Airline Pilot Examiner MD Fesses Up: “Okay, So I’m a Drug Dealer”

There was a time when people would ask us why we keep making this stuff up. Now, after nearly 1,700 “true” cases of jaw-dropping physician brat-behavior, our readers finally “get it”. NO other profession generates more serious crime.

Here’s another poop-for-brains idiot:


Yes, indeed. Doctor Gerald Surya assessed airline pilots for fitness-to-fly. Oh, he was a major New York drug dealer, too, right out of JFK airport. You gotta love U.S. healthcare

Motorcycle Gang MD Finally Crashes & Burns

“The depth and breadth of his criminality was astounding. There was no explanation for his conduct other than unbridled, and amoral, greed.” (U.S. Attorney Zane D Memeger)


Dr William J O’Brian

For two and a half years a drug-dealing machine masqueraded as a medical clinic in the working-class city of Levittown Pennsylvania. The scam was operated by a wacked-out doctor named William J. O’Brien. O’Brien, trained in osteopathic general medicine, had other “clinics” too, scattered across northern Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey. His drug-pushing biz was on track to make the doctor a literal fortune. Over a 26 month time-span that started in the winter of 2012, O’Brien and his cohorts raked in more than $5,000.000 by selling more than 500,000 pills.

As medical folks go, the O’Brian gang was a motley crew. Peter “The Nose” Marandino, for example, was their “patient” recruiter. Pat “The Redneck” Treacy shopped for business partnerships. Michael “Tomato Pie” Thompson managed the “medical records”. Not that there was much patient charting going on, because the doctor performed almost no patient care. What he did perform were lightning quick, hand-written narcotic prescriptions – tossed out by the hundreds of thousands. His business buddies were members in good standing of the street gang Pagans Motorcycle Club. Together they built one of the busiest prescription drug scams in the East, illegally selling hundreds of thousands of opioid pills for huge profits.


The drug-pushing clinic was a strange twist on the usual pill mill scams that have popped up to fuel America’s appalling overdose death toll. The Pagans would recruit “patients,” willing to pay $250 cash for oxycodone or Xanax prescriptions. O’Brien would falsify medical records to indicate the patients were in pain. When clients couldn’t pay, the doctor would trade prescriptions for “sex time”. They recruited nude dancers from a local strip club, and the women would service the doctor in lieu of cash payments. The dancers testified they routinely performed oral sex on the doctor, in order to pay off other peoples’ debts.

The disgusting scam was able to fly under the radar for quite a while. But in January 2015, Pennsylvania state prosecutors charged the doctor with Narcotic Distribution Conspiracy, in a whopping, 127-count indictment against O’Brian, his wife and 8 of his buddies.

All of his drug-scheme buddies, and his wife, confessed. And after a trial that lasted a month and a half, O’Brien, age 51, has been found guilty on nearly all charges.

So this week, a federal judge handed down his sentence. The lab coat loon was escorted away in handcuffs, to begin his 30 years in prison.

Here’s another look:


California State Medical Board: The Pinnacle of Professional Cowardice

“The mission of the Medical Board of California is to protect health care consumers through the proper licensing and regulation of physicians and surgeons . . . through the vigorous, objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act.” (Mission Statement)


The Medical Board of California, hard at work in Sacramento

Question: what often happens when bratty little boys are allowed to break windows and set fires? The same thing that happens when a state medical board shrugs their stooped shoulders at unethical doctors.

They grow from juvenile delinquency to flat-out criminals. No exaggeration here – just undeniable facts. Consider, if you will, the sinful soap opera starring the Medical Board of California, and one doctor Gerard Geoffrey Goryl:


Dr Gerard G Goryl

In December, 2014 a Redondo Beach physician pleaded “Not Guilty” to a litany of felony drug charges. This happened after he was handcuffed and taken off to jail for what detectives said was his illegal possession of $2,000,000 in diet pills squirreled away in a Long Beach public storage unit.

Doctor Gerard Geoffrey Goryl, age 59 at the time, had already been told by the DEA that he could no longer possess or prescribe any narcotics at all, because he had 2 pending drug-related cases and was about to be charged by U.S. Drug Enforcement for still a third criminal complaint.

According to L.A. Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin, the indictment of the physician involves the following:

  • 19 counts, Possession with Intent to Sell Controlled Substances
  • 10 counts, Prescribing with a Restricted Medical License
  • 3 counts, Illegally Prescribing Controlled substances, and
  • 3 counts, Selling, Offering to Sell, and Transporting Controlled Substances
  • 1 count, possessing more than $100,000 in cash, when that money has been gathered from illegal drug sales

Goryl, who had operated a clinic he’d  cleverly named A Better Weigh in Redondo Beach, was first arrested in June 2014. He was stupid enough to sell prescription drugs to undercover agents.

What did the Medical Board of California do to protect the citizenry, from an MD with 3 dozen felony charges against him? Why, nothing.

So this doc-dork was emboldened to continue selling drugs after being ordered to stop. And . . . and,  he got his loony-tunes, lab-coat butt arrested yet again 2 months later, on 8 more felony charges this time.

What do you suppose the California State Medical Board did then to warn his patients? You know, with “protection of healthcare consumers” being their priority and all? Uh, nothing.

It wasn’t until September, 2014, that the Board decided to pull his medical license. You’ll notice they rarely act until one of their bratty charges becomes a public embarrassment. But did they then alert citizens by using the news media, that this habitual pratfall should be avoided like Ebola? Not on your life. The last thing California’s medical board members want, is a knowledgeable public.

Trust us. It is very much to their advantage that 40,000,000 Californians keep their noses pressed deep into their little plastic cell-phone toys. It makes doctor crime so much, uh, easier to ignore.

So Goofy Goryl, a neurology specialist by training, was arrested again on October 21, 2014, after DEA agents, along with Redondo Beach Police detectives, discovered that – surprise, surprise – the clown had a storage unit filled with stacks of cartons, holding a half-million narcotic diet pills and other prescription drugs.

Goryl’s case has not yet gone to trial. No surprise, really. Defense lawyers learn early on that the more serious the case, the better it is to put the trial off as long as possible. You just never know. Evidence can get lost. Witnesses can die. His maximum sentence could be 36 years in Federal Prison, after all. Why rush?

Here’s an earlier article on California’s medical oversight “professionals”:

Who’s Looking Out For You? Well, Not Your State Medical Board



Meanwhile . . . One Year Ago Today

This kind of garbage-level ‘healthcare’ in the U.S. has been going on for 150 years 

Dr Stephen Schneider & wife Linda

A Wichita-area MD and his wife were each reissued long prison sentences last week for their convictions in a wealth-building scam that resulted in at least 68 narcotic overdose deaths. The original trial occurred in 2010. At the end of the case, U.S. District Judge Monti Belot said this:

“Even here today, I don’t think you appreciate all the harm you caused. The deaths, addictions, all to get money. If there was any decent medical care, it pales in comparison.”

Doctor Stephen Schneider, now age 62 and his wife, Linda, age 57, pleaded for mercy as the judge reassessed their original sentences. The re-sentencing was necessary because the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in a similar case last year that a victim’s drug use must be the actual cause of death to impose the harshest punishments on physicians, under the Controlled Substances Act. Because of that ruling, Judge Belot dismissed several of the couple’s original convictions in June.

The judge agreed with the prosecution by once again sentencing the doctor to 30 years in prison and his wife, who functioned as their clinic’s business manager, to 33 years. The same punishment was imposed after the couple was convicted in 2010 of Healthcare Fraud Conspiracy resulting in deaths, Illegal Drug Prescribing, Healthcare Fraud and Money-laundering.

The couple’s clinic in the Wichita suburb of Haysville had seeing as many as 2,000 people per month – many already known to law enforcement and other clinics as drug addicts.


Schneider and his wife had argued that they helped those in chronic pain and would see up to 100 patients a day. But investigators proved that the doctor spent almost no time with his so-called ‘patients’; did almost no physical assessments; kept inconsistent, or in some cases no medical records. They learned that Schneider was in the habit of leaving pre-signed prescription notes for staff to hand out when he was not even present in the clinic. Many so-called patients told police it was well-known in the community as “the place to go” for easy drugs.

“It is almost impossible for me to overstate the harm that these people caused to their community,” Judge Belot said. “Sure they are sorry here today. But it is what they did then that counts most.”

Here’s some background on the Schneiders:

Doctors: Still Think They’re Smarter Than You Are?


You’ll kindly note the tail

So which do you think is better news: That a physician wouldn’t notice the tail, or  that he sees it and pretends he doesn’t?

A Southern California physician has been convicted of being an illegal drug-pusher, operating  his Los Angeles-area clinic as a “pill mill”.

Last Tuesday a superior court jury found Doctor Richard S. Kim, a resident of Rancho Palos Verdes, guilty of 17 felonies, for illegally prescribing drugs for no legitimate medical reason.

During the trial the prosecution was able to prove that Kim, age 44,  was routinely writing prescriptions for heavy narcotics – Norco, Xanax, Soma and Adderall – without performing patient histories, creating medical records or performing physical exams, on thousands of walk-in “patients”.

“Kim operated an unusual practice. He had no staff. Patients would call or send him a text message. He would unlock his office door and let them in.” (The prosecution)

Prosecutors revealed that Kim would often have customers bring their own medical charts and X-rays to his one-man clinic. The jury needed very little time to come to a guilty verdict, after having viewed an undercover agent’s X-ray of his dog as “proof” of his medical problem.

“You can actually see the dog’s tail in the X-ray.” (Deputy D.A. John Niedermann of the Major Narcotics Division)

Kim, who had been free on $100,000 bail, was handcuffed immediately and taken to Los Angeles County Jail after the verdict was read. His possible sentence could be 12 years.

This particular stethoscope schemer is scheduled to be sentenced September 30.


Incidentally, if you happen to be a patient of Robert Kim MD, don’t bother showing up at his clinic. The doctor isn’t in.

Here’s another look at this doctor dirt-bag:

San Diego ‘Sex-for-Drugs’ Doctor Case Gets Sleazier by the Day

 “This physician’s arrest came at the conclusion of an investigation that began several years ago, officials said. The doctor is believed to have been prescribing the alleged victims – ranging in age from early 20s to early 30s, various narcotics, including hydrocodone, methadone and oxycodone, and using his access to the narcotics as a way to pressure them into sex acts.” (Amy Roderick, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration) 


The Pain Management Center of Doctor Naga Raja Thota

In East County San Diego, law enforcement is planning to interview 12 additional women, who say they were  victimized by a physician already arrested and charged for swapping narcotics for sex. The as-yet unnamed adult women have come forward after hearing that their doctor is facing felony charges of dispensing painkillers illegally.

Doctor Naga Raja Thota, an anesthesiologist, was arrested at his clinic in the city of El Cajon last Wednesday. He stood in court later that day with his attorney and pleaded “not guilty” to charges involving 3 women who had already been interviewed by DEA investigators. The subject of the interviews was  suspicion of dispensing powerful painkillers to patients without legitimate medical reasons – specifically, a physician providing drugs to addicted “patients” in exchange for sexual favors.

During his first court appearance, U.S. Attorney Orlando Gutierrez told the judge that a 20-year-old patient of Thota’s reported that the doctor increased her prescription dosage without telling her. Her addiction became worse,  and that she felt she couldn’t get more narcotics unless she had sex with the doctor.

Another  woman, according to the prosecution, said Thota agreed to pay her money not to report what was going on to law enforcement.

Doctor Naga Raja Thota, age 62, was released on a $100,000 bond last Friday. His next court date in scheduled at the San Diego Federal Building today.

Here’s another look at this case:

Healthcare ‘Truthiness’: The Twilight Zone of Modern American Zeitgeist

Pill TossThe Leviathan called ‘modern medicine can generally be counted upon to turn common sense on its dizzy head. And it does so with predictable regularity. This sobering reality is nourished every day of the week by our intellectually lazy news media, who wouldn’t recognize logic if it bit them on the iPhone. If ‘healthcare journalists’ simply lived up to their career titles – if indeed, they merely did their jobs – they would step beyond their typical role of medical stenographers long enough to lift an inquiring eyebrow at these undeniable, seriously ugly truths:

Heart disease is of course, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. – it strikes down more than 12,000 citizens every week. So the legal drug cartels and medical practitioners have known for years, that a terrific way to gain wealth is by selling a mentally sluggish public on the errant medical notion that cholesterol is the culprit.

Many, many outcomes in life are entirely predictable. And one of them was the creation of statin drugs, advertised to lower cholesterol and therefore make the citizenry less susceptible to the boogeyman called heart disease. These drugs – foisted on the public by gargantuan TV and print media campaigns, are jaw-dropping wealth builders for those who make them and push them – they raked in $29 billion worth of sales in 2013. That’s the kind of cash you make when you convince one in four Americans over the age of 45 to take statins.

For more than a decade, we have been warning patients about the seriously negative side effects linked to these drugs. For the benefit of those readers unaware of what we have been saying, here is a summary of exactly what you need to know for your own safety, as well as the safety of your family members:

  • Statins function by reducing your natural ability to produce cholesterol, which is essential to brain health. There are excellent biological reasons the human brain contains 25% of the body’s cholesterol.
  • Statins weaken the immune system. This makes it much harder to fight bacterial infections and increases the production of cytokines, which cause inflammation.
  • Statins interfere with the production of coenzyme Q10a key  body’s immune and nervous systems, boosts heart and other muscle health, maintains normal blood pressure, and much more.
  • Statins reduce the positive effects of omega-3 fatty acids by speeding up the metabolism of omega-6 fatty acids. This  increases insulin resistance and the risk of developing diabetes.
  • There is evidence that statin blocks the benefits of exercise. Exercise increases the activity and numbers of mitochondria, cells’ “power plants” that process sugars and fat. The study found that with statin use, mitochondrial activity actually decreases with exercise.
  • Statin users have a higher incidence of nerve degeneration and pain, memory loss, confusion, depression, and a higher risk of ALS and Parkinson’s, according to Doctor David Williams in his July 2014 Alternatives newsletter. Statins also decrease carotenoid levels. Carotenoids, which are found in fresh fruits and vegetables and act as antioxidants, have a number of benefits, including protecting against cell damage, aging, and chronic diseases.
  • Statin drugs may also be driving Americans to overeat: a twelve-year study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that statin users increased their calorie intake by 9%, and fat consumption by 14.4%, over the study period, whereas those who didn’t take statins didn’t significantly change in either measure.
  • An animal study linked statin use to muscle damage. Animals that exercised on statins had 226% more muscle damage than those not given statins.
  • They affect the quality of sleep.
  • Statins increase the risk of prostate and breast cancer.
  • Statins are known to cause liver damage by increasing the liver’s production of digestive enzymes.
  • Statins also speed aging and lower sex drive.
  • Statins have been linked to aggressive and violent behavior in women.

Modern medicine insists on interpreting reality to its own benefit – not always for the benefit of patients. When it comes to preventing heart disease, they have it completely backwards. Consider the American Heart Association. They actually  published a study based on the outdated, simplistic idea that there exists 2 kinds of cholesterol: “bad” – Low Density – and “good” – High Density. Their guidelines for a healthy diet are founded on the long-since, known to be untrue opinion, that “bad” cholesterol causes heart disease, and that because saturated fat can raise “bad” cholesterol levels, that is the ultimate dietary culprit. Of course the result of this false notion is that the American Heart Association’s guidelines lead to 33 million healthy Americans taking statin drugs for absolutely no good reason.

Well, there’s one good reason: the statin fad is making the drug-pushers richer.

What the AHA does not want to comprehend is that cholesterol is vital to human healthWe’ve noted in the past that cholesterol is not the ticking time-bomb most people have been led to believe. To the contrary. The real danger is that cholesterol levels can get too low as we age. Science has proven that so-called “bad” cholesterol is = surprise, surprise – a key ingredient to good health.

Of course, there’s not much money to be made off a healthy public. So you need to believe you’re sick.

Instead of swallowing drug ads and drug garbage, digest this:

And finally, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which sets U.S. government recommendations for a healthy diet, is preparing to withdraw its longstanding guidelines of avoiding high cholesterol foods.

So, if and when YOUR doctor recommends statins, that would be a very good time to refer him to this Medical Miscreants web page. Because your MD may be dangerously uninformed about statin reality. And that ain’t healthy.

But you’re well-informed, because you come here.