NYC Doctor and Wife Leap to Their Deaths in Suicide Pact

In downtown New York City a doctor and his wife jumped to their deaths from a Midtown high-rise early this morning. They each carried what is referred to by investigators as a ‘letter of intent’ that indicated they had serious financial problems, according to an NYPD spokeswoman.


Doctor and wife’s bodies lay covered in the street early this morning in New York City. (photo by Seth Gottfried)

Doctor Glenn Scarpelli, age 53, and his wife Patricia Colant, age 50, apparently leaped from their 9th floor clinic, located in a 14-story business building at 33 Street and Madison Avenue. They are believed to have jumped from a window about 5:45 a.m.

“We had a wonderful life,” one of the notes said. It went on to reference to a, “financial spiral.”

Dr. Glen Scarpelli and his wife, Patricia, jumped to their deaths from a rooftop on 33rd St. on Friday.

Doctor Glenn Scarpelli

The couple worked together at Scarpelli’s chiropractic clinic, known as the Madison Wellness Center, where for a time former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre was a patient.

The ugly deaths in the street left the couple’s neighbors stunned. They were known to frequent neighborhood restaurants and bodegas and were well-liked. “He was the happiest guy you’d ever want to meet,” said Robert Bisaccia, who worked for an architectural firm in the same building.

The staff at Beckett’s Bar & Grill  was emotionally crushed by the news, the owner said sadly.

“He was a family man,” said a neighbor. “He always talked about his son and his daughter. I can’t comprehend why they did this.”

The boy is 19 and the daughter is 20. They are both college students.

The NYPD Head of Detectives, Robert Boyce, said the motives for the double suicide are not yet clear. “We just don’t know right now,” Boyce said.

NTC High-rise

The Madison Avenue Wellness center was located on the 9th floor. (photo by Marcus Santos)








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