Doctor Drug-Pushers: One Year Ago, a Medical Embarrassment Exposed

“I cannot imagine what you have gone through,” the doctor told the families at her sentencing in a low voice. “I have been, and will forever be, praying for all of you.” (Dr Lisa Tseng)


Dr “Lisa” Tseng referred to her patients as “druggies”

It was one year ago when a Los Angeles-area physician was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She had been convicted of Murder of 3 – out of at least 8 – of her patients who fatally overdosed from medication she prescribed to them.

In October 2015, Doctor Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng was found guilty of Murder for the deaths of Joey Rovero, age 21; Vu Nguyen, age 28, and Steven Ogle, age 25. These were merely some of her patients who had overdosed and died as a direct result if improper and dangerous volumes of drugs she would dole out on an hourly basis.

Tseng is reportedly the first American physician to be convicted of murder for recklessly prescribing drugs, according to L.A. County District Attorney John Niedermann. But hundreds of other doctor drug-dealers have been locked up over the past 20 years, with assuredly many more to come. The sheer number of corrupt physicians who have turned into criminal “pill mill” operators is astounding.

“This doctor repeatedly ignored warning signs even after several patients died, as she built a new medical clinic in Rowland Heights with the money she made from them, earning $5,000,000 in one three-year period. One patient even overdosed in her office and had to be revived.” (L.A. County District Attorney)

Tseng’s sentencing came as the United States finds itself in the grip of a nasty prescription drug abuse epidemic. The situation was an oft-mentioned theme by presidential candidates during the months prior to the election.

Both law enforcement officials and medical investigators point the finger at criminal and reckless opiate prescriptions as the root of the heroin scourge.

Consider what DEA, bad-doctor-case investigator Mark Nomady has to say, after he so frequently witnessed pill abusers whose drugs were supplied by doctors, end up dead with needles still in their arms.

“You can draw a straight line from pharmaceutical opiates to shooting heroin. At some point they can’t afford the pills, or their doctor gets arrested, and there they are left with a habit they can’t control.”

Prosecutor Niedermann told the court that the Murder charges against Tseng were well-deserved, because she had already been warned by law enforcement, that her patients were overdosing and dying, a year before she was arrested. Nonetheless, she continued selling drugs to drug users.

In at least one instance, the doctor was contacted by the L.A. County Coroner and told that her patients were dying all over town. She disregarded the deaths as “not my problem”.

Nomady, the retired DEA agent, investigated many bad-doctor cases in Southern California until he finally retired.

“One bad doctor can turn a whole town upside down,” he said.

Tseng’s case is actually the perfect example of a drug-pushing, pill-mill operator whose goal was profit – not patient care. She was indeed what law enforcement calls a “dirty doctor” turning patients into long-term addicts who would keep coming back time after time until they, well, died.

Tseng preferred pushing drugs to younger people who paid cash. She performed no meaningful examinations and recorded few notes. When family members would call her office and beg her not to prescribe any more narcotics, she ignored them and continued her wealth-building scheme.

At her sentencing, the judge told the doctor that she had operated a reckless “assembly line” clinic that generated thousands of dollars each day. He pointed out that she was still blaming others for the ugly case, even after she was arrested.

Tseng, who has 2 children, ages 12 and 9, may spend the rest of her life in prison. She will be eligible for parole at age 77.

Time to focus on ‘pill mill’ criminals

Over the past 5 years DEA agents have brought focus on “pill mills” nationwide. In 2014, law enforcement in New York arrested 2 dozen people – many of them physicians – for flooding the streets with 5,000,000 oxycodone pills.

Not long after, the U.S. Justice Department announced the “largest pharmaceutical-related takedown in the DEA’s history,” including 24 doctors and pharmacists, in a drug distribution conspiracy of addictive drugs in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

In 2013, another Southern California MD, Alvin Yee, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for drug-pushing out of Orange County Starbucks coffee shops, no less.

In December of last year in Santa Barbara, Doctor Julio Diaz was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for catering to drug addicts who paid him cash for prescriptions. Called “the Candy Man” by some of his patients, “Diaz was seen as a lethal danger by other physicians in town. They kept records that documented Paramedic transports of his patients to emergency rooms. This particular doctor drug-pusher is believed to have been involved in 20 patient deaths, although like so many other lab coat loons, he was never convicted of Murder.

In January of last year, law enforcement raided the office of a psychiatrist in Atlanta, after 12 of his patients died of prescription drug overdoses. The doctor was charged with prescribing addictive narcotics to people with no medical need.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Luotto Wolf, who has also prosecuted bad doctors, says she was stunned by the number of patients who turn to heroin, once they get hooked on prescription pills.

“These are people who never in a million years thought they’d be injecting themselves,” she said.

Niedermann, the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney, said he knew nothing about prescription drug scams before being assigned to his first case in 2008. In that case, he won a conviction against physician who was pulling in $1,000,000 a year in cash, by catering to addicts. That doctor was sentenced to 5 years in state prison.

Since then, in just the L.A.-area alone, Niedermann has gotten convictions against 7 more doctors for illegal drug pushing.

And folks, the beat goes on.

Here’s another view:


Lady Doctor Drug-dealer Gets 3-Decades for Patient-Murders

Dr Lisa Tseng & Atty

Dr Lisa Tseng, and Attorney Tracy Green

Last Fall we briefly covered the case of Doctor Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng, a southern California physician. Last week an L.A. Superior Court judge sentenced the Rowland Heights MD to 30 years in state prison, for the murders of three of her patients who fatally overdosed. This ended a landmark case that some medical experts say could change how doctors nationwide handle prescriptions.

Well gee, ya think that might be a bright idea? Prescription drugs kill 18,000 Americans a year? Do you think doctors ought to maybe “rethink” their drug-pushing habits? What an outrageous thought. And maybe to leverage some critical thinking, How about a court-ordered mandate, forcing them to attend 300 funerals every week? You think that might get their attention?


Lock one drug-dealer up . . . another will take her place

This doctor Tseng’s prison sentencing came after a Los Angeles jury last year found her guilty of second-degree murder – the second time a physician has been convicted of murder in the U.S. for overprescribing drugs.

Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli, told the court that Tseng “tried to blame her patients, the pharmacists and even other doctors, rather than take responsibility for her own actions.”

The 8-week trial included 77 witnesses and more than 250 pieces of evidence.

Tseng, wearing a blue jail jumpsuit, apologized to the victims’ families and her own family.

Tseng, age 46, a general practitioner, is among a growing number of doctors being charged with murder for prescribing narcotics that kill patients.

Dr Pill Head

This is exactly how many doctors see patients


Some so-called experts say they fear that Tseng’s conviction will usher in a new reality: doctors becoming afraid of prosecution, and then hesitant to prescribe painkillers to patients who need them. They say the trial has already had a “deterrent effect” on other doctors and has captured the medical community’s attention.

What a bunch of lab coat whiners. Instead of complaining, what they ought to be doing is listening to their brighter colleagues, like Doctor Peter Staats, president of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. He says this: “When you use the word ‘murder, of course it’s going to have a chilling effect. But any doctor who is prescribing pills knowing that they are being abused, shouldn’t be called a doctor. That’s not the practice of medicine,” Staats said.

Staats said he believes an aggressive medical board – and not prosecutors – should be going after reckless doctors.

Aggressive Medical Board? Sorry, Doc. That’s a contradiction in terms. There is simply no such animal. Not in this country.

Doctor Francis Riegler, a pain specialist who works in Palmdale California, says he followed Tseng’s trial too, and has talked with fellow doctors across the nation about the case.

“We all agree,” he said. “If you’re doing the right thing – if you simply do your job correctly, you don’t need to worry about being prosecuted for murder.”

Our point exactly.

During Tseng’s trial, for example, Deputy Dist. Atty. John Niedermann told jurors that there were “red flags” in her prescribing habits. More than a dozen times, the prosecutor said, a coroner or law enforcement officer called with the same dark news: “Your patient has died of a drug O.D.” Her prescribing habits, Niedermann said, remained absolutely unchanged. She went right on drugging the druggies. And why not? Their drug habits made them walking, talking ATM machines.

The prosecutor told jurors that Tseng would even falsify prescription names so people could get twice as many pills; her staff testified she openly referred to her patients as “druggies” and routinely faked medical records.

Her motivation, Niedermann said, was money. Between 2007-2010, when Tseng joined the Rowland Heights clinic where her husband worked, (and her husband has managed to step into legal doo-doo of his own) her office brought in $5 million.

Tseng was convicted of murder in the deaths of Vu Nguyen, 28, of Lake Forest; Steven Ogle, 25, of Palm Desert; and Joey Rovero, 21, an Arizona State University student. And the ugly fact is, although this lab coat loon was merely found guilty of 3 murders, investigators discovered that at least a dozen other patients died too.

Tseng was only charged with killing 3 people because other factors were involved in many of the deaths, such as drugs also being prescribed by other doctors, and one possible suicide. Prosecutors named three other Orange County men who also died under her care: Matthew Stavron, 24; Naythan Kenney, 34; and Ryan Latham, 21. And civil lawsuits have been filed by victims’ families against Tseng for the deaths of Ryan Winter, 20, of Aliso Viejo, and Riley Russo, 20, of Laguna Niguel. Tseng has already paid $275,000 to Rovero’s parents and $225,000 for yet another death, that of Nicholas Mata, 22, of Huntington Beach.

The jury also found Tseng guilty of more than a dozen other criminal charges.

This woman’s murder conviction is rare for a doctor. It shouldn’t be rare – in a saner society, it would be a weekly event. That is, until drug-dealing MDs start getting the hint and knock off the garbage-level street-dealing scat.

Prosecutors told the court the wayward physician prescribed hard-core narcotics to people with no medical need, and that she repeatedly ignored signs they were overdosing, even when warned numerous times, that her patients were showing up at emergency rooms all over town not breathing, from doses of drugs she herself was prescribing.

Tseng’s attorney, Tracy Green, argued to the court that the doctor had been “naive to prescribe so many medications.”

Right. 10 years of advanced education; a dozen years treating thousands of people, and her problem is being gullible? Here’s a news flash for Ms. Tracy Green, attorney at law. Talking like an idiot does nothing to elevate your reputation as a legal eagle. So stop it. Your client’s problem was greed. Look in the mirror and mouth the words. We promise. Honesty helps you sleep better.

Unfortunately this physician – as indeed so many thousands of other physicians – either forget or ignore the most basic tenet of medicine: Primum no nocere. That simple Latin phrase has been around a long, long time. Non-malfeasance, is bedrock bioethics that all healthcare students are taught in school. Ask any nursing student. It’s a fundamental principle. Roughly translated it means this: if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, at least don’t kill your patient, okay? Doesn’t that sound like something that – oh, we don’t know – a CUB SCOUT – might figure out?

Here’s more:



California Doctor Drug-pusher Kills a Few People. Is Anybody Out There Listening?


Still think we’re exaggerating?

Dr Hsiu Ying Tseng

Dr Hsiu Ying Tseng

A jury in Los Angeles Superior Court found a Chinese-American physician guilty of multiple charges of Murder last week, in a stunning verdict that the District Attorney’s office said was the first case of its kind in U.S. history.

Doctor Hsiu Ying Tseng, age 45, was convicted at the end of a 6-week trial, of killing three patients by over-prescribing powerful drugs to them, which directly led to their deaths. The jury also determined she was guilty of 19 other instances of illegally prescribing narcotics and yet another charge of fraudulently obtaining  narcotics. Some of the drugs involved included methadone, oxycodone and hydrocodone, as well as Valium and Xanax.

Although the case was limited to three patients – Joseph Rovero, age 21; Vu Nguyen, age 28 and Steve Ogle, 24 – investigators are convinced that Tseng is actually responsible for nine other overdose deaths, during a 36-month period that started in 2006. Tseng, who specialized in internal medicine, was routinely dispensing powerful addictive drugs to patients with no medical need and who were often already seriously addicted. Detectives discovered that during that time the drug-pushing MD brought in at least $5,000,000 in clinic profits.

The Drug Enforcement Administration reported that Tseng wrote more than 27,000 prescriptions over a three-year period, at a pace of at least 25 per day, with minimal or no medical histories performed.

Is YOUR doctor listed in this book?

Is YOUR doctor listed in this book?

According to District Attorney John Niedermann, Tseng documented no adequate patient charts, nor did she keep mandated medical records for numerous prescriptions. Once she knew she was under investigation, investigators discovered that she began falsifying patient charts.

Tseng, a trained osteopath, was arrested in March 2012 and has remained behind bars at Los Angeles County Jail. She could receive a life sentence when she returns to court in December.

Here’s another look:


Best hope your MD isn't in this book, too

Best hope your MD isn’t in this book, too


Rapist-Physician Loses Another Appeal on Sexual Assault Conviction

Dr Charles H Nguyen

Dr Charles H Nguyen, one of 340 MDs imprisoned for sexual assault since 1985

A New York physician found guilty of Rape five years ago in the county of Athens has just lost his third Appeal to have his case overturned.

Doctor Charles H. Nguyen, age 37, was convicted in a jury trial in 2010 of Kidnapping, Burglary, Rape and Tampering with Evidence, in Athens County Common Pleas Court. He was ordered to New York State Prison for 30 years.

According to the court record, at the time of the sexual assault, Nguyen was finishing his medical residency training when he became acquainted with an Athens woman through an internet chat-line. The unnamed woman testified that when she made it clear to the doctor that she was not interested in an intimate relationship, he arrived at her house with no warning; tied her up with rope and raped her.

In an earlier appeal, the Fourth District Court denied Nguyen’s attorney’s argument regarding several of what they considered procedural errors, although the court did agree there had been two procedural mistakes that  needed to be addressed at the trial court level.

That trial court in Athens was assigned the duty of deciding whether Nguyen’s crimes of Rape and Kidnapping, as well as Burglary should have been considered as one crime, which might have reduced his sentence. But upon review, the court reaffirmed its original sentence that there were four distinct crimes before, during and after the assault.

The doctor then appealed this decision to the Fourth District Court, insisting that these and other trial errors merited a new trial. Nguyen’s attorney also argued that it was “cruel and unusual punishment” for him to have been sentenced to consecutive – as opposed to concurrent – sentences, for the four felonies. Consecutive sentences added up to his current 30-year prison term.

The Fourth District Court reaffirmed the decision of the trial court. It ruled that the trial court properly denied Nguyen’s request that his felonies be merged as one crime.

Here’s the case as we reported in December, 2014:


Rapist-MD Doesn’t Like Prison; Appeals His Conviction

Dr Charles H Nguyen

Dr Charles H Nguyen

A Philadelphia physician found guilty of sexual assault five years ago in Ohio, is once again appealing the decision that sent him to prison. An attorney for Doctor Charles H. Nguyen, age 36, filed notice of appeal in Athens County Common Pleas Court, which is a legal procedure to ask the court to review the previous decisions.

Nguyen was sentenced to a 30-year prison term after convictions of rape, kidnapping, aggravated burglary and evidence tampering. According to the court record, he attacked a 29 year-old Athens Ohio woman while visiting her after they had met online.

The prosecutors were able to prove that, during the visit, Nguyen tied the woman’s wrists and ankles with rope, raped her and threatened to kill a member of her family.

Nguyen has filed numerous appeals but none have succeeded.

In the one matter of appeal, the court was asked to review one aspect of the case to decide if two charges in the case should have been merged as a single felony.

“This doctor deserves every day of the 30 years in prison that he was sentenced to by Judge Holzapfel,” said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn, in a news release at the time of the resentencing.

#          #          #

Historical Hysterics: Meanwhile, 4 Years This Week . . .

Philadelphia Doctor Gets 3 Decades in a Cage for Rape

Dr Charles H Nguyen

Dr Charles H Nguyen

A physician found guilty of tying a woman up in her home and raping her in 2009 has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

A 12-person jury in Athens County Common Pleas Court found 32-year-old Charles H. Nguyen guilty of Kidnapping, Rape, Burglary and evidence tampering.

The victim is a 29-year-old woman who testified that she had met her assailant through an online dating service. She pleaded with the court to impose the maximum sentence on Nguyen, who was at the time a medical resident at a New York City hospital.

Athens County assistant prosecutor Keller Blackburn argued before judge Michael Ward that the criminal doctor deserved the maximum sentence. “He took a rope to her house. He took tape and scissors and he blindfolded her,” the prosecutor said. “He knew exactly what he was going to do.”

Once out of prison, Nguyen will be ordered to register as a level-3 sexual predator, the most serious category of sexual offender.

Here’s more:

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Dollars for Doctors: The Drug-Money Juggernaut

Welcome to Pill Head nation

Welcome to Pill Head nation

The Ohio medical board concluded that pain physician William D. Leak had performed “unnecessary” nerve tests on 20 patients and subjected some to “an excessive number of invasive procedures,” including injections of agents that destroy nerve tissue.

Yet the finding, posted on the board’s public website, did not prevent Eli Lilly from using him as a promotional speaker. They paid him $85,450.

In 2001, the U.S. FDA ordered Pennsylvania doctor James I. McMillen to stop “false or misleading” promotions of the painkiller Celebrex, saying he minimized risks and touted it for unapproved uses.

Still, three leading drug makers paid him $224,163 over 18 months to lecture other physicians about their drugs.

In Georgia, a hospital decided to kick Doctor Donald Ray Taylor off its staff. The anesthesiologist had admitted giving young female patients rectal and vaginal exams without documenting why. He’d also been accused of exposing women’s breasts during medical procedures. When confronted by a hospital official, Taylor said, “Maybe I’m a pervert. I honestly don’t know.”

None of that matters to Cephalon Pharmaceutical. They paid Taylor $194,050 in less than two years to lure doctors into prescribing their drugs.

Doctors Leak, McMillen and Taylor are part of the drug industry’s white-coat sales force – doctors paid to promote brand-name drugs to other doctors — and if they’re convincing enough, get even more physicians to prescribe them.

Drug companies say they hire the most-respected doctors in their fields to teach other doctors about the benefits and risks of their drugs.

But an investigation by ProPublica uncovered hundreds of physicians on company payrolls had been accused of professional misconduct; disciplined by state boards; or lacked credentials.

ProPublica created a comprehensive database that represents the most accessible accounting yet of payments to doctors. The database covers $257.8 million in payouts over a two-year period for speaking, consulting and other duties. In addition to Lilly and Cephalon, the companies include AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co. and Pfizer.

The investigation revealed discipline against more than 250 doctors, including some of the highest paid. The misconduct included inappropriately prescribing drugs; providing poor care; having sex with patients. Some doctors had even lost their licenses.

More than 40 have received FDA warnings for research misconduct; have lost hospital privileges or been convicted of crimes. Considerably more misbehavior is suspected, but not yet revealed publicly.

In fact, five of the seven largest dug companies acknowledged they don’t check for doctor misbehavior before hiring them. Instead, they rely on self-reporting. Only Johnson & Johnson and Cephalon said they did do some level of background checks.

ProPublica found 88 Lilly speakers who have been sanctioned and four more who had received FDA warnings. Reporters asked Lilly about several of those, including Leak and McMillen. A spokesman said the company was unaware of the cases and is now investigating them.

“They are representatives of our company,” said Dr. Jack Harris, vice president of Lilly’s U.S. medical division. “It would be very concerning that one of our speakers was someone who had these other things going on.”

For the pharmaceutical companies, one effective speaker may not only teach dozens of doctors how to better recognize a condition, but sell them on a drug to treat it. The success of one drug can mean hundreds of millions in profits, or more. Last year, prescription drugs sales in the United States topped $300 billion, according to IMS Health, a healthcare information and consulting company.

Pharma companies like to say physician salesmen are chosen for their expertise. Glaxo, for example, says it selects “highly qualified experts in their field.”

But ProPublica found some top speakers are experts only because the drug companies say they are.

“It’s like American Idol,” said sociologist Susan Chimonas, who studies doctor-pharma relationships at the Institute on Medicine as a Profession in New York.

“Nobody has heard of you before. Then, after you’ve been around the country speaking 100 times, people know your name and think, ‘This guy’s important.’ It creates an opinion leader who isn’t necessarily an expert.”

Las Vegas endocrinologist Firhaad Ismail, is an excellent example. He is the top earner in the database, making $303,558.  His lecture brochures list him as “Chief of Endocrinology” at a Las Vegas hospital.

Research reveals he is not a department chief of any hospital anywhere.

“Without question the public should care at this,” said Dr. Joseph Ross, an assistant professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine, who has written about the drug industry’s influence on physicians. “You would never want your kid learning from a bad teacher. Why would you want your doctor learning from a bad doctor?”

*          *          *

We sincerely thank ProPublica staff Charles Ornstein, Tracy Weber and Dan Nguyen, as well as Director of Research Lisa Schwartz and researcher Nicholas Kusnetz. Their terrific investigative reporting can be regularly found at:

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Los Angeles-Area Doctor Charged with Murder in Patient Overdose Deaths

An L.A. County physician has been charged with murder after three of her patients died as a result of prescription drug overdoses.

Dr Lisa Tseng

Dr Lisa Tseng

Doctor Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng, age 42, an osteopathic specialist in the city of Rowland Heights, was found to have written 27,000 prescriptions over a  mere 3-year period,  for addictive painkillers such as Oxycontin and Vicodin, according to district attorney documents.

Tseng was arrested at her medical office in Rowland Heights and taken into custody immediately. She is charged with murder in the deaths of Joseph Rovero, 21 of San Ramon, in December ’09; Steven Ogle, 25, of Palm Desert in April, ’09; and Vu Nguyen, 29, of Lake Forest, in March 2, ’09.

According to investigators, it is believed that at least nine other patients have died from drug overdoses. Undercover agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration had posed as patients and investigated her drug prescription practices for two years. They believe she would customarily write 25 narcotic prescriptions per day, starting in January, ’07, with no physical exams or lab tests to determine whether the drugs were even necessary.

Tseng’s husband, also a doctor, currently operates her clinic in Rowland Heights.

Doctor Tseng faces 21 Felony counts. If found guilty of all charges, Tseng could receive 45 years to life in state prison.

*          *          *

Medical Miscreants believes it is critical to point out that “legal” painkillers prescribed by doctors kill nearly 1,250 citizens per month in the United States. That is a 300% increase over the previous 10 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Many young people believe that prescription drugs are “safer” than illegal drugs, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The ugly reality is that the United States is rapidly becoming the most drug-dependent nation on earth, with an estimated  7,000,000 Americans 12 years or older, reporting that they abuse prescription drugs for non-medical purposes, in any given month.

You may want to go back and count all those zeroes.

#          #          #

Medical Miscreant ’09 Year in Review

In no particular order, what follows is approximately 10% of the total number of physicians, who found themselves in serious trouble, in the year 2009. We have approximately 2,200 others on file.

The number of doctors treating patients in the U.S. in ’09 was almost exactly 720,000. About 46,000 others were either retired, or functioning in non-treating roles, such as research or insurance review.

The number of doctors tracked by the National Practitioner Data Bank – many considered either “Dangerous” or “Questionable” by the Health Research Group – is 247,000, over the past 25 years.


Ahmed Rashed, MD, 26, NJ – Guilty, Theft of a Human Body Part (He stole a dead man’s hand to impress a nude dancer)

Nude Dancer Linda Kay just knew Ahmed Rashed was the man for her. He stole a dead man’s hand to prove his love.

David L Hoban, MD, 66, CA – Chief Psychiatrist, Salinas Valley Prison, Guilty $40,000 Time Card Embezzlement

Carl Bergstrom, MD, Carmel, CA – Guilty of Rape

Kentrell Liddell, MD, 35, MS – Chief Medical Officer, State Prison, Guilty, $94,000 Embezzlement

George S Kooshian, MD, 58, L.A. – Guilty, diluting AIDS medications

Michael Kim, MD, 66, Houston – Guilty, “pill mill” operation, distributed 1.7 million doses  Hydrocodone, defrauded Medicare of $1.7 million

Conrad Murray upon Conviction, Michael Jackson death

David Willis Webb, MD, 66, PA – Guilty, 36 counts of Fraud, Illegal Drug Distribution, ID Theft

Mark Blankenship, MD, 53, Ohio – Convicted, multiple counts, Child Molestation

Scott Blankenship, MD, 53, Ohio – Twin brother of Mark, Case Pending

Earl Bradley, MD, 56, Delaware – Indicted, 33 felony counts, Child Sexual Assault  (he videotaped the sex acts)

Pediatrician Earl Bradley, one of five worst child molesters in U.S. history

Rees G Freeman, MD, OregonLicense Revoked, Incompetency

Mark J Baskerville, MD, Oregon – Medical License Suspended, Repeated Drug Use

Akiva  Abraham, MD, 44, Albany NY – Indicted, Arson, Insurance Fraud, $380,000

John P Guerreiro, MD, OregonState Corrective Action, Inappropriate Behavior during female patient exams

Fred A Hogan, MD, 58, Michigan – Guilty, Illegal Drug Prescription, Med. Records Falsification

Jose Bolanos, MD, 54, San Jose – Guilty, Sexual Battery on a patient

Dr. Jose Bolanos

Jeffrey A Luty, MD, Portland – Oregon State Medical License Revoked

Russell Reitz, MD, 46, Topeka, KS – Guilty, Aggravated Assault & Battery

Kevin M Denney, MD, 49, Tampa – Guilty, Illegal Drug Prescriptions

Tony Shiu, MD, 40, Dublin, CA – Guilty, Sexual Abuse of Patients, Filming Nude Patients

Dr. Tony Shiu


Ana A Jacinto, MD, 54, FL – Guilty, HIV Infusion Fraud, $11 million scam, 30 years

David D Campbell, MD, –  State Order, may not examine female patients

Phillip Astin, MD, 54, GA – Guilty, 175 counts of Illegal Prescriptions to known drug abusers

Phillip Astin, MD

Georgia State Medical Board Actions

Augusto Loaiza, MD – Ordered to Surrender License

Steven B Schwartz, MD – Ordered to Surrender License

Emenike U John, MD – Ordered to Surrender License

Timothy Palmer, D.O. – Voluntary Surrender

Roger Hershline, MD – Voluntary Surrender

Carlos Bray, MD – Voluntary Surrender



Ramon E Ravelo, MD, New YorkWarrant for Arrest, Records Falsification

Thomas J Laney, MD, Wash. DC – Charged, Unprofessional teenager Breast Reduction case

Nathan P Stine, MD, SpokaneProbation, 5 years, Illegal Prescriptions

Narendra K Agrawal, MD, Ohio – Sentenced to 3 years, Drug Trafficking

Earl Sunderhaus, MD, NC – Investigation, poking, obese female patients

Cmdr Kevin Ronan, MD, U.S. Navy Federal Prison –  Conviction of filming sailor sex acts

Sumit Sunha, MD, La Crosse, WI – Charged with wife, shoplifting spree, Macy’s

Scott McClelland, MD, U.S. Navy – Guilty, Solicitation of Sex from female patients

Michael Kamrava, MD, Bev. Hills – Convicted, Violating Fertility Ethics

Michael Kamrava, MD

Nadya Suleman – Handiwork of Michael Kamrava, MD

Arizona State Medical Board Actions

Sylvia Warrenfeltz, MD – Med. License Suspension – Violating Standards

Janet J Hunter, MD – Pled Guilty to H.C. Fraud, Med Record Fraud

Jose A Higuera, MD – State Order – May not treat female patients

Kenneth J Tolman, MD – Convicted, Solicitation of Sex with 13-year-old

Mark J Trentalange, MD – License Suspension, did surgery while on narcotics

Carlin G Bartschi, MD  – License Revoked following conviction, multiple felonies

David R Bolick, MD – Revocation of License, Bank Fraud

Jack I Dodge, MD – License Revoked, Drug Dealing & Forgery

James L Roback, MD – License Revoked, Unprofessional Conduct


 Ehigiator O Akhigbe, MD, Wash DC – Guilty, Fraud, charging Insurance companies for “Ghost Visits”

Saji Francis, MD New York – Charged with Selling Narcotics to Teens

David J Ciesla, MD, 42, FL  – Guilty of stealing a bullet in a criminal case

Doctor David Ciesla

Mohammed F Salek, MD, Nevada  – Medical License Revoked, Repeated Fraud

David Gardner, MD, CA – Guilty, Money-Laundering scheme, Workers’ Comp clinics

Craig A Bittner, MD, 49, Bev Hills – Investigated, using liposuction fat as automobile fuel

Human Fat-Fuel Doctor Craig A Bittner

Richard Fleming, MD, 54, NE – Guilty, Health Care Fraud

Chris Thompson, MD, 60, L.A. – Convicted, “Road Rage” against bicyclists, Mayhem

Christopher Thompson, MD

Fabian Aurignac, MD, 46, L.A. – Guilty, multiple counts Medicaid Fraud of $1.1 million

James Shin, MD, 49, Houston – Guilty, multiple counts of Child Pornography

David P Dillon, MD, 45, FL  – Guilty, Felony Assault on a Child

Kenneth M Olds, MD, CO

Kelly W Tucker, MD, CO

Pamela W Pyle, MD,  SC

Jesse Haggard, MD,   AZ    – All Guilty, Conspiracy to Distribute Steroids

Visu Vilvarajah, MD, KY – Indicted, Narcotic Trafficking (had already served time for murdering his wife and her mother)

Visu Vilvarajah, MD

Mirielle Lalanne, MD, KY – Indicted, Organized Crime, Narcotic Trafficking, with hubby Visu, above

Dr. Mireille Lalane

Anthony Overton, MD, 63, IL – Guilty, Sexual Battery on 75-year-old woman

Benjamin Levine, MD, 68, NJ  – Theft, Falsifying Records, Insurance Fraud

Ethan E Bickelhaupt, MD, 57, KS – Indicted, Illegal Drug use, Drug Distribution

William DeLuca, MD, 58

Steven Lynch, MD, 65

Douglas Hargrave, MD, 56

John Noonan, MD, 62

Jeffery Rockmore, MD, 42   – All Guilty, injecting patients with fake Botox

Putnam Breed, MD, 71, Mass – Guilty, multiple Felonies, Cremation Certificate Fraud

Dr Putnam Breed

Andrew M Guidry, MD, 46, FL – Indicted “Sex in exchange for Medical Treatment” case

Jeremy McCandless, MD, 32, Utah – Indicted, 29 counts of Narcotic Distribution

Shirlene Hill, MD, AR – Convicted of Controlled Substance Abuse

Robert P Doyle, MD, Maine – Reprimand, Repeated Inappropriate Sexual Behavior with women

Mary E Groves, MD, Washington – Denied State License, history of narcotics use and vehicle accidents

Ernest C Rose, MD, Springfield, IL – Convicted, Animal Abuse of Horses

Thomas Tarter, MD, Augusta, ME – License Suspended, Failure to keep Complete Patient Records

Donald D Pope, MD, 55, Brownwood, TX – Pled Guilty, Sexual Assault upon 8-year old girl

Giles Desmarais, MD, Las Vegas – Surrendered License

Robert Sterling, MD, Maine – License Revoked, alcohol use while treating patients

Anthony Galea, MD, Canada & U.S. – Tiger Woods physician, Charged, Possession of Human Growth Hormone

Jaroslav P Stulc, MD, Maine – Guilty, Fraud, Sexual Misconduct

Chowdhury M Azam, MD, New Jersey – State Board Order, may not treat female patients

David G Evans, MD, Las Vegas – Guilty, 15 Counts, Sexual Abuse of Minors

Dr. David G. Evans

Elmer P Manalo, MD, Greenwood, IN – License Revoked, Sexual Contact with Patients

Robert F Rusnak, DC, Topeka KS – License to Practice Suspended

Giselle Wildman, D.O, Kansas – Surrendered Medical License

Robert Baroody, MD, Maine – License Suspended, Sexual Relationship with wife of a Patient

Lesley Tripp, MD, Saco, Maine – License Suspended, Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with Patient

Syed M Amed, MD, Nevada – State Board Review of Previous Order

James L Allen, MD, Virginia – License Revoked, Child Pornography Case Review

Sidney Frank, MD, Elko, Nevada – Reprimand, Gross Negligence

Benjamin M Brown, MD, Maine – License Suspended, Sexual Relationships with staff & patients

Holly Arato, MD, Maine – License Suspended, Drug Abuse

Richard T Gibbs, MD, Augusta, ME – State Board Reprimand, Treating Patients while under the Influence

Renato Mendoza, MD, Maine – License Denied, History of Fraud

Randeep Mann, MD, 51, AR – Indicted, Conspiracy to Bomb State Medical Director, Unlawful Possession of machine guns

Dr Randeep Mann

Randall M Foster, MD, Las Vegas – License Suspension, Failure to Maintain Proper Records of Drug Prescriptions

Andrew  Rutland, MD, Anaheim – Under Investigation, Death of yet another abortion patient

Clark Baker, MD, 44, AL – Pled Guilty to Illegal Narcotic Trafficking

Mark Benson, MD, 56, MI – 30-year prison term, DUI crash kills family of 3

Steven Pack, MD, 50, Utah  – Indicted for secretly filming nude teenage girls

Dr Steven Pack

Rodney K Justin, MD, N.C. – Convicted of Obstruction of Justice & Tax Fraud

Keith Russell, MD, 65, Miami – Sentenced to 8 years for Medicare Fraud

William H Fiegenschuh, MD, 62 – Indicted, exposing himself to patients

Stephen Schneider, MD, Wichita, KS – Indicted in “pill mill” case after 59 patients die

Dr Stephen Schneider & wife Linda

Lawrence Simons, MD, Wichita, KS -Pleads Guilty in “pill mill” case after 59 die

Charles Chube, MD, Indiana – Sentenced to 15 years, Narcotic Distribution

David Chube, MD, Indiana – Sentenced to 5 years, Narcotic Distribution, brother of Charles

John Rew, MD, 83, Tampa – Guilty, Illegal Drug Distribution

Joseph L Borkson, MD, 66, FL – Convicted, Drugs for Sale to non-patients

Jock Simon, MD, N.J. – New Convictions for troubled physician

Esther Wadley, MD, 40, MO – Guilty, Conspiracy to Murder ex-husband

Mazoltuy Borukhova, MD, 35, NY – Convicted, Conspiracy & Murder of former husband, also a doctor

Dr Daniel Malakov

Dr Mazoltuy Borukhova taken into custody

Raymond Adamcik, MD, 56, FL – “Captain America burrito-in-pants Groping case” Med. License Review

Dr Raymond Adamcik

Mark B Kabins, MD, 49, Las Vegas – Guilty, Spine Surgery Scam for millions

Dale Pearlman, MD, 62, Menlo Park – Ethics Review following head lice treatment scam

Mark Weinberger, MD, 42, Indiana – Wanted, Fugitive, located in Italy, Malpractice, Death of a Patient, Fraud

Dr Mark Weinberger

Irfan Nawaz, MD, 32, Osceola, FL – Guilty, 20 years, Internet Child Sexual Exploitation

Manoj Motwani, MD, 40, San Diego – Convicted of Battery upon a girlfriend while driving

James Shin, MD, 53, Fort Worth – Convicted, Child Porn, former chief of medicine, John Peter Smith Hospital

James H Ellegood, MD, 72, St. Louis – Medicare Fraud via Home Health Care scam

Rogelio Naranja, MD, Augusta, ME – Probation, Unprofessional Conduct

James M Bachstein, MD, Tennessee – Probation, Inappropriate Prescribing Narcotics

Rajitha Goli, MD, 48, St. Louis – Medicare Fraud via Home Health Care scam

Robert W Osteen, MD, Tennessee – Probation, Diverted Medication for Personal Use

Larry G Andrew, MD, 47, Salt Lake City – Convicted, 8 Counts, Sexual Battery on a Patient

Parvis K Berjis, MD, 71, Baton Rouge – In Prison, Parole Hearing, Workers’ Comp & Auto Insurance Fraud

Stephen L Seldon, MD, 50, Las Vegas – Guilty, Fake Botox Injection clinic

Dr Stephen & Debbie Seldon

Dr Stephen & Debbie Seldon

Ronald Poulin, MD, 61  – Indicted, 28 Counts Insurance Fraud

 Wesley Albert, MD, 78, Lake Elsinore – Indicted, Second Degree Murder, Illegal Narcotics prescription re: in Death of a patient

Ann Campbell, MD, 46, Alabama – Serving 6 years for Drug Study Data Falsification, Parole Review

Thomas Lover, DC, 48, Ohio – in Prison for Worker’s Comp Fraud, a Hearing

Ramon Scruggs, MD, 41, Sacramento – Convicted, Illegal Drugs to Athletes

George L Aycock, MD, 59, SC – Guilty, Illegal Drug Dispensing

Godfrey Mbonu, MD, 59, NY – Sentenced, 5-15 yrs, Medicare Fraud

Peter Pfeiffer, MD, 50, Seattle  – DEA drug raid, Medical Records Fraud Investigation, ongoing

Eugene P O’Donnell, MD, 59, L.A. – Convicted, Tax Evasion

Walter G Broadnax, MD, 56, Ohio – Medical Coding Fraud

Elizabeth Robertson, MD, 51, NC – Guilty, Obtaining Narcotics by Fraud

Stephen P Wolf, MD, 51, Oklahoma – Charged with stabbing 9-year-old son to death

Bradley E Baker, MD, Oregon – State Order of Emergency Suspension of Medical License, Substance Abuse

Callie H Harpin, MD, 35, Houston – Parole Review, in prison for $30 Million dollar Wheelchair Scam

Michel Chait, MD, 48, New York – Guilty, Narcotic Distribution

Robert Cleveland, MD, Shreveport – Convicted, Wheelchair Prescription Fraud

Ira Klein, MD, 61, Houston – 11 years for Fraud, facing new Charges of Conspiracy to Murder U.S. Prosecutor

Kevin A Lang, MD, 47, Wisconsin – Arrested, 4 counts of Sexual Assault upon patients

Kirk Michael Smith, MD, 36, Tulsa  – Indicted, Child Sexual Molestation

Jerome Lentini, MD, 63, Portland – Convicted in Fake Botox Scam

Masood Bamdad, MD, 53, CA – Convicted, 13 counts Drug Dealing

Pradeep Svrivastava, MD, 50, MD –  Guilty, $16 Million Tax Evasion

Franklin Sutherland, MD, 48, VA  – Convicted, Illegal Narcotic Sales

Linda S Cheek, MD, 45, VA  – Convicted, Medicare Fraud

Vu Le, MD, 46, Orange County, CA –  Sentenced, 4 years, Drug Running

Howard Berkowitz, MD, 58, Atlanta – Guilty, Health Care Fraud

Arthur Hargraves, MD, 67, Atlanta – Sentenced to 3 years, Fraud

William W Hampton, MD, 53, L.A. – Convicted, $9 M “Sweaty Palm Surgery” Scam

Hung T Nguyen, MD, 57, New York – Guilty, Illegal Dispensing Narcotics

Randy S Lentz, MD, 43, Florida – Guilty, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Torrino Jennings, MD, 56, VA – Convicted, 1,000,000 Illegal Drug Dose unit transactions

Mamdouk Bahna, MD, 61, L.A.  – Guilty, Health Care Fraud

Daniel Puffenberger, MD, 52, NY – Guilty, Medicare Fraud

Thomas Wilkins, MD, 43, Pennsylvania – Illegal Drug Prescriptions

Phillip Wagman, MD, 48, NJ – Sentenced, 19 yrs, Fraud

Roberto Rodriguez, MD, 54, Miami, -Guilty, HIV Infusion Fraud

Carlos Garrido, MD, 69, Miami – Guilty, HIV Infusion Fraud

Carmen Del Cueto, MD, 45, Miami  – Guilty, HIV Infusion Fraud

Kurien C Abraham, MD, 42, NC  – Convicted, Repeated DUI Collisions

Peter W Grigg, MD, 52, Denver – Convicted, selling drug prescriptions in WalMart Parking lot

Rory P Doyle, MD, 54, Florida – Extradited from Italy, multiple Child Molestation charges

Phillip Riback, MD, New York – Arraigned, Multiple Counts, Sodomizing patients

Dr Phillip Riback

Louis Cannella, Jr., MD, 61, Wisconsin – Sentenced, 4 yrs, Illegal Narcotic Sales

 Michael Millette, MD, 46, Iowa – Convicted, Illegal Prescribing 62 Million doses of Narcotics

Robert R Blakewood, MD, 69, CA – Guilty, Drugging & Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Mark Campano, MD, 56, Ohio – Convicted of Illegal Possession of Explosives after blowing himself up

Mehendra Udani, MD, 54, Long Beach – In Prison, Parole Hearing on multiple Patient Molestation Conviction

Anthony Overton, MD, 63, Chicago – Hearing on ’08 Conviction, Multiple Counts, Sexual Molestation of Patients

Charles Cowden, MD, 67, Tennessee – Indicted, Rape & Medical Fraud

Nidal Malik Hasan, MD, Fort Hood, TX – Arraigned, 13 Counts, First Degree Murder

Conrad Murray, MD, 56, Las Vegas – Under Investigation, Death of Michael Jackson

Delvin Littell, MD, 76, Knoxville – Guilty, Pain Medication Drug Running

Loren Nichols, MD, 43, Athens, TN – Parole Hearing, Illegal Narcotic Dispensing

Horace Bledsoe, MD, 58, Lexington – Pled Guilty, Drug Diversion, Medical Records Falsification

Roger Brown, MD, 52, Florida – Convicted, Drug Ring Scheme

Kathleen Hagen, MD, 62, New Jersey – Prison Release Program, following the murder of her parents

Jeffery Friedlander, MD, 51, Tampa – Indicted, Drug Scheme, Medicare Fraud

Darryl C Harris, MD, 46, Beaumont, TX – Guilty, Medical Testing Fraud

John M Felton, MD, 45, Boston – Arraigned, Child Sex Charges

Frederic Feit, MD, 59, Manalapan NJ – Began Sentence, Health Care Fraud

Doyle S Steele, MD, 51, Las Vegas – Parole Hearing, serving time in ‘Drugs for Sex’ case

Josyann Abisaab, MD, New York – License Suspended, Failure to Report Gunshot Wound to police, involving Pro Football Player Plaxico Burress

Brian Shaffer, MD, New Jersey

Giacomo Mangiaracina, MD, New Jersey

Louis Tsarouhas, MD, New Jersey – All Guilty, Tax Evasion, Kickbacks, at Mercerville Medical Clinic

Larry E Perry, MD, Tennessee – License Suspended, Sexual Misconduct with Patients

Rexford Agbenohevi, MD, Tennessee – License Suspended, Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with a Patient in exam rooms

Sohrab Shafinia, D.O., 48, Michigan – Guilty, Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics

Paul Emerson, MD, 48, Detroit -Pled Guilty, Prescription Resulting in Death, Illegal Prescribing Narcotics

Arie Van Der Wiede, MD, 46, Michigan – Began Prison Sentence, Criminal Sexual relations with Child under 13

Sukhdarshan S Bedi, MD, 56, Illinois – Guilty, Drug Scheme, Obstruction of Justice

Brant G Kersey, MD, Tennessee – License Reprimand, Repeated Prescribing Errors

James H Pogue, MD, Tennessee – License Reprimand, Unprofessional, Unethical, Dishonest Conduct

David C Winkler, MD, 35, San Antonio – Convicted, Child Pornography Case

Sylvain Junger, MD, 53, Passaic NJ – Convicted, 4 Counts, Sexual Molestation of Patients

Daniel Healy, MD, 53, Arcadia, CA – Convicted, “Pain Killers for Cash”

Robert C Vonborstel, MD, Oregon – Surrendered Medical License, State Investigation, Fine

Daniel C Garner, MD, Tennessee – Probation, Failure to get necessary training on Laser Equipment

Jack L Glisson, MD, Tennessee – Probation, Performed Surgery without a license

Douglas W Kane, MD, Tennessee – Probation, treating patients while under the influence

Pravin Vasoya, MD, 41, New Jersey – Guilty, Intent to Sell Narcotics

Gregory Johns, MD, 48, Alabama – Guilty, Sexually Abusing 2 Patients

Daryn W Peterson, MD, 37, Las Vegas – Convicted, Health Care Fraud

Phillip A Knorr, MD, Santa Cruz, CA  -Reprimand, Probation, Incomplete Care of Patient, Negligence

Sandeep Kapor, MD, Los Angeles – Indicted, Anna Nicole Smith Death Case

Kristine Eroshevich, MD  – Indicted, Anna Nicole Smith Death Case

Harry A Zain, MD, Tennessee – License Reprimand, Guilty of Assault

Daniel Fearnow, MD, Memphis – Charged, 12 Counts, Illegal Drug Distribution

John R Wickerman, MD, Tennessee – License Suspended, Inappropriate Sexual Contact with a Patient

Carmen Por, MD, Ohio – Guilty, Cash & Credit Card Theft from Patients & Staff

John T Tiano, MD, South Carolina – Guilty, Conspiracy, Health Care Fraud

Alexander Chernowitz, MD, Tennessee – License Restricted, Substance Abuse

George Koral, MD, California – Released from Prison, Maintain License Revocation, Attempted Murder of Wife by Arson


State of Arkansas Medical Board Actions

Leasa A Prince, MD – Medical License Revoked

Kenneth D Eubanks, MD – Emergency Order to Suspend License

Clarence J Arendall, MD – Medical License Revoked

James R Barber, MD – Surrendered License

Karmin E Blanks, MD – Convicted, Practicing Medicine with revoked license

Julian P Choe, MD – Reprimand, Unprofessional Conduct, sexual contact with patient

Charles O Falashade, MD – License Revoked, selling drugs for personal gain

Douglas Greer, MD – License Revoked, Fraud

John G Harvey, MD  – License Revocation, Failure to Maintain Previous Order

Scott S Haswell, MD – 3-Year License Suspension, unlawful sex with a patient

Ofelia G Gayaso, MD – Surrendered License, Incompetence

Martin R McLaren, MD – License Revoked, Fraud

Raja Sood, MD – License suspended 5 years, Substance Abuse

Gregory Villabona, MD – State license denied, immoral  conduct in other state

George A Gravesand, MD – Conviction of Rape

Homer C House, MD  – License Denied, History of performing unnecessary surgeries, Fraud

Monte D Blue – License Revoked

Donald E Carter, MD – Surrendered License

Samual T Houston, MD – License Revoked

Stacey M Johnson, MD – License Revoked

 Quitman W Jones, MD – License Revoked

 Paul D Kauffman, MD – License Revoked

 Steven R Maes, MD – License Revoked

 Bobby S Morgan, MD – License Revoked


What follows is a 10% sample of Physicians in prison for Homicide in the year 2009

Jeffrey MacDonald, MD, L.A. – Life term, Murders of his wife and 2 daughters

Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

Clara Harris, MD, Houston – Prison, “Murder by Mercedes” repeatedly ran over her cheating doctor-husband

Dr Clara Harris

John F Boyle, MD, Ohio – Life term, Murdered wife & burying her in basement under concrete floor

Dr John F Boyle

Kevin P Anderson, MD, L.A. – Life Term, Murder of his lover, also a married doctor, Deepti Gupta

Dr Deepti Gupta

Ronald Mikos, MD, Illinois – Life term, Murdered a patient about to testify against him

Dr Ronald Mikos

Harry Sugar, MD, New York – Life Term, Murder of wife Joan

Christian Hageseth, MD – Nine months in jail for prescribing medication over the Internet to a student who committed suicide.

Dr Christian Hegeseth

George Kubski, MD, Florida  – 20-Year term, Prescribing 20,000 Narcotic in 90 days

Michael Posey, DDS, Napa, CA – Serving time for Murder of wife Elizabeth

Dr Michael Posey Convicted in the Murder of his wife

Robert Weitzel, MD, Utah – 15 year sentence. Narcotic Deaths of 5 elderly patients

Barton Corbin, MD, Atlanta – Life Term, Murder of wife (recent) ; Murder of girlfriend (many years ago)

Dr Barton Corbin

Jennifer Corbin, dead wife

Dorothy Hearn, dead girlfriend

Dirk Greineder, MD, New England – Life Term, Murder of his wife with a hammer

Dr Dirk Greineder

Mabel Greineder, beaten to death with a hammer

Medhut Shenouda, Surgeon, NY – 12 year Term, Attempted Murder of his wife by injecting insulin

Robert Bierenbaum, MD, NY – Murder & Dismemberment of wife Gail, body tossed from airplane

Dr Robert Bierenbaum & wife Gail

Harriston Bass, MD, Las Vegas – 25-year Term, Murder by overdose

Richard Sharp, MD, 55, Boston – Suicide in jail cell after murdering his wife

Bradley Schwartz, MD, 44, Tucson – Murder of doctor David Stidhan

John B Hamilton, MD, OK City – Serving Life Term, Murder of his wife


Carl Drury, MD, Georgia – Serving 15-Year Term, Plot to Murder his wife

John D Cavaness, MD, Illinois – On Death Row, Murder of his son

Thomas G Merrill, MD, Florida – Life Term, Overdosing Patients Resulted in 5 Deaths

Mark Weinberger, MD, Indiana – Former Fugitive, now in custody, Malpractice Death of a patient

Yazeed Essa, MD, Ohio – Former Fugitive, Extradicted, Found Guilty of Poisoning his wife Rosemarie 

Dr Yazeed Essa, put cyanide in wife’s vitamins

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