Palm Harbor Cancer MD Gets 6-Year Sentence for Drug-Smuggling, Fraud

And here we have still another shamed Florida physician – this one would routinely administer cheaper, illegal, foreign-made drugs to her unknowing cancer patients. A federal jury found her guilty of all 45 criminal charges . She was sentenced last week to 6 years in federal prison.


Doctor Diana Anda Norbergs, age 61, cried as she read her statement of sorrow before U.S. District judge James Moody. She apologized to the five-dozen patients who were victimized by her careless, dangerous and usually worthless treatments, by a supposed cancer-care expert. Of course the “apology” was rather tepid, since she blamed the drug companies and her own staff for the “errors.” 

Norbergs testified in court that she had “no idea” her clinic was using unapproved drugs from unlicensed foreign distributors. She believed that the drugs she was receiving had been FDA-approved and could be legally sold in the United States.

Yes, she really did say she didn’t know a thing about the drugs she was pushing into her patients’ veins.


Dr Diana Anda Norbergs

Here’s her clinic PR sheet. She looks almost respectable in a lab coat, doesn’t she?

Norbergs’ criminal deeds occurred at a sham medical clinic called East Lake Oncology in Palm Harbor, where she pushed at least $700,000 worth of the illegal drugs like Altuzan and MabThera. She then billed Medicare for the legal – and more expensive – American counterparts.

Federal health officials said patients at East Lake Oncology were unaware that for the past 6 years Dr. Diana Anda Norbergs and her staff were giving them cheaper, misbranded drugs that were not approved for use in the United States. She then billed the taxpayer-funded Medicare program and private insurance companies for the illegal prescriptions, falsifying that she was actually using the FDA-approved versions. Norbergs would then pocket the extra money.

Norbergs was found guilty in a jury trial last November. She was convicted of Drug Smuggling into the United States, Healthcare Fraud, Mail Fraud and Receiving Misbranded Medications.

“It doesn’t get much more serious than this . . . a physician giving unapproved drugs to cancer patients and billing Medicare as if she had provided FDA-approved drugs.”  (Shimon R. Richmond, special agent, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

So judge Moody ordered Norbergs to serve 70 months in federal prison, and she was ordered to repay the nearly $850,000 she stole from in Medicare. 

Her medical license was revoked last May, so don’t bother calling the “clinic” anymore, located at 4114 Woodlands Pkwy # 301, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Phone: (727) 789-2595. (disconnected)


The doctor isn’t in today. And she won’t be in tomorrow, either.

Here’s another look:



Florida Pediatrician Loses Medical License After Groping Teenage boy

It seems that a physician formerly on staff at Miami’s largest children’s hospital, no less – confessed last September to charges of attempted felony child abuse . And as a result, his medical license has finally been revoked by the Florida Board of Medicine, as of last Friday.

Dr Robert Kemp Crockett

Dr Robert Kemp Crockett of Coral Gables Florida. (photo by the Miami Herald)

There was no word from the state medical board as to why – after this embarrassing admission – that it would take a whopping 10 months to revoke the medical license of a physician pervert. But when it comes to doctors and discipline, state medical boards move with all the alacrity of the Queen Mary in a hurricane.

Doctor Robert Kemp Crockett, an ER child specialist, pleaded guilty in a North Carolina courtroom in July 2014, to taking “indecent liberties” with a 15-year-old boy, while they were on a family vacation to Brunswick County, North Carolina.

In exchange for his confession, Crockett, who also formerly worked at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, was sentenced to probation for 3 years and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service. He will serve no time in jail because, well, he’s a doctor, get it?

Crockett, age 64, is a resident of Coral Gables.

A board-certified pediatrician, Crockett was fired by Miami Children’s Hospital in December 2014, after administrators first learned that he was accused of Statutory Rape.

Investigators in North Carolina learned of Crockett’s child abuse in August 2014, when they were called by the Professionals Resource Network.

Detectives learned that the doctor had told a PRN counselor that he had put his hands on the genitals of a teenage boy during a trip to North Carolina the prior month. Police then issued an arrest warrant.

At the time that PRN reported Crockett to police, he was already on a leave of absence from the children’s hospital in Miami. Counseling between medical practitioners and PRN is typically confidential, except for mandated reporting of issues involving the abuse of vulnerable adults and children.

PRN reports they council about 75 medical practitioners each month, in need of help with substance abuse and emotional issues.

Are You a Sex-Predator Doctor With a Revoked License? Not a Problem. There are 38 Other States You Can Move to

PREDATOR artFor those of us who study it for a living, America’s medical profession is a curious breed of animal. For all of its smiley-face, “Our job is patient safety and public health” head-game flummery, it is stunningly good at hiding its sins and shuffling its sinners. Consider – if you will – the following, good ol’ USA mind-bend.

In most states, you cannot work as a daycare provider. 

But in 38 of our glorious 50 states, sexual pervert physicians can be – and generally are – licensed and legal medical doctors. Medical regulators can decide to grant them licenses – and they do it all the time.

In our review of more than 2,000 disciplined MDs accused of sexual misconduct, we learned that many convicted of felony sexual attacks went right back to undressing people for money after they served their time. And that’s par for the course in most states.

  • New Jersey licensed a physician after he was found guilty of 4 patient sexual assaults. Kansas licensed a doctor while he was still in prison for sexually assaulting a child.
  • Utah licensed an MD who routinely grabbed the genitals of both staff members and patients.
  • Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee and the District of Columbia – just to name a few – are states where physicians with criminal sex convictions have been allowed to keep playing doctor.

There have been hundreds of cases where doctors arrested for Rape were allowed to work while their cases were going on.


In Montana, after Dr. Donald Eugene Russell was arrested in 2003 on the charge of molesting 3 children.  The judge in the case allowed him to continue patient contact practicing as long as he had a babysitter while treating kids. Only after the law discovered he had sex with an 84-year-old dementia patient, as well as 3 others, was the board embarrassed enough to revoke his license.

Now, if you care to see to how well your state handles physician sexual predator cases, here’s a fair place to find some information:

And here’s an excellent article on this subject:


California Doctor Linked to Child Sexual Assault Conspiracy

“This doctor is believed to have plotted for 20 years, to impregnate women; to give birth to children, so he could create a secret sexual ‘taboo family’ lifestyle.” (Santa Cruz Police spokesperson)


Dr James Kohut and nurses

Nurse Rashel Brandon; Doctor James Kohut; Nurse Emily Stephens. These 3 medical professionals are believed to have had group-sex encounters with children.


In one of the truly bucolic beach towns along the California coastline, a seriously ugly trial is about to begin. A physician formerly employed by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation has pleaded “not guilty” in Santa Cruz County Superior Court to 10 felonies. Each of the charges relates to the molestation and rape and assorted other lewd acts forced upon numerous children.

Doctor James Kohut, a neurosurgical specialist, made no eye contact with anyone in the courtroom on that Friday morning, May 26. He simply sat slumped in his front-row seat with his head down, before Superior Court Judge John Salazar. More than half of the charges – if found to be true – each come with a life sentence.

County prosecutors believe they have irrefutable proof that the doctor, age 57, had performed both oral sex and anal intercourse with 2 boys under the age of 10 in early May – and he did it in the presence of two nurses who were in on his perversions. He is also believed to have had sex with another pair of children – one of whom was a girl, over the last 2 years. And there is evidence of numerous other victims and near-victims, of his secret life as a predator.

One of the nurses involved – formerly a Dominican Hospital staff member – is accused child molester Rashel Brandon, was also in court. She has been charged with 8 felonies in the apparent conspiracy of sex crimes involving children.

A lawyer from the California Attorney General’s office was also present, representing the State’s move to ask Judge Salazar to suspend Kohut’s medical license. The California Medical Board reports they would revoke Kohut’s medical license, but only if he is found guilty. They say they suspect the doctor presents a clear public danger to children if he is released on bail.

One of the nurses involved is Emily Stephens. She is accused of conspiring with the doctor in the child molestation case. Stephens was arrested and jailed in Tucson, Arizona.

Investigators say that in early May an unnamed citizen of Watsonville gave police a video – reportedly filmed 2 months earlier – of the two female nurses, Rashel Brandon and Emily Stephens, engaging in overt sexual behavior with kids as young as 3 years old, in a motel room near Santa Cruz. Police say they then discovered evidence that Doctor James Kohut was also involved, and had sexually assaulted both male and female children numerous times since New Year’s Day 2016.

Rashel Brandon, age 42, was the first of the trio to be arrested, on May 10. She is being held on $500,000 bail.

Emily Stephens, age 29, was arrested next. She has not yet been extradited to California.

Santa Cruz police, after questioning the nurses, arrested the doctor.

Here’s another look at this medical embarrassment:

The Ugly Case of Olympic Doctor Nassar: How Our Culture Enables Medical Monsters

Olympic team victims complained for two decades. Nobody cared much. How dare they question a doctor?

For 20 years he was an extremely well-known sports physician in the tight-knit community of world-class gymnastics. He routinely treated many of the finest female athletes on the planet. He was the USA team doctor for gymnasts at 4 Olympics in a row. So nobody really wanted to know that he was a sexual predator behind closed doors.

Dr Larry Nassar

U.S. Olympic gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar at work

His name is doctor Larry Nassar, and now his impossibly successful career has come crashing down around him. Today, Nassar is in federal custody on felony charges of Child Pornography, and faces numerous charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct involving a child over a 6-year period. Several dozen other women and girls are alleging sexual assault dating back to at least 1994 and continuing into last year.

Investigators now know that the doctor deleted evidence of child porn on his laptop computer as he was under investigation last September. Nassar, age 54, has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges.


Perhaps the most exasperating aspect of the now-exploding sex scandal is that it took two decades of complaints for Nassar to finally be arrested. Some of the apparent victims say they were reporting their shocking experiences, for years, to coaches and counselors, parents and others. What exactly were they saying? That Nassar was placing his fingers into their rectums and vaginas, for treatments that were supposed to address leg, hip and back injuries.

The upcoming trial does not merely reflect on Larry Nassar’s reputation. Also involved in the controversy is Michigan State University, where Nassar was a faculty member from 1997 till 2016. And USA Gymnastics, for whom Nassar functioned as chief medical coordinator; and Twistars, a major gymnastics training facility in Lansing.

In late 1997 one athlete told police she complained to her coach Kathie Klages. She was upset about the way the doctor conducted his “treatments.” She now alleges in a civil lawsuit that coach Klages discouraged her from filing a formal complaint.

In 1997, one parent complained to Twistars owner John Geddert about the doctor’s “inappropriate touching” of his daughter. Geddert not only refused to look into what was claimed, but continued to support Nassar as team physician.

In 1999, a track athlete reported that the doctor was “putting his fingers in my vagina” during treatment for a leg strain. She was reportedly told her that Nassar was “an Olympic doctor and knew what he was doing.”

In 1999, an MSU softball player said she told three MSU athletic trainers that Nassar was sexually inappropriate during medical treatments. All 3 trainers dismissed her concerns, and one of them told her that she should feel grateful to be treated by a world-renowned doctor.

In 2000, gymnast Rachal Denhollander says she was abused by Nassar when she was 15 years old at the MSU sports medicine clinic. When she reported what happened, the coach advised her to keep quiet.

In 2004, a criminal complaint was filed with Meridian Township Police by a Nassar patient alleging sexual abuse. Police won’t say why they closed the case without seeking criminal charges.

In 2014, another police report filed by a different woman alleged abuse during medical treatment. The case was referred to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, which declined to press charges after they recognized “it could be a legitimate medical procedure.”

In the summer of 2015, USA Gymnastics finally terminated Nassar when the talk of “athlete concerns” got louder. But Michigan State University says they were “never told” of those concerns. So Nassar continued to touch the female athlete’s MSU’s sports clinic for another year, as well as treating girls from Twistars.

USA Gymnastics said in a statement the organization contacted the FBI “immediately” in 2015 after they learned of allegations and relieved Nassar of duties.

Gymnast Rachal Denhollander told investigators she failed to call police for more than 15 years because, “I was 100% sure that I would not be believed.”

Nassar “was USAG’s golden boy,” she said. “He was so loved in the community that I was very sure . . . I would be crucified and he would end up empowered, knowing he couldn’t get caught.”

Denhollander finally came forward in August 2016 after she read an Indianapolis Star story on USA Gymnastics‘ apparent mishandling of sexual assault complaints. She contacted police, which led to a news story in which Denhollander and another former Olympic medalist detailed their reported assaults by the doctor.

As of last month, at least 50 women and girls have filed criminal complaints. They are being investigated by the Michigan Attorney General’s office, and at least 26 women have filed lawsuits.

“This was all avoidable, if someone had just taken action back in 1997 when this was first reported. When you’ve got teenage girls telling coaches that a doctor is putting his hand inside their vagina for 30 minutes, with no gloves or medical reason, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your next step.” (an attorney familiar with the case)


One former Olympic gymnast from Los Angeles told authorities she first came into contact with Nassar in 1994, as a young teen. She said the doctor told her she needed “intravaginal adjustments” – treatments involving vaginal and anal penetration, performed without gloves and with no one else in the room, her lawsuit says. Some of these treatments occurred in her hotel room while traveling for competitions.

Criminal complaints were brought before police at least twice. Neither investigation resulted in charges being filed.

The first occurred in 2004, when a report was filed with Meridian Township police by a 16-year old student athlete, claiming Nassar touched her vagina and breasts, according to a lawsuit. Police confirm the existence of the report, which was closed without charges being sought, but say it cannot be released because of the current criminal investigation.

USA Gymnastics did not tell Michigan State in 2015 about allegations involving Nassar, who continued seeing patients at MSU until he was suspended in August 2016, shortly after Denhollander filed a police report. As more complaints flooded in, Nassar was fired 3 weeks later.

Our culture of enabling medical monsters

“This whole epidemic of sexual abuse was entirely preventable. It should have been stopped after the first athlete made a report. It certainly should have stopped after a second athlete made a report.” (the prosecution)

And so now, Doctor Larry Nassar – longtime doctor at Michigan State and USA Gymnastics, has been ordered to stand trial on charges of sexually assaulting 6 young gymnasts, who said he molested them while they were seeking treatment for various injuries.


(We are indebted to investigative reporters Julie Mack and Emily Lawler for their terrific research)


Report: Michael Jackson’s Killer-Doctor May be Illegally Treating Patients Again

Government investigators in Trinidad say they are looking into multiple reports that Conrad Murray is back to treating patients illegally – this time at a small, private clinic. Murray was stripped of his medical license in the United States after he was found guilty of killing  entertainment legend Michael Jackson in California in 2011.


Michael Jackson and Dr Conrad Murray. A deadly combination of drug stupidity

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island nation in the Caribbean near Venezuela. Its capital city is Port of Spain, where Murray now lives. In a statement to the media, the Ministry of Health of that country reported they were joining with the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago to determine the facts in the case.

Conrad Murray, now age 64, was convicted of deliberately and routinely overdosing the world’s most famous singer in June, 2009, at a private estate in Los Angeles. An extremely careless physician, Murray was paid $3,000 a night to hook up IV lines and run the powerful surgical anesthetic Propofol into his very famous – and seriously drug-addicted – patient. Even the dumbest doctor in the room knows that a Propofol-anesthetized patient should at the very least be hooked up to an EKG monitor and oxygen. Murray had neither. And on the morning Jackson finally stopped breathing and died, Murray spent at least 20 minutes hiding evidence of what he was doing, before he called for help.



During Murray’s Homicide trial, the 911 operator stated that Murray – a heart specialist – was unable to tell them the home’s address, even though he had been there many times. And according to Michael Jackson’s security detail, the doctor had no idea how to perform CPR, and asked them if they did.

Murray was born and raised in St. Andrews Grenada. He left California after spending a jaw-dropping 2 years in jail for killing Michael Jackson, “involuntarily.”

Trust us: for $3,000 a night . . . everything this drug-dealer did was voluntary.

Conrad Murray Verdict: Guilty of Manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s Death





Healthcare’s Religious Psychos: Move to the USA, Set up Shop and Start Sexually Brutalizing ‘the Females’ in God’s Name

“Due to the secretive nature of this procedure, we are unlikely to ever know how many children were tortured by Doctor Nagarwala. The Minnesota girls were not the first victims.” (U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward)

Dr Muslims

Just your friendly, well-assimilated, child sexual torturers next door. Here’s a nifty and  ever-so-inclusive thought: let’s invite lots more

In Detroit Michigan this week a federal prosecutor announced that 2 physicians and one of their spouses are believed to have sexually tortured as many as 100 girls and women over a 12-year period than began about 2005.
You may want to go back and read that paragraph again.
Investigators have learned the identities of at least 8 victims of Doctor Jumana Nagarwala; Doctor Fakhruddin Attar and his wife Farida Attar, a non-physician.

As Medical Miscreants reported last month, Nagarwala, age 44, is apparently the first person to be arrested in the U.S. under federal law, for what is referred to as FGM. In April, the FBI announced that Nagarwala and Attar had secretly performed the horrific cultural ritual of FGM on two 7-year-old Minnesota girls. The 2 Muslim doctors lacerated the children’s vaginas while Attar’s wife pinned the victims’ arms to the bed.

The little girls told police they were told they were being “cut to get the germs out.” An emergency pediatrician informed detectives that the children’s labia were lacerated, deformed with scar tissue and their vaginas were partially sewn closed.

Although federal investigators estimate 100 women and young girls have been tortured by these individuals alone, U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward stated the total number of victims is certainly much higher. She said in a press conference thatDr. Nagarwala used Dr. Fakhruddin’s clinic at least a half-dozen times a year.”

Both MDs have been charged with transportation of children with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. They could receive sentences of life in prison.

Farida Attar is being charged with conspiracy to commit FGM. She faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.

The Attars were released from jail this week, but a federal judge ordered that the couple’s young daughter may not live in the home, and their passports have been confiscated.
Nagarwala is in jail on a “no bail” hold. Her trial is expected to begin in early October.