Virginia MD, Charged With Nurses’ Murder, Released From Jail Pending Trial

In the city of Richmond a doctor believed to have killed his girlfriend will soon be released from jail because his murder trial has been delayed.

Dr John Gibbs

Dr John Elmore Gibbs

Doctor John E. Gibbs, age 39, is scheduled for release on September 1, because his murder trial in Chesterfield Circuit Court has been pushed back 90 days. According to the prosecution, the trial needed to be rescheduled so that an important witness will be available to testify against him. 

Gibbs, a pain management specialist, was arrested on March 14 at a ski slope. He has been charged with the murder of a nurse named Zulma Pabon, a coworker who disappeared in 2014 while living with the doctor. Ms. Pabon’s body was never found.

Zulma Pabon, age 26, was last seen alive on June 6, 2014, according to the Chesterfield County Police Department. The licensed practical nurse was leaving her job at Commonwealth Fertility and Women’s Health at St. Francis Medical Center.

Zulma Pabon

The missing nurse Zulma Pabon

At the bail hearing for the doctor on April 11 the prosecution revealed numerous strange details discovered during the investigation – all of which lead them to believe the physician killed the nurse: 

  • In the weeks before Ms. Pabon disappeared,  Gibbs performed searches on his home computer regarding the use of ether to cause unconsciousness.
  • In the days after the nurse went missing, the doctor went to a local Lowes home supply store and purchased 23 bottles of acid drain cleaner and a large trash container.
  • While Gibbs was unaware he was being followed by undercover law enforcement, detectives witnessed him driving to a large dumpster, miles away from his home, and dropping a large black trash bag. When police retrieved the bag, they found bedsheets from his home. 
  • After Gibbs moved from the home he’d shared with Pabon to another apartment, the doctor trashed his girlfriend’s belongings, including her jewelry, clothing and pictures of them together.
  • Detectives told the grand jury that even though the doctor referred to himself as Ms. Pabon’s boyfriend, he never reported her missing and refused to cooperate with police when they wanted to ask him questions about her disappearance. This, according to  reports CBS affiliate WTVR.

Investigators are convinced Ms Pabon is dead, although her body has not been found. They say the case is now classified as a ‘No Body’ Homicide.

NO BODY HOMICIDE (2)The murder trial – originally scheduled for July 31 – is expected to begin November 1.

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