Verdict is in: Las Vegas Doctor ‘Guilty’ in Patient Sexual Attacks Trial

“Anything he said as a doctor, they believed him and thought he had their best interests in mind.” (Prosecutor Alex Chen)

Dr Binh Chung

Doctor Binh Chung enters the courtroom to face the women he sexually used

In Las Vegas Nevada a superior court jury has found Doctor Binh “Ben” Chung guilty on numerous charges of patient sexual assault while in his medical office for treatments.

In total, Chung was convicted on Friday of 11 of 14 felony-level crimes – the least of which included Kidnapping, as well as using a child to produce pornographic videos, because one of his sexual assault victims was only 16 years old.

Brenda Wong

Brenda Wong, wife of medical mad-man Binh “Ben” Chung, sadly testifies in Las Vegas courtroom  about her husband’s secret videos she found at home

The jury, which deliberated for 8 hours,  determined that Chung abused his position as a physician; drugged and raped unconscious patients behind closed doors; and in some cases, recorded his attacks by using a hidden video camera.

Over the course of the trial, several victims testified in detail, telling the court how they were drugged and then sexually used by the doctor as they lay on his exam table unable to move.

Criminal Chung was originally handcuffed and taken to jail in Las Vegas in 2015, after his wife had gone to police, and showed them the video recordings she’d found on his home computer.

In a last-ditch attempt to convince the jury of his innocence, Chung testified himself last Thursday. He stated he absolutely did not sexually assault any of his patients. Rather, the sexually explicit videos shown in court were of “role playing” with a woman he was having an affair with. He said he and the woman had a Sleeping Beauty fetish and would “pretend to be asleep”.

That response was denied by the woman in question. She testified against him, as did other victims who, apparently, had no such “fetish.” Neither did it explain any of the other patient attacks.

The doctor will be back in court for a sentencing hearing on July 10.

Our Observations:

As we previously reported, Doctor Binh “Ben” Chung is an immigrant from China. And as we also reported, the Nevada State Medical Board could have stopped all of this from happening a decade ago, when Chung was arrested on “lewdness charges” in 2006. As  too often happens with physician misbehavior, the charges were dismissed, when he agreed to 100 hours of “community service” and “impulse control counseling”. In that case, the deviant doctor sexually groped a 15-year-old girl who sought treatment for an eye infection. And some poor mental midget determined “impulse control counseling” would solve the problem of a sexual deviant.

How well did that work out for the ladies and girl in this case?

Never forget: The primary purpose of state medical boards is to protect criminal physicians. They all talk a good game about “public safety”. It’s nonsense. In literally thousands of cases since 1985, state medical boards could have protected the public by simply being proactive. All they have to do is institute policies and protocols similar to the airline industry regarding pilot misbehavior.

It ain’t exactly rocket science.

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Murderous Physician is “Sane”; But Yet to be Sentenced for Killing 4 People

In Omaha Nebraska a doctor who went on a murderous rampage nearly 10 years ago and was convicted of multiple Murders, has been granted still another despicable delay in his sentencing.

Dr Anthony Garcia

Lab coat cretin got fired as a medical resident in Omaha; decided to start killing people for ruining his career

Douglas County District Judge Gary Randall agreed with a state psychiatric evaluation in March, that found Doctor Anthony Garcia of Terra Haute Indiana, is mentally competent to proceed to the sentencing phase of his case. The judge had ordered the evaluation earlier that month after Garcia refused to answer questions at a competency hearing.

But now, Garcia’s attorneys argue that they aren’t “prepared to proceed.” They say they need more time to determine whether Garcia’s history of mental problems should serve as a mitigating factor against a death sentence.

Dr Garcia Victims.png

He took the Oath: Primum no nocere. He just didn’t mean it

So let’s all get this straight. A mad-man doctor sneaks into two different homes and stabs a housekeeper 17 times; slashes an 11-year-old boy’s throat; does much the same to another doctor and his wife – and years later his lawyers are allowed to play legal-beagle burp-games over his “rights?”

God help this poor, tail-wags-the-dog nation.

It was last October when an Omaha jury found Garcia “guilty” in the March 2008 deaths of Thomas Hunter, age 11; housekeeper Shirlee Sherman, age 57; and the May 2013 deaths of Doctor Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary, both 65. Garcia, a 43-year-old doctor, killed all 4 as revenge, because he had been fired from Creighton University pathology department. His former bosses were Doctor William Hunter – whose son he murdered – and Doctor Brumback.

Dr garcia guilty

For a pathology major, this fool was dumber than a box of rocks. He left evidence everywhere

So after a hearing that lasted only minutes, Douglas County District Judge Gary Randall has seen fit to delay sentencing, which almost certainly means it will be months before this particular medical monster is sentenced.

And some people wonder why this particular Paramedic became a heretic. How much evidence do you need, to realize the USA is slipping evermore surely in Bizarre World.

For Some MDs, Drug-pushing is a Really Cool Way to Collect Hot Cars

“One doctor also received tens of thousands of dollars from the drug manufacturer, Insys, for speaking engagements where he promoted its product, Subsys.” (The Prosecution)

Want to buy a sexy car? We know where you can get a pretty good deal on one or two. A Shelby? Maybe a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini. These are just a few of the many exotic vehicles seized by a Drug Enforcement team 2 years ago, back when they and the FBI raided the pain clinics and secret storage garage, operated by a pair of drug-dealing doctors in Mobile Alabama.

Drs Couch & Ruan.png

A federal investigation had shut down their two drug houses – sham medical clinics the neighborhood knew as Physicians’ Pain Specialists of Alabama. That was in May 2015, after investigators discovered the doctors were in the business of illegally marketing appalling volumes of potent narcotics, for fun and profit. At least 4 of their so-called “patients” were found dead, at different times, overdosed.

For more than a year detectives looked into what the physicians were really doing behind closed doors. They learned that Doctor John P Couch and Doctor Xiulu Ruan wrote, for example, just under 67,000 prescriptions in 2014 alone, deliberately “over-prescribing controlled substances to amass wealth.” Their frantic scribblings amounted to scrawling out a prescription once every 4 minutes, of every work day of the year. Were these people “patients?” Of course not. They were asked no medical history nor underwent any medical assessments. Few had anything that even smacked of a legitimate medical record. They were customers. Often addicts. Often street dealers themselves.

One former clinic employee testified at trial that the 2 doctors would routinely play a friendly game, to see who could churn out the most prescriptions by the end of the day. And all the while, they raked in millions in cash. What could be more fun?

And so it comes to pass that Doctor Xiulu Ruan and his partner-in-crime, Doctor John P Couch, were convicted on a whole litany of felonies on February 23 of this year. Couch and Ruan were found guilty on 19 counts in Mobile Federal Court, following a 4-week trial, over “excessive and dangerous” prescriptions. They were convicted on charges of Controlled Substance Distribution, Conspiracy, Healthcare Fraud, Money Laundering.

Dr Ruan & Ferrari

Dr Xiulu Ruan: Come to America. Become a drug dealer. Buy hot cars to impress the naïve ladies. How cool is that?

And the fancy, very expensive cars? Well, they are the spoils of crimes; assets worth millions, seized by investigators. The cars were tagged and towed away because they were bought with money as a result of a long string of criminal acts. Now to be sold at police impound auctions.

Ruan’s collection of exotic cars has been a key aspect in the public interest in the case. So just for fun, we thought you might like to see what a drug-dealing doctor’s “hot car” collection might look like:

  • Aston Martin DB9 Volante
  • Audi R8 Spyder
  • Bentley Armage
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • BMW M6
  • Ferrari F430 Convertible
  • Ferrari 599 GTB
  • Lamborghini Diablo
  • Mercedes SLR
  • 2 Mercedes SLS AMG’s
  • Shelby Series 1
  • Spyker C8 Laviolette
  • Saleen S7
  • Porsche 9TC

The daffy doc duo are due to be sentenced sometime this Spring. They each face 200-year prison terms. Society will be lucky if they serve even 10% of that.

Incidentally, Xiulu Ruan is an immigrant from China. And as we have noted dutifully for more than 10 years, immigrant physicians are the root cause an appalling amount of crime. Will Ruan be deported? Don’t be silly.

The U.S. does not deport drug-dealing doctor felons. We relicense them.

Here’s more on the case:

Doctor “Drugged and Raped” Patients According to Las Vegas Prosecution

Still another doctor drugging and sex-with-patients trial, began yesterday at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas

Dr Binh Minh Chung

Care to know the most exasperating  thing about the medical profession? They can’t even admit to the damage they wreak upon society. They think you’re too stupid to notice

Doctor Binh Minh “Ben” Chung is a family medicine specialist in Las Vegas who now stands accused of sedating his patients and then video recording himself raping them as they lay in his clinic naked and unconscious. Investigators discovered that Chung would inject patients with a tranquilizer such as Ketamine, to put them to sleep.

According to the original arrest report, the doctor’s wife volunteered to show detectives numerous videos she had discovered on her husband’s computer. The videos were of a man in medical scrubs having sex with unconscious women. Chung’s wife, police said, identified the man in the videos as her husband.


Police believe Chung assaulted at least 11 victims.

On the first day of the proceedings Prosecutor Alexander Chen told the court that Chung’s former wife and medical staff, as well as former friends and patients, will all testify against him, in a trial that is expected to last about a week.  The prosecutor then went straight to his strongest evidence, by showing the court still-photos printed from the camera equipment found in the doctor’s treatment room. It was a shocking display of a medical professional gone mad.

The doctor, age 43, was arrested and taken into custody 2 years ago, in June, 2015, on more than 2 dozen felony charges, including:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Administering Drugs in the Commission of a Felony
  • Using a Minor in Production of Pornography

The California State Medical Board suspended Chung’s medical license when they became aware of the charges against him in June 2015. He has been held in jail since that time on $1,000,000 bail.

Chung could get life in prison. 

Our Observations:

As so often happens when physicians are caught in serious misbehavior, we now know that the State Medical Board could have prevented all of this, because there were plenty of warning signs.  This doctor was caught as far back as 2009 on Misdemeanor Lewdness charges, when he was sanctioned for sexually groping a young teenage girl, a patient who came to him to be treated for an eye infection. What was his “punishment” for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl behind closed doors in his clinic?

He was ordered to do “community service” and sit in on “impulse control” counseling. Was his medical license suspended for even one week? Of course not.

How well would you say friendly swats on daffy doctor butts work out for society?

Australian MD Sent to Prison 7 Years After Murdering His Diabetic Wife

In the city of Sidney a physician who killed his wife and then escorted his girlfriend to the morgue to see her corpse, has finally learned that his prison sentence almost guarantees he will die behind bars.

Doctor Brian Kenneth Crickitt, age 63, was sentenced by Justice Clifton Hoeben to a term of 27 years for the murder of Christine Crickitt, age 61, on New Year’s Eve, 2009.

Dr Brian Kenneth Crickitt

Dr Brian Kenneth Crickitt and his new wife Julie. Are these women out of their minds?

At the sentencing hearing last Thursday, the judge told the court that the MD “clearly abused his position of trust” – as a husband and as a doctor – by using “subterfuge” to inject a fatal dose of insulin into his wife, before leaving her to die of an overdose as he left the house.


Christine Crickitt

Christine Crickitt in happier times

The murderous medical man was found guilty in a non-jury trial of injecting his wife with a fast-acting form of insulin and then – as she lay comtose – he went off to spend a gleeful night with his girlfriend, a teacher named Linda Livermore.

The victim’s grieving adult children testified in court they were stunned when Crickitt showed up at the morgue holding hands with another woman several days after their mother’s death.

Drug Draw

“Trust me: I’m a doctor”

The prosecution was able to prove that the doctor murdered his wife so he could continue his new relationship, and finance their life, with his wife’s $600,000 life insurance pay out.

Investigators learned that two days before Christine Crickitt was found dead, the doctor had researched fast-acting insulin overdoses on his computer.

He then printed out an insulin prescription under the name of one of his patients; deleted the trace documentation of it from the hospital’s computer system and went to a drug store personally to pick up the drug.

Then, on the night of December 31, 2009, the doctor injected his wife in her right buttock with a fatal amount of the medication which she normally took, and drove away.

In spite of serial adultery and murder, Doctor Brian Crickitt was a regular at the local church. Imagine that. He even volunteered as teaching staff for bible study. None of which prevented him from going out and breaking at least 3 of the 10 Commandments – #6, #7 and #10, to be exact.

Of course, he also seriously fractured a key tenet of the Hippocratic Oath:

Primum no nocere.

But by now you already know – if you’ve been reading the Paramedic Heretic – that doctors break that oath 10,000 times a day.


British Child Predator Nabbed in Cambodia After Luring Young Girls

In the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh a English physician was handcuffed and taken into police custody yesterday, on the charges of being a serial pedophile who traveled to Southeast Asia to have sex with children.

Dr Clive Cressy (2)

Dr Clive Robert Cressy now awaits trial in Cambodia

Doctor Clive Robert Cressy, age 69, now faces multiple counts of Child Rape, after at least 4 girls were interviewed by police. He stands accused of paying for sex with girls of the ages 12,13,14 and15, paying as much as $3,000 to have a “virgin girl experience.”

Cressy, formerly a resident of East Sussex England, was arrested in a cafe near the downtown area called the Russian Market. Investigators then searched Cressy’s apartment, where they found and photographed toys, Barbie Dolls, little girl clothes and shoes, and a drawer full of Viagra and condoms.


The freaky physician would routinely lure the little girls with colorful presents and clothes

Investigators learned the perverted MD left the U.K. for a supposed retirement in 2014; then took up residence in Cambodia and has been working part-time at a small medical clinic in Phnom Penh. The arrest came after a months-long investigation, according to police.

A 27-year-old woman named Chea Sokthy, who referred to herself as the doctor’s girlfriend, was also arrested. Police believe she was instrumental in finding the children. “She was the one who convinced the girls to have sex with the doctor,” Police Chief  Keo Thea said. He also reported that the couple had lived together in Phnom Penh for at least three years.

Here’s another look: