands of the Timbisha Shoshone.  Our ancestors left their messages here, for their future familes and the general public to enjoy and cherish.  When theft occurs, it not only hurts the Tribe, but everybody.” (Barbara Durham, historic preservation officer, Timbisha Shoshone Tribe)

Dr Jonathan C Bourne 2

Doctor Jonathan C Bourne pictured committing a crime (photo by Bob Burd)

Bourne, a 59-year-old anesthesiologist who lives in Mammoth Lakes, formally entered a guilty plea on August 15, according to U.S. Attorney Phillip Talbert. 


Investigators revealed that Bourne had been stealing artifacts since 1994. He was ordered to return an estimated 20,000 archaeological pieces.

According to the court record, in January 2011,  Bourne damaged a specific prehistoric site in Death Valley National Park and removed a native American tool carved from a bighorn sheep horn, as well as ancient stone tablets, which were found in his home.

Death Valley is the homeland of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe. The tribe has had a strong impact on the history, culture, and ecology there, in partnership with the National Park Service.

“It feels great to have a conviction in this major case!” Death Valley Superintendent Mike Reynolds. 

Bad-boy Bourne could get 2 years in prison and a $400,000 fine, in addition to the $250,000 he has already paid. He is scheduled to be sentenced on November 7 in U.S. District Court. He is banned from all national parks.

(The successful prosecution of this case – as well as the return of the artifacts to their respective parks – is the result of an investigation by the U.S. Forest Service,  the Bureau of Land Management and  the National Park Service.) 

Doctor Drug-dealer’s Punishment? ‘Go Home and be a Good Boy’


Dr Douglas Watford

Dr Douglas E. Watford

In Greenville North Carolina federal court Doctor Douglas Elry Watford was found guilty of selling narcotics for fun and profit in his little town of Kinston. So the judge spanked him on his adult diaper and sent him home for actions that were apparently not all that serious. Of course had he been a street drug pusher instead of an MD, he would have been spanked a little harder.

Wacky Watford, age 60, was sentenced to 24 months probation after admitting that, well, now that you’ve caught me, I guess I really was routinely  illegally distributing hydrocodone and Xanax. Who told?

Wadford, a family medicine specialist who owned the Watford Family Medicine Center in Kinston, was caught as the result of an undercover sting last year by the State Bureau of Investigations. He was handcuffed on April 15, 2015 and taken to jail on 6 charges of illegal distribution of highly addictive drugs, categorized as Schedule II and Schedule IV controlled substances.

dr drug dealers artThe North Carolina State Medical Board had already scolded the drug-dealer doc in March 2015, and ordered him to undergo remedial instruction. Like most other state medical boards, North Carolina’s figured punishing a drug dealer by making him go sit in a classroom was appropriate discipline. Eventually they went way out on a limb and revoked his medical license.

You can bet they were loathe to punish the wayward doctor at all, because – and you might need to grab your guppies here – state medical boards are top-heavy with . . . . doctors.

And some people actually wonder why we feel the need to continually  embarrass criminal physicians.

Somebody has to.

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The Physician Crime-wave Never Stops. It Never Even Slows Down

July 3, 2014

Ho-Hum. Another Week – Another 50 Doctors Convicted of Major Crimes

What does Obama Care have to say about these characters? Nothing

Yes, 50 doctors per week; 210 is the average for a typical month. These jaw-dropping numbers are the sad “normal” in American healthcare. No other profession generates such preposterous volume of crime. Here are but a few medical miscreants in court over the past seven days:

Walayat Khan MD, age 66 of Ypsilanti Michigan – Guilty, $7,000,000 health care scam

Dr Donald Wagoner

Donald Wagoner MD, age 78 of Kokomo Indiana – 30-year sentence, Drug dealing from his Wagoner Medical Clinic offices

Leland G. Whitson MD, age 57 of Long Beach California – Guilty, $46,000,000 insurance theft

Dr Leland G Whitson

Victor Bruce MD, age 49  of Las Vegas – Convicted, Narcotic Drug Trafficking

Dr Victor Bruce


Georges Bensimhon MD, age 67 of Cleveland Ohio – Guilty, Attempted Murder of Doctor Seth Hoffer

Dr Georges Bensimhon

Adelina Herrero MD, age 72 of Ann Arbor Michigan – Guilty, $1,382,000 insurance theft in home health visit scam

Martin MacNeill MD, age 58 of Provo Utah – in court for a hearing regarding his wife Murder conviction

Dr Martin MacNeill


John Maye MD, age 59 of Buffalo New York – Convicted, Narcotic Drug Distribution over the internet to 12,000 people he never met

Dr John Maye

Andrew Osborne MD, age 50 of Dothan Alabama – Guilty, Wife Beating

Dr Andrew Osborne

Doron Feldman MD, age 54 of Rochester New York – Convicted of Stealing $630,000 in fraudulent billing

Mark Tuan Le MD, age 55 of Charlotte North Carolina – Convicted, 7 counts of Fraud and theft of $6,200,000

Dr Oscar P Gosien

Oscar Gosien MD, age 74 of Oak Hill West Virginia – 35-year sentence, trading narcotics for sex with patients

210 doctor convictions per month. Happy to do the math for you: That’s 10 Guilty verdicts for every court calendar date of the year.

What other profession carves such a monstrous swathe of destruction through an otherwise intelligent society?

None. Not a one.

Just makes you proud to call yourself an American, doesn’t it?

And people wonder why we wrote the book . . .

Sadder than expected; funnier than it ought to be



Miami ‘Butt-Lift Doctor’ Jailed After Patient Dies

Miami detectives have finally arrested a Venezuelan fugitive whom they suspect killed a 28-year-old woman by recklessly performing lethal buttock-enhancement injections. The man had been on the run for 3 years.

Doctor Jose Alfredo Robusto

‘Doctor’ Jose A. Robusto

Police say  a fraudster named Jose Alfredo Robusto, now age 43, falsely identified himself as a physician in 2013 while employed at a scam business which advertised itself as Cuerpos Health & Aesthetics, located on Flagler Street in Miami. The fake clinic, which was owned and operated by a woman named Ruth Planas, was closed for good by the Florida Health Department after a police raid. According to the health department, Cuerpos Health & Aesthetics was licensed as a simple massage parlor. It was never permitted to perform medical procedures of any kind.

According to its website, Cuerpos Health & Aesthetics  was marketing itself as a clinic. The so-called health clinic  offered “lipo without surgery,” “non-surgical facial lift,” and treatments for “anti-cellulite,” and “body toning.”

In 2013, Suyima Torres, age 28 and foolish beyond belief, fell for the scam and it killed her.

Suyima Torres

Suyima Torres

Ms. Torres, who assumed she was putting her life in the hands of medical professionals, paid the crooks $2,300 for multiple injections. Not long after the second injection, she stopped breathing as the result of a fat embolism dislodging from her injection site, gliding up her veins and lodging in her lungs. She was taken by ambulance to Coral Gables Doctors Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on the poor woman, Robusto had her lie semi-nude on an examination table, and proceeded to “inject a thick yellow goo in a large syringe,” into the woman’s buttocks.

The  Dade County District Attorney charged Jose Robusto with Homicide and Practicing Medicine Without a License. He was arrested at Miami Airport after trying to re-enter the U.S.


The butt-lift idiocy just keeeeps ooon comin . . .

Heather Meadows

Heather Meadows

10 days  ago, a 29-year-old West Virgina woman visiting Miami also  died after undergoing a procedure – this one at a human chop shop called Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah Florida. Investigators said Heather Meadows suffered medical complications during the procedure. Meadows, who had a 6-year-old and a newborn, was rushed to a Hialeah Hospital Emergency and pronounced dead. CBS Miami reports Meadows was having a “Brazilian Butt Lift” done at Encore. The procedure involves liposuction, with the removed fat then injected into the buttocks. The medical examiner reported the woman’s death was caused by fat clots in the arteries of her lungs and heart. When the fat was injected, some of it flowed through her bloodstream to her heart and lungs.

According to Florida investigators, Encore clinic has ties to previous cosmetic-surgery related deaths. This particular butcher shop employs physicians who have routinely maimed patients. Many were discharged to recover with no follow-up care in local motels. In some appalling cases, patients with no better options were sent off to recover and sleep on bunks in horse stables.

State law enforcement have brought felony malpractice charges against rogue MDs  who work at Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah, as well as two other health scam operations – Vanity Cosmetic Surgery and Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami. These operations are also known to use unlicensed employees for cosmetic surgical procedures.

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California ER Doc Has Tryst with Teen; Goes to Jail

In the northern California city of Redding a physician was handcuffed in Shasta County Superior Court and escorted to jail last week. He  was sentenced  to 7 months behind bars for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old former patient.

Dr Timothy William Wilkins

Dr Timothy W. Wilkins and attorney Joe Gazzigli

Doctor Timothy William Wilkins, age 41,  changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” in February, to 4 felony charges of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor; 3 misdemeanor charges of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor and 1 charge of providing lewd material to a minor.

Wilkins was employed in the emergency department at Mayers Memorial Hospital at the time of his arrest in June 2014. He was originally charged with 12 felonies and 4 misdemeanors.

Shasta County Deputy D.A. Sarah Murphy, argued in court for a 9-month sentence, ridiculing the doctor’s testimony that he thought the 16-year-old teenager was older than 21. Superior Court Judge Dan Flynn agreed. “This doctor knew full well what her age was.  He was aware during the relationship she was a minor,” he said. But he still lowered the sentence from 9 months to 7.

A Redding Police Department press release early in the case reported that the girl’s mother came forward, saying she had discovered text messages on her daughter’s cellphone that proved she was involved in a sexual relationship with the doctor.

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