Texas MD Gropes One Too Many Ladies

New details are emerging in the case against Doctor Jaime Sandoval in Corpus Christi Texas. 

Dr Jamie Sandoval

The Texas Medical Board announced on July 21 that they have suspended his medical license after they learned there were credible reports that he was routinely inappropriately touching and groping adult female patients.

A Corpus Christi doctor’s license has been suspended for, “engaging in a pattern of inappropriate conduct with 5 female patients, in which he violated sexual boundaries.” (, Corpus Christi Caller-Times)

A spokesperson for the Corpus Christi Police Department told the news media the doctor, age 63, was arrested on July 19 after one of his patients claimed she was sexually assaulted.

From February 2009 to April 2017, the medical board found that Sandoval had committed inappropriate conduct with at least 5 patients through inappropriate touching, actions and comments deemed offensive and sexual, the press release stated.

According to the arrest warrant, the most recent victim told detectives the physician sexually assaulted her on February 1, 2017 at his clinic, located at 1301 Santa Fe Street. She told police she went to the clinic seeking treatment for a rash on her neck. She reported that during the exam, Sandoval stood behind her, opened her blouse and massaged her breasts. She told police, “the doctor asked me to lay down on the exam table so that he could check my stomach. Instead, he placed his hands in and around my “private area.” She said the doctor told her that she looked sexy.

Jaime Sandoval was handcuffed and arrested on July 19 and was taken to the Nueces County Jail. He was later released on $50,000 bail.


Our Observations:

So frisky, freaky Sandoval is simply one of thousands of immigrant-MDs who’ve come to the conclusion that the U.S. healthcare system is rife with perverted-physician opportunity. For each one who is eventually caught – and remember that this miscreant’s sexual fun and games went on for nearly 10 years – how many more do you suppose are out there?