Yet Another New Jersey MD Locked Up in Massive Healthcare Bribery Scheme

 (This Doctor) “periodically solicited, and received from the BLS employees and associates, monthly bribe payments in the form of sham rental and consultant payments; received the bribes between March 2006 and April 2013 from BLS employees and associates.” (U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick)

A River Edge family practitioner now sits in federal prison for taking $200,000 in cash bribes. He exchanged lab test referrals for money for years.

Dr Bernard Greenspan

Doctor Bernard Greenspan, age 79, was sentenced to a 40-month term in June, and the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners revoked his license.

A federal jury found the scheming physician guilty last March of 10 felonies, following an 11-day trial in Newark. There is no parole in federal prison. Greenspan will be required to serve all of his sentence.

The elderly criminal was part of what U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick called “a long-running and elaborate scheme operated by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services in Parsippany, its president and many associates.”



In the United States there are billions of illegal dollars raked in by blood tests – thousands of which are totally unnecessary in the first place

Investigators learned also, among other improprieties, that BLS hired – at Greenspan’s specific request – a patient of Greenspan’s with whom he was sexually involved.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey has successfully prosecuted 30 doctors, including Greenspan,  in connection with the BLS bribery scheme, that raked in more than $100,000,000 in illegal payments from Medicare, as well as many  private insurance companies. It is believed to be the largest number of medical professionals ever prosecuted in a single bribery case. Law enforcement has recovered $13,000,000 of the stolen insurance money.

Last summer executives of BLS – which has since been closed down – confessed to their scam and forfeited all business assets, in order to qualify for reduced prison sentences.

In addition to prison, U.S. District Judge William H. Walls fined Greenspan $125,000 and ordered him to give up more than $200,000.

Here’s another look at this recent medical embarrassment:


Texas MD Gropes One Too Many Ladies

New details are emerging in the case against Doctor Jaime Sandoval in Corpus Christi Texas. 

Dr Jamie Sandoval

The Texas Medical Board announced on July 21 that they have suspended his medical license after they learned there were credible reports that he was routinely inappropriately touching and groping adult female patients.

A Corpus Christi doctor’s license has been suspended for, “engaging in a pattern of inappropriate conduct with 5 female patients, in which he violated sexual boundaries.” (, Corpus Christi Caller-Times)

A spokesperson for the Corpus Christi Police Department told the news media the doctor, age 63, was arrested on July 19 after one of his patients claimed she was sexually assaulted.

From February 2009 to April 2017, the medical board found that Sandoval had committed inappropriate conduct with at least 5 patients through inappropriate touching, actions and comments deemed offensive and sexual, the press release stated.

According to the arrest warrant, the most recent victim told detectives the physician sexually assaulted her on February 1, 2017 at his clinic, located at 1301 Santa Fe Street. She told police she went to the clinic seeking treatment for a rash on her neck. She reported that during the exam, Sandoval stood behind her, opened her blouse and massaged her breasts. She told police, “the doctor asked me to lay down on the exam table so that he could check my stomach. Instead, he placed his hands in and around my “private area.” She said the doctor told her that she looked sexy.

Jaime Sandoval was handcuffed and arrested on July 19 and was taken to the Nueces County Jail. He was later released on $50,000 bail.


Our Observations:

So frisky, freaky Sandoval is simply one of thousands of immigrant-MDs who’ve come to the conclusion that the U.S. healthcare system is rife with perverted-physician opportunity. For each one who is eventually caught – and remember that this miscreant’s sexual fun and games went on for nearly 10 years – how many more do you suppose are out there?

Doctor Carmen Puliafito and USC: The ‘White Coat Conspiracy of Silence’ Comes Across Loud and Clear

“In one now-discovered video, Puliafito uses a butane torch to heat a large glass pipe outfitted for methamphetamine use. He inhales and then unleashes a thick plume of white smoke. Seated next to him on a sofa, a young woman smokes heroin from a piece of heated foil.” (L.A. Times investigation report)


Up until last year Doctor Carmen Puliafito was the dean extraordinaire of Keck School of Medicine, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He served the school as an administrator, a respected physician and a stunningly successful fundraiser.

Dr Carmen PuliafitoWhen he abruptly resigned in March, 2016, he told everyone he had made the decision to look into other interesting challenges – specifically, to take a key position with a drug company called Ophthotech, which was creating new medications for eye conditions.

He was praised by the university’s president for his work in helping elevate Keck to among the finest medical schools in the nation. He was lauded in the school paper – The Daily Trojan – and raved about on local news.

Sarah Warren (3)

Sarah Warren overdosed while partying with the esteemed doctor (photo by L.A. Times)

But . . . but, did any of these Puliafito cheerleaders bother to mention that the man’s resignation happened 3 weeks after a 21-year-old woman overdosed, when he was in the same Pasadena hotel room?

Don’t be ridiculous. Transparency is not a common protein to be found in modern healthcare DNA. There are reasons the Wizard draws curtains.

Now, USC’s super-hero dean, age 66, was neither charged nor arrested at the time, in spite of the fact that he was found in a hotel room with an unconscious prostitute and a cache of illegal drugs. But when an unknown caller who was familiar with the incident contacted the USC president’s office – the party-hearty doc decided to resign. 

On the night in question investigators discovered methamphetamine in the Pasadena hotel room. Puliafito was considered by Pasadena police to be simply a witness to the near-lethal overdose. That decision was highly questionable in itself.

“My girlfriend here had a bunch of drinks and she’s sleeping,” the doctor told the 911 dispatcher. Asked whether the woman had taken anything else, he replied, “I think just the alcohol.”

Detectives looking into the case interviewed enough friends and acquaintances to find out that – as busy as the doctor-dean-fundraiser was – he seemed to have plenty of time to party with a circle of drug pushers and users – at least some of whom reported that Puliafito used drugs himself whenever a party broke out. It was beginning to appear that Keck’s dean of medicine was leading a curious doublelife.

Investigators learned of numerous failures in medical ethics as well as potential crimes. There is evidence that Puliafito – an eye specialist – wrote prescriptions for breathing inhalers for at least 2 of his party pals, evidently to calm their symptoms after smoking meth. And police soon knew that on the night of the overdose, the doctor lied to the 911 operator by reporting the unconscious woman was “just drunk.” A blood test performed at the ER later proved that she was,“obviously under the influence of narcotics,” and the doctor certainly knew it.

In spite of the squalid details, Puliafito’s secret partying ways expose embarrassing questions for USC Medical School. What did university administration know about the squirrelly doc’s miscreancy, and how long did they know it? Why was he allowed to remain on staff after the incident at the hotel? In June of last year, 3 months after Puliafito’s sudden departure, he was honored by various USC administrators, including President C.L. Max Nikias and Puliafitio’s immediate boss Michael Quick, who chose to remain silent for more than a year when investigators came calling.

Now, it is true that USC is a private university. But it does collect millions in public funding for its medical research, and as such, we believe it owes the public just a bit more transparency. As dean, Puliafito supervised hundreds of medical students and many professors. The likelihood that he was deeply involved in repeated criminal and ethical misbehavior reflects just a tad poorly on the values and leadership of the university as a whole, does it not?


“The med students are just crushed by this. Totally shamed.” (One second-year resident who asked not to be named)

But, as is almost always the case when it comes to medical operandi, the White Coat Conspiracy of Silence kicked into high gear, until they had little choice but to finally speak up. They were hoping it would all blow over quickly. After all, the American citizenry – in love as they are with their silly little text-tools – possess a remarkably brief attention span. But here’s a news flash for USC President Max Nikias:

What you are experiencing now is the tip of an iceberg. And some of us are absolutely paying attention.

Here’s another look at this seriously squalid case:

Doctor Melissa Macias: Drive Drunk; Get Fired; Cross State Lines. Presto! Back in The Brain-Cutting Business. Cool

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to reckon drunk driving maims and kills innocent folks every single day of the year in this country. The keen reality is that urban driving is the single most dangerous thing the typical American does at all – even when everybody in the car is sober. So when you toss a few drinks into the equation, it’s lethal and it’s reckless.

And when you combine those ingredients with preposterous physician ego, it’s flat-out stupid.

Dr M Macias Drunk

The doctor is ready to cut on you now . . .

As career Paramedics, my partners and I have responded to well over 20,000 emergency calls. And 6,202 of those 911 screams for help, were car crashes. So we know a bit of what we speak.

Thus, it stands to reason it might capture Medical Miscreant’s attention when a repeat drunk-driver turns out to be – and you might want to hold your ponies here – a brain surgeon. And nothing raises our hackles quicker than the routine, limp-wristed, doctor discipline that this surgeon was dealt – discipline that would never be proffered to those who don’t happen to wear lab coats to work.

In fact, what passes for physician punishment just plain pisses us off. Which is precisely why we opt for public exposure and embarrassment of these cretins every chance we get. If we don’t tell you, who else will?

And so it came to pass that while surgical patients at Aurora-St. Lukes Medical Center in Milwaukee were being prepped and readied for their operations by an entirely sober and professional nursing staff, their surgeon was sitting on a cold bench in the city jail.

dr melissa macias

They can almost look normal when they’re dressed up

Their doctor had gotten snockered, stupid and insufferable the night before, and it wasn’t the first time. Now, if anybody on the planet should know the affects on the brain by alcohol – you’d think a brain surgeon would know the drill and actually give a damn, would you not?


Police Officer: “Would you like to perform the test for me, so we can get this over with?”
Macias: “Guys look, I am a neurosurgeon here.”

Police video clearly showed the doctor struggling to complete her “drunk vs not drunk” line dance. It wasn’t her best performance.

The woman was on the surgical tracking board, scheduled to perform 2 early morning surgeries. Out of sheer dumb luck for the patients, those operations didn’t happen.

Macias: “Call the office at 8 am and tell them that I’ve had . . . I don’t know fucking what to say.”

Well, we know what to say. This wasnt Macias’ first Drunk Driving Rodeo. It was her third

Of course, in keeping with the White Coat Conspiracy of Silence, none of her vulnerable patients ever knew any of this. The last thing hospitals will ever tell you, is who their dangerous doctors are. That would be medical apostasy, damned near approaching heresy.

So Medical Miscreant Macias continued right on performing complex surgeries at St. Luke’s for months after her arrest, while under an alcohol monitoring stipulation. Not one of her patients knew that, nor of her upcoming criminal charges, until she confessed half a year later. After she was found guilty last August, Aurora Health Care had the good sense to fire her. But in keeping with the carved-in-stone, healthcare zeitgeist, the hospital only told patients that “Doctor Macias is no longer with Aurora Health.” 

On the night Brookfield Police stopped Macias for driving drunk, she had left Neroli Hair Salon. Salon staff were forced to call 911 because employees described the doctor’s behavior as “downright crazy.”

Salon staff members told police the doctor had gone berserk when she didn’t like the way her hair cut looked. So she knocked an entire display of hair products to the floor and smashed a glass vase. Then she left without paying for either her hair work or the damages.

A real class act.

During her second drunk driving arrest in Illinois several years before, the lab coat loon “banged her handcuffs on a table” repeatedly and warned the police they’d “better hope you never need my help in the ER!”

Macias eventually told state investigators she accepted “full accountability” for her actions, but stupidly said she was “off duty” at the time of her arrest, and never “endangered the safety” of patients.

Of course, in keeping with the Howdy Doodie puppet play of medical board questioning of physician misbehavior, they allowed her to coyly sidestep the little matter, that she absolutely would have been performing brain surgery on 2 unconscious people while still legally – and functionally – impaired. When it comes to real patient safety, why on earth would the board focus on the only important question?

In the end, Macias cut a deal that allowed her to keep her medical license, as long as she stayed sober and continued alcohol treatment. Because in the Twilight Zone called American medicine . . . that’s precisely what passes for drunk doctor discipline. Go figure.

Case Update:

The screaming surgeon left Wisconsin after she was fired, and is now gainfully employed by South Texas Brain & Spine Center in Corpus Christi Texas. If patients there happen to check the Texas Medical Board website, they’ll see that Dr. Macias reports having no criminal history, and no history of disciplinary action by other state boards. That’s what we call a “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” entry on a legal license application. Taco Bell would have never fallen for that nonsense, because fast-food jointsas opposed to surgical centers – actually do intelligent background checks.

Macias had never been disciplined by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board prior to this case, but she has had 6 patient outcome complaints since 2004, including 5 complaints in less than 3 years.

In 2014, Macias was accused of giving a high dose of narcotics to a patient who subsequently suffered a stroke. The state board closed that case with no sanctions after she agreed to a $200,000 dollar settlement for the now-maimed patient.

SouthTexas Brain Spine

Need a brain or back surgeon in Corpus Christi, Texas? We suggest you read up

The Texas Medical Board – like most state boards – rarely checks to verify whether doctors applying for state licenses are lying. And even after we informed the Texas Medical Board of this MD’s criminal conviction and history of misbehavior, a spokeswoman answered that Macias’ case can not be “updated until her license is due for renewal.”

You can trip over more logic in a barnyard.

In the end, Macias informed the State of Wisconsin Medical Board that she had no plans to return. That’s probably a relief to Wisconsin folks. But how good is it for the unknowing new patients in Corpus Christi Texas?

Doctor vs Doctor Murder Case Finally Over

Go ahead: ask us again why – in the cloistered halls of medicine – we call these characters Third World Assassins.

In New Haven Connecticut last week Doctor Lishan Wang finally decided to plead No Contest, to the killing of his former hospital colleague on April 26 2010. The case has been allowed to drag on for a ridiculous 7 years because – among other insanities – this fool believed he could defend his rage by playing his own lawyer.

Dr Lishan Wang 2

Dr Lishan Wang in court during his murder trial. His case is the pluperfect example of the clash of cultures our naïve nation endures: a Chinese MD despises an Indian MD in the U.S. for on-the-job reprimands – so he hunts him down and kills him

Lab coat lunatic Wang, now age 51, has been held both in jail and at psychiatric hospitals since the fateful day he shot and killed Doctor Vajinder Toor at the victim’s home in Branford.

Dr Vajinder Toor

Dr Vajinder Toor of Yale University

Wang – originally charged with Murder – now stands convicted of First Degree Manslaughter, as well as multiple other firearm felonies. The state prosecutor told the media that they elected to lower the Murder charge to Manslaughter because Wang was under “extreme emotional disturbance at the time.”

So in other words, if your constant temper tantrums at work cause your boss to reprimand you, you qualify for a lesser degree of Homicide by playing the  “Duh, I was really, really stressed” card when you killed him and tried hard to kill his pregnant wife.

In what room of the Twilight Zone does that make sense?

Wang also pleaded No Contest to Assault for shooting at Toor’s wife. She was able to avoid being murdered in her driveway by hiding behind their car, as her husband lay dead on the lawn.

Within the hour police spotted Wang’s truck near a freeway on-ramp and stopped him at gunpoint. They discovered he had 3 pistols, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and directions to Toor’s home. As he would say later, that didn’t mean he was planning to shoot anybody.

Wang has argued for years that Doctor Toor unfairly cost him his job at a Brooklyn hospital, and had filed hundreds of motions to the court addressing his belief he was wrongfully fired. Time after time and year after year, the courts ruled that his complaints were illogical and had no bearing whatsoever on the Murder case. But since he was goofily allowed to act as his own attorney, he kept his case out of the courtroom for years.

By the No Contest plea, Wang agrees to accept punishment without admitting guilt. That way, he creates his last legal loophole: No Contest means he is no longer subject to millions of dollars in civil suits. America. What a country, eh?

Wang will eligible for release from prison in about 25 years.

As a citizen of Beijung China, he could be deported. Don’t bet on it. 

Judge Patrick J Clifford is expected to sentence the crazed physician to 32 years in state prison, in late September.


MD Guilty in Voyeurism Case. OK to Still Undress People for Money? Of Course!

On the Canadian island of Vancouver a family medicine specialist has confessed in court that, well, yeah, come to think of it, he really did hide his camera phone in the clinic’s bathroom. He sorta wanted to catch a view of his lady staff using the potty. What’s wrong with that?


Doctor voyeurism: just what we ought to enable in our freakier lab coat loons, right?

Dr Mark D Thiessen (2)

Dr Mark David Thiessen

Dr Mark D Thiessen was convicted on January 5 of “secretly recording nudity in a private place”, after he set up his cell phone to record the bathroom activities of the women he worked with, back in 2015. So he was sentenced to the whopping punishment of 12 months probation for his crime, which occurred at the Saanich Medical Clinic. Then he went back to work.

The British Columbia College of Surgeons, which is the Canadian equivalent to a state medical board in the U.S., decided it would be a wise move to allow this stethoscope scallywag to keep his medical license, with the caveat that the doctor have a babysitter in the room whenever he examines a female patient with no clothes on.

That oughta teach him. No word on whether his medical staff stayed with him.

Dr Eike-Henner Kluge

Dr Eike Kluge

Now, you’re gonna love what a so-called medical morals expert has to say. Doctor Eike Kluge, an ethics professor at the University of Victoria, told the Canadian media that, just because the doctor wanted to see his lady staff naked, that doesn’t mean that either he or medical authorities, should have to tell patients what he did. After all, he wasn’t trying to film them. Why let the citizenry in on the fact that their doc happens to tilt 3 degrees on the pervert meter?

Wingnut Kluge says that British Columbia has a “doctor shortage” so they need to keep this guy around. Yeah, that’s a brainy idea.

We wonder if Kluge’s wife would want Thiessen as her frisky fissission.

Here’s another look at this particular clinical cretinism:


Doctor Kiersten Cerveny Overdose Case: Drug-Pusher Convicted; Movie Producer Awaits Sentencing

“The drug dealer is not liable for a $1,000,000 restitution demand from the woman’s family. Doctor Cerveny was a victim of her own choices when she died following the all- night drinking and drug session in Manhattan.” (The Judge) 

The man,  James Holder, had earlier confessed to operating a “drug distribution house” where Doctor Kiersten Cerveny was found dead of cocaine and alcohol intoxication, in October 2015.

Friends of Cerveny, pictured with her husband, had observed her drinking wine, vodka, beer and tequila shots and doing lines of cocaine at a bar and in a hotel room she and her friends had secured for the night
“They looked healthy and happy. It seemed like they were on top of the world.” (Dr Thomas Nicotri, her former professor at the Medical Center of Louisiana)

Investigators questioned the doctor’s friends about the night of her death. The friends said she was drinking vodka, beer, wine and tequila shots, and snorting lines of cocaine at a bar and in a hotel room.

At Holder’s sentencing, the judge said that – although Holder had sold her drugs and behaved badly by not helping Cerveny after she overdosed – she was a victim of her own choices when she went to the apartment to buy the drugs.

Cerveny died of cocaine and alcohol intoxication in Holder's apartment building. He is pictured, center, being taken in for charges related to the death 

The case also resulted in a guilty plea  by Marc Henry Johnson, who is awaiting sentencing

Johnson is a producer of HBO’s The Deuce, which focuses on the porn industry in New York in the 1970s.

When paramedics arrived, they found the doctor’s panties tucked in her purse. 

The doctor, who had attended Duke University after winning the America’s Junior Miss Pageant, left behind a life her friends say she had ‘everything’.

She and her husband lived in a $1.2million home in Manhassaet, Long Island, where they lived with their three children