California State Medical Board: An Open Letter, Just For You

As  physician misbehavior investigators, we applaud the California State Medical Board’s recent, decisive action in the Doctor Michael Kamrava case, in Los Angeles.*

Michael Kamrava, MD

Michael Kamrava, MD

Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman

We appreciated your attention to Lawrence Saks, MD who felt the need to rob his patients blind.  We thank you for smacking Chris Thompson, MD also. You know, the doctor who thought he had a God-given right to run over bicyclists?

It was good of you to pull the licenses of Carl Bergstrom for raping that poor woman; Jose Bolanos for sexual assault on a patient; Tony Shiu for drugging, raping & filming his nude patients; Esmail Nadjmabadi, for assaulting his patients; Jeb Adams for getting weird; Peter Chi for sexually abusing three dozen patients; Vu le for drug-running; William Hampton for his “sweaty palm” scam; Robert Blakewood for drugging & raping a child; Zachary Cosgrove, for threatening to kill a patient; Hany Youssef Asad for drug-running; Orusu Firempong for drug-running; Daniel Healy for drug-running; as well as –

  • Dr. Chris Hageseth for Manslaughter
  • Dr. Michael Posey for Murder
  • Dr. Ronald Allen for Murder
  • Dr. George Korol for Attempted Murder
  • Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for Triple Murder
  • Dr. Kevin P Anderson for Murder
  • Dr. Sam Dubria for Murder
  • Dr. Milos Klvana for Murder
  • Dr. Harriston Bass for Murder
  • Dr. Richard Boggs for Murder

Now, please promise the citizenry that you will never, ever re-license a physician who served prison time for killing his patient, such as the one who chopped up a woman’s body and shoving her parts down the sewer. You remember the one. Harvey Lothringer? You said it was okay because now he was working in prisons.

Give us your word that you will never again ignore the pleas of 100 sexually abused OB/Gyn patients for decades,  when a monster like Ivan Namihas uses his lab coat to lure innocent victims into his “little house of horrors” in Orange County.

You might even vow to become just a tad more proactive, when you are assuredly aware that hospitals and clinics are failing to report even one of their unethical, incompetent and/or criminal physician miscreants.

Just do a few of these things. Tidy up our house, you know? Take out the garbage now and then.

And then, those of us who follow your more bizarre patterns in judgment will agree, that you are making sincere strides in accomplishing your mission statement, which mentions “public safety.”

Just for fun – if it eases your discomfort – call it California’s contribution to ‘health care reform.’

You can do it. We just know you can.


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3 thoughts on “California State Medical Board: An Open Letter, Just For You

  1. loamu says:

    It is racist and condescending to refer to persons as “Third World” this or that. If you are not Native Americans, You and your ancestors were also immigrants to this Country. Please stop this nonsense and address the issue without racist labels. America is a land of Immigrants of which you are one or one group. This racist approach led to negative treatment of Native Americans in their land.

    • Loamu –

      You sound like someone in dire need of a geopolitical education and possibly a logic enema.

      If you don’t like the term “Third World” I suggest you take it up with Mao Tse-Tung, the brilliant communist Chinese leader, who developed the “Third World Theory” which among other distinctions, identified that China and India were independent and not aligned with the West.

      Or maybe you would like to argue with the Third Worldism political movement, which seeks to unite Third World nations to avoid the excesses and sins of the West.

      I’m guessing you have not read Arturo Escobar’s “Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third World.” It’s publisher is that hotbed of racism, Princeton University.

      The trouble with you who yammer “racism” is that you so often lack the discipline of focusing on what the word really means. But you love its intent, which is a feeble attempt gain leverage in an unsustainable argument. The reality – what your point really is – is this: ANY criticism of a non-White person, by a White person, is an assault on skin color. And that is intellectual dishonesty.

      I strongly suggest you take a serious look at this website. The focus here is physicians out of control and the ungodly pain they cause. And in case you haven’t noticed, they tend to come in all skin tones.

      Oh, and just for the record? Three more points you need guidance on:

      1. Mankind – according to the best evidence yet – originated in Africa and migrated over 60,000 years. There is – therefore – no such thing as a “native American.” So get that out of your head.

      2. The first known slaves on this continent were assuredly not Black – they were in fact the early North Americans who attacked less warlike tribes; murdered at will and captured women & children. This went on for centuries. so you can knock off the romanticizing. Human history has enough blame to go around.

      3. The entire thrust of this discussion is rooted in the fact that in the world of healthcare, nurses and medics, doctors and techs refer to foreign-born criminal and/or incompetent MDs as “Third World Assassins.”

      Here’s a hospital hint for you: when you come from a Third World nation; take advantage of a U.S. taxpayer-funded education; and then proceed to rob the system, rape the women and kill the patients, there is just no better term for you.

      Is “Third World Assassin” an insult? Of course it is. That’s the whole point. Take a better look at their preposterous volume of crime, and then tell me they deserve a modicum of “respect.”

  2. do you mean Jan Adams?

    Also the sexually explicit photos are unnecessary. If you are a doctor peddling such filth you should lose your license for poor moral character.

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