New Orleans Fires Team Doctors After Serious Player Misdiagnosis

Over the weekend the NFL sports world learned via several insider reports that the New Orleans Saints looking to trade cornerback Delvin Breaux . The essence of the story was that coaches and team owners were frustrated, because Breaux seemed to have a problem healing from injuries that appeared to be minor. Most recently, he missed an entire week of training camp because of what the team doctors swore was a leg bruise.

Uh, not quite, doc.

After finally being more thoroughly examined, poor Mr. Breaux  actually had an excellent reason for all the pain he was describing: his leg was broken. Specifically, he had suffered a fracture of the fibula. The fibula – for those interested – is a leg bone located on the outside of the tibia, with which it is connected above and below. It is the smaller and weaker of the two lower leg bones.

According to Nick Underhill of The Advocate, the Saints’ management was so highly irritated at the doctors’ misdiagnosis – and embarrassed by their stance that Breaux’ injuries were not as serious as he let on – that they fired orthopedic specialists, doctors Deryk Jones and Misty Suri, this morning.  The termination of the two doctors happened immediately after another doctor proved that the normally non-complaining Breaux actually did indeed have a broken leg. 

It wasn’t exactly rocket surgery. All it took was a – now hold your ponies here – an X-RAY.

Breaux is not exactly known as a whiner when it comes to football-inflicted pain. He has started and was a key player in 21 of the last 22 games for the Saints, over the last two seasons. He is now scheduled for orthopedic surgery and the recovery time is about 6 weeks.

We wish him well.


This case reminds us of an epitaph we once saw on a tombstone in Billings Montana:

Dear Folks. I Told You I was Sick. Did you Listen? Noooooooo.



4 thoughts on “New Orleans Fires Team Doctors After Serious Player Misdiagnosis

  1. Are these Board Certified orthopedic surgeons? It isn’t clear from your description. At Kaiser where I live, there are some orthopedic “specialists” who are nothing more than internists trying to relieve the workload of the actual surgeons. I just got misdiagnosed by one of these hospitalists. Then I got back in the hospital and had 2 rods and 4 screws placed in my spine by a real ortho surgeon.
    But, of course, I still have to PAY the costs of the misdiagnosis admission!

  2. OMG! So sorry! I know too many that have back issues and you don’t mess around with your center! I hope you are healing well!

  3. I would have suggested an X-ray and I am a Liberal Arts Major!

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