Nevada Immigrant Doctor Jorge Burgos Assaults 7 Patients; Get 7 Days in Jail. Ole!

(We are indebted to Charles Weston, DoctorWatchdog, for advising us of this case)

Yesterday in the city of Las Vegas a freaky physician was sentenced to a jaw-dropping 7 days in jail, after sexually assaulting 7 different women during medical exams at his clinic. And no, we’re not kidding.


Dr Jorge Burgos

“Are you going to get me in trouble for doing that?” (Doctor Jorge Burgos, to patient he had just assaulted in a Las Vegas exam room)


The punishment – if any normal person can call it that – for Doctor Jorge Burgos, means this lab coat lunatic will serve a whopping 1 day behind bars, for each of the attacks, in return for his confession of Gross Lewdness Involving Patients. 

“You are ordered to reflect, each day, about what you did to each of these women.” (Clark County District Judge Richard Scotti) 

Well, damn it, that oughta teach him. 

After the sentencing, Crane Pomerantz – and that would be the daffy doc’s lawyer – asked the judge if his medical miscreant client could serve his 7 days on weekends. Yeah, he really did. After all, his 168-hours behind bars shouldn’t have to be served all in a row. That might interfere with his appointment schedule. As is typical when it comes to weenie legal “punishment” of MDs meted out by the courts, the judge agreed. The last thing the judge would want to do is inconvenience a sexual predator.

“This event, this series of events, have caused Doctor Burgos great shame.” (Attorney Crane Pomerantz)

News flash: The idiot’s idiot behavior embarrassed him when people found out. Who knew?

The doctor, who was first arrested September 21 of last year, was handcuffed and taken away once again in October when more victims came forward . But his first known chimp-on-chocolate behavior was actually reported by a woman as far back as 2011. But no charges were filed and of course the nutcase continued on his merry way.

“You must take a 4-hour online course on “victim empathy” and attend therapy sessions.” (Judge Richard Scotti)

Well just grab your giggling guppies. That oughta teach him.

Bawdy Burgos, who has actually lived to be 50 without being throttled by a spouse of his victims,  was originally charged on 16 counts of Gross Lewdness. All but 3 charges were dropped when he agreed to confess.

According to the court record, at least 6 other women patients reported to Las Vegas Police that “the doctor kissed, groped and touched them inappropriately” while he supposedly performed physical exams at his clinic. 

One woman described an encounter when Burgos lifted her blouse, opened her bra and started kissing her breasts.  Complaints by other victims were similar in nature.

After this wholly ridiculous, slap on the poopy-butt sentencing, the doctor hugged his family and smiled for the cameras. He’ll be back to undressing patients on Monday morning. 

The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners website shows this medical moron as “a physician in good standing.”

Bad-boy Burgos’ clinic happens to be located at 1815 E Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 314, in North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. If you or your family are in need of a doctor, you might want to make a note.

Our Observation:

Bad-boy Burgos is an excellent example of what is known in the halls of medicine as a Third World Assassin. He immigrated here from the Dominican Republic after attending the  University Nacional P H Urena in  Santa Domingo in the 1990s. Like many foreign-born MDs, he has found the U.S. system easy pickings for his perversions. In a sane society, this urban gorilla in a lab coat would have been deported immediately. Instead, he’ll lay low for a while and then his sexual exploits will be back in the news again.

Oh, you can count on it.

Here’s another peek at this rarely discussed problem of physician predators:







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