Palm Harbor Cancer MD Gets 6-Year Sentence for Drug-Smuggling, Fraud

And here we have still another shamed Florida physician – this one would routinely administer cheaper, illegal, foreign-made drugs to her unknowing cancer patients. A federal jury found her guilty of all 45 criminal charges . She was sentenced last week to 6 years in federal prison.


Doctor Diana Anda Norbergs, age 61, cried as she read her statement of sorrow before U.S. District judge James Moody. She apologized to the five-dozen patients who were victimized by her careless, dangerous and usually worthless treatments, by a supposed cancer-care expert. Of course the “apology” was rather tepid, since she blamed the drug companies and her own staff for the “errors.” 

Norbergs testified in court that she had “no idea” her clinic was using unapproved drugs from unlicensed foreign distributors. She believed that the drugs she was receiving had been FDA-approved and could be legally sold in the United States.

Yes, she really did say she didn’t know a thing about the drugs she was pushing into her patients’ veins.


Dr Diana Anda Norbergs

Here’s her clinic PR sheet. She looks almost respectable in a lab coat, doesn’t she?

Norbergs’ criminal deeds occurred at a sham medical clinic called East Lake Oncology in Palm Harbor, where she pushed at least $700,000 worth of the illegal drugs like Altuzan and MabThera. She then billed Medicare for the legal – and more expensive – American counterparts.

Federal health officials said patients at East Lake Oncology were unaware that for the past 6 years Dr. Diana Anda Norbergs and her staff were giving them cheaper, misbranded drugs that were not approved for use in the United States. She then billed the taxpayer-funded Medicare program and private insurance companies for the illegal prescriptions, falsifying that she was actually using the FDA-approved versions. Norbergs would then pocket the extra money.

Norbergs was found guilty in a jury trial last November. She was convicted of Drug Smuggling into the United States, Healthcare Fraud, Mail Fraud and Receiving Misbranded Medications.

“It doesn’t get much more serious than this . . . a physician giving unapproved drugs to cancer patients and billing Medicare as if she had provided FDA-approved drugs.”  (Shimon R. Richmond, special agent, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

So judge Moody ordered Norbergs to serve 70 months in federal prison, and she was ordered to repay the nearly $850,000 she stole from in Medicare. 

Her medical license was revoked last May, so don’t bother calling the “clinic” anymore, located at 4114 Woodlands Pkwy # 301, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Phone: (727) 789-2595. (disconnected)


The doctor isn’t in today. And she won’t be in tomorrow, either.

Here’s another look:



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