Doctor vs Doctor Murder Case Finally Over

Go ahead: ask us again why – in the cloistered halls of medicine – we call these characters Third World Assassins.

In New Haven Connecticut last week Doctor Lishan Wang finally decided to plead No Contest, to the killing of his former hospital colleague on April 26 2010. The case has been allowed to drag on for a ridiculous 7 years because – among other insanities – this fool believed he could defend his rage by playing his own lawyer.

Dr Lishan Wang 2

Dr Lishan Wang in court during his murder trial. His case is the pluperfect example of the clash of cultures our naïve nation endures: a Chinese MD despises an Indian MD in the U.S. for on-the-job reprimands – so he hunts him down and kills him

Lab coat lunatic Wang, now age 51, has been held both in jail and at psychiatric hospitals since the fateful day he shot and killed Doctor Vajinder Toor at the victim’s home in Branford.

Dr Vajinder Toor

Dr Vajinder Toor of Yale University

Wang – originally charged with Murder – now stands convicted of First Degree Manslaughter, as well as multiple other firearm felonies. The state prosecutor told the media that they elected to lower the Murder charge to Manslaughter because Wang was under “extreme emotional disturbance at the time.”

So in other words, if your constant temper tantrums at work cause your boss to reprimand you, you qualify for a lesser degree of Homicide by playing the  “Duh, I was really, really stressed” card when you killed him and tried hard to kill his pregnant wife.

In what room of the Twilight Zone does that make sense?

Wang also pleaded No Contest to Assault for shooting at Toor’s wife. She was able to avoid being murdered in her driveway by hiding behind their car, as her husband lay dead on the lawn.

Within the hour police spotted Wang’s truck near a freeway on-ramp and stopped him at gunpoint. They discovered he had 3 pistols, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and directions to Toor’s home. As he would say later, that didn’t mean he was planning to shoot anybody.

Wang has argued for years that Doctor Toor unfairly cost him his job at a Brooklyn hospital, and had filed hundreds of motions to the court addressing his belief he was wrongfully fired. Time after time and year after year, the courts ruled that his complaints were illogical and had no bearing whatsoever on the Murder case. But since he was goofily allowed to act as his own attorney, he kept his case out of the courtroom for years.

By the No Contest plea, Wang agrees to accept punishment without admitting guilt. That way, he creates his last legal loophole: No Contest means he is no longer subject to millions of dollars in civil suits. America. What a country, eh?

Wang will eligible for release from prison in about 25 years.

As a citizen of Beijung China, he could be deported. Don’t bet on it. 

Judge Patrick J Clifford is expected to sentence the crazed physician to 32 years in state prison, in late September.


MD Guilty in Voyeurism Case. OK to Still Undress People for Money? Of Course!

On the Canadian island of Vancouver a family medicine specialist has confessed in court that, well, yeah, come to think of it, he really did hide his camera phone in the clinic’s bathroom. He sorta wanted to catch a view of his lady staff using the potty. What’s wrong with that?


Doctor voyeurism: just what we ought to enable in our freakier lab coat loons, right?

Dr Mark D Thiessen (2)

Dr Mark David Thiessen

Dr Mark D Thiessen was convicted on January 5 of “secretly recording nudity in a private place”, after he set up his cell phone to record the bathroom activities of the women he worked with, back in 2015. So he was sentenced to the whopping punishment of 12 months probation for his crime, which occurred at the Saanich Medical Clinic. Then he went back to work.

The British Columbia College of Surgeons, which is the Canadian equivalent to a state medical board in the U.S., decided it would be a wise move to allow this stethoscope scallywag to keep his medical license, with the caveat that the doctor have a babysitter in the room whenever he examines a female patient with no clothes on.

That oughta teach him. No word on whether his medical staff stayed with him.

Dr Eike-Henner Kluge

Dr Eike Kluge

Now, you’re gonna love what a so-called medical morals expert has to say. Doctor Eike Kluge, an ethics professor at the University of Victoria, told the Canadian media that, just because the doctor wanted to see his lady staff naked, that doesn’t mean that either he or medical authorities, should have to tell patients what he did. After all, he wasn’t trying to film them. Why let the citizenry in on the fact that their doc happens to tilt 3 degrees on the pervert meter?

Wingnut Kluge says that British Columbia has a “doctor shortage” so they need to keep this guy around. Yeah, that’s a brainy idea.

We wonder if Kluge’s wife would want Thiessen as her frisky fissission.

Here’s another look at this particular clinical cretinism:


Doctor Kiersten Cerveny Overdose Case: Drug-Pusher Convicted; Movie Producer Awaits Sentencing

“The drug dealer is not liable for a $1,000,000 restitution demand from the woman’s family. Doctor Cerveny was a victim of her own choices when she died following the all- night drinking and drug session in Manhattan.” (The Judge) 

The man,  James Holder, had earlier confessed to operating a “drug distribution house” where Doctor Kiersten Cerveny was found dead of cocaine and alcohol intoxication, in October 2015.

Friends of Cerveny, pictured with her husband, had observed her drinking wine, vodka, beer and tequila shots and doing lines of cocaine at a bar and in a hotel room she and her friends had secured for the night
“They looked healthy and happy. It seemed like they were on top of the world.” (Dr Thomas Nicotri, her former professor at the Medical Center of Louisiana)

Investigators questioned the doctor’s friends about the night of her death. The friends said she was drinking vodka, beer, wine and tequila shots, and snorting lines of cocaine at a bar and in a hotel room.

At Holder’s sentencing, the judge said that – although Holder had sold her drugs and behaved badly by not helping Cerveny after she overdosed – she was a victim of her own choices when she went to the apartment to buy the drugs.

Cerveny died of cocaine and alcohol intoxication in Holder's apartment building. He is pictured, center, being taken in for charges related to the death 

The case also resulted in a guilty plea  by Marc Henry Johnson, who is awaiting sentencing

Johnson is a producer of HBO’s The Deuce, which focuses on the porn industry in New York in the 1970s.

When paramedics arrived, they found the doctor’s panties tucked in her purse. 

The doctor, who had attended Duke University after winning the America’s Junior Miss Pageant, left behind a life her friends say she had ‘everything’.

She and her husband lived in a $1.2million home in Manhassaet, Long Island, where they lived with their three children 



Idiot Immigrant MD Could Have Just Paid a Traffic Ticket. Now Faces Prison for Faking Evidence and Lying to the Court

A Northern California physician has been found guilty on felony charges in Oroville of faking evidence to dodge a speeding ticket. We suspect when he thinks about it over this Mother’s Day weekend, he might guess that he ought to have just paid the ticket.


Doctor Nickesh P Shah, age 49 and a resident of San Francisco, was tried and convicted in Butte County Court in a case that had gone on for 4 years.

Shah could have solved his problems a long time ago, on the night he was stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer in April, 2013, for driving at a speed of 95 mph on state highway 99. But the daffy doc thought it was smarter to lie, and tell the officer that he was en route to a medical emergency. After all, he was a doctor and doctors get to break the rules made for lesser folks. He needed to get to the Enloe Medical Center.

But cops know all about being lied to – so the CHP officer called his medical assistant. Unfortunately for the fibbing physician, the assistant told the truth: “no emergency anywhere, just a doctor who’s late for work.”

 So speedy Shah got a ticket.


A few weeks went by, and then the Butte County District Attorney’s Office got a letter from the hospital saying that their esteemed Doctor Shah really had been rushing to an emergency that night, and his ticket should be dismissed. But it just so happens that prosecutors also know just a skosh about being lied to themselves. So they made a phone call to the hospital administration and lo & behold, the letter was fake. 

So the scallywag MD scammed up a fake letter on hospital letterhead and dropped it in the mail box. Who’s gonna know?

In court on November 22, the letter was proven to be bogus by the prosecutor. So the lab coat loon was found guilty of speeding and fined $500.

Oh, that was just was trial #1.

In trial #2, Shah faced a whole lot more that a traffic citation. He learned first-hand what a Felony False Evidence case looks like in a jury trial.

“This doctor turned a traffic ticket, otherwise eligible for traffic school, into a felony, which reflects moral turpitude and calls into question how fit he is to serve as a physician. He is now facing up to three years, eight months in county prison.” (District Attorney Mike Ramsey) 

Oh. And the Enloe Medical Center he was rushing to on that fateful night? Nobody by that name on staff. Nope. They never even heard of him. Go figure.

Dumbo Shah is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Our Observations:

Nickesh P Shah is an immigrant from the Middle East. Like far too many immigrant MDs, he already knew how appallingly easy it is (usually) to scam vapid American systems. He lied and he scammed because – for the most part – the United States makes criminal immigrant misbehavior so easy.

Trust us, we have not heard the last of Doctor Nickesh P Shah. He’ll be back in the news soon in another public screw-up. Stay tuned.

Because we get precisely what we tolerate.

Child Sexual-Torture Doctor Says Cutting Young Girls’ Vaginas is “Religious”


Dr Jumana Nagarwala

America’s bizarre immigration policies create our own neighborhood nightmares

In the state of Michigan a doctor arrested for performing child sexual mutilation has stated in court through her lawyer that she was “performing a religious practice.”

Doctor Jumala Nagarwala, about whose case we covered earlier this week, was arrested and jailed on Monday, charged with lacerating the genitals of 2 seven-year-old girls.


Here’s an idea: let’s allow any nut with a stethoscope to waltz right in

Nagarwala, age 44, is an ER physician, and is believed to have routinely cut clitoral tissue off of numerous children, but her arrest is based on charges related to only the most recent 2 girls, who were brought across the state line from Minnesota.

At her first hearing last Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Woodward told the court that the doctor performed the genital mutilation on both children after other employees of the clinic in Livonia, Michigan went home. She reported that the doctor recorded no medical charting of the surgical procedures, as required by law.  Nagarwala takes the position that her actions were “not surgical, but religious” and stresses that she did not charge the parents for the procedures.

Nonetheless, U.S. Magistrate Judge Mona Majzoub stated there was “clear and convincing evidence that this doctor poses a danger to the community.” She also said Nagarwala, a native of India, is a flight risk, and was ordered jailed with no bail possible, until trial. She was actually re-arrested later in the week at Detroit Metropolitan Airport while attempting to flee to Nairobi Kenya.


America is rapidly becoming a nation many of us don’t recognize

FGM is a horrific infliction upon a child; a barbaric ritual commonly practiced in numerous cultures, involving the cutting away internal parts of female genitals for “Godly” – as opposed to medical – reasons. The deranged practitioners report they do this to “cleanse” females and eliminate sexual desire after puberty. The torture is commonly performed by Muslim sects, primarily in Africa, Yemen, India and the Middle-East. It is extremely common in Egypt, and is secretly practiced in shadow communities in the U.S., especially Minneapolis-area, New York and California, where at least  500,000 women either have been – or will be – forced to undergo the butchery, according to the World Health Organization.

Nagarwala’s case is apparently the first under U.S. law criminalizing the practice. It is illegal to either perform, or to transport a girl out of the U.S. to undergo the procedure. At present, only 26 states have laws making this particular form of sexual torture illegal.   

Nagarwala is a member of the Dawoodi Bohra community, an Islamic sect originally from India which has a mosque in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Here’s more on this sick, twisted mentality:


“Biggest U.S. Doctor-Crime-Scam” Ever



No other profession steals more money from the citizenry

“Patients should come before profits.” (Scott J. Lampert, Special Agent in Charge, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

A jaw-dropping 27 New Jersey and New York physicians have now been found guilty in what is being called a “bribe-for-blood” scam that raked in more than $100,000,000 of taxpayers money, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan.

U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman described the conspiracy to commit medical fraud as a long-running and elaborate scheme operated by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services, a Parsippany New Jersey lab which has since been shut down by federal agents. A full 13 non-physicians, most of whom were employed BLS, have also been found guilty.

As of yesterday 39 lab coat criminals – 26 of them doctors – have confessed their roles in the conspiracy, which its organizers admitted involved millions of dollars in bribes and resulted in more than $100,000,000 in payments to BLS from Medicare and other insurance carriers.


We’re guessing you didn’t know that.

Fishman added that many of the doctors engaged in elaborate versions of the kickback scheme, such as getting under-the-table tickets to concerts by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, worth thousands of dollars.

Here is the litany of New Jersey physicians alone,  who secretly tucked cash into their floppy lab coat pockets:

  • Doctor Bernard Greenspan, of Saddle Brook
  • Doctor Frank Santangelo, of Wayne and Montville
  • Doctor Gary Safier, of Randolph
  • Doctor Angelo Calabrese, of North Arlington
  • Doctor Dennis Aponte, of Cedar Grove
  • Doctor Dana Fortunato, of Montclair
  • Doctor Claudio Dicovsky, of Paterson
  • Doctor Paul Ostergaard, of Pompton Plains
  • Doctor Wayne Lajewski, of Madison
  • Doctor Glenn Leslie, of Ramsey
  • Doctor John Vitali, of Howell and Wall
  • Doctor Douglas Beinstock, of Hawthorne
  • Doctor Anthony DeLuca, of Point Pleasant
  • Doctor Franz Goyzueta, of Secaucus
  • Doctor Eugene DeSimone, of Secaucus
  • Doctor Anthony Delpiano, of Jersey City
  • Doctor Ralph Messo, of Colts Neck

This case is believed to be the largest number of medical professionals ever prosecuted in a single American bribery case.