Are You a Sex-Predator Doctor With a Revoked License? Not a Problem. There are 38 Other States You Can Move to

PREDATOR artFor those of us who study it for a living, America’s medical profession is a curious breed of animal. For all of its smiley-face, “Our job is patient safety and public health” head-game flummery, it is stunningly good at hiding its sins and shuffling its sinners. Consider – if you will – the following, good ol’ USA mind-bend.

In most states, you cannot work as a daycare provider. 

But in 38 of our glorious 50 states, sexual pervert physicians can be – and generally are – licensed and legal medical doctors. Medical regulators can decide to grant them licenses – and they do it all the time.

In our review of more than 2,000 disciplined MDs accused of sexual misconduct, we learned that many convicted of felony sexual attacks went right back to undressing people for money after they served their time. And that’s par for the course in most states.

  • New Jersey licensed a physician after he was found guilty of 4 patient sexual assaults. Kansas licensed a doctor while he was still in prison for sexually assaulting a child.
  • Utah licensed an MD who routinely grabbed the genitals of both staff members and patients.
  • Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee and the District of Columbia – just to name a few – are states where physicians with criminal sex convictions have been allowed to keep playing doctor.

There have been hundreds of cases where doctors arrested for Rape were allowed to work while their cases were going on.


In Montana, after Dr. Donald Eugene Russell was arrested in 2003 on the charge of molesting 3 children.  The judge in the case allowed him to continue patient contact practicing as long as he had a babysitter while treating kids. Only after the law discovered he had sex with an 84-year-old dementia patient, as well as 3 others, was the board embarrassed enough to revoke his license.

Now, if you care to see to how well your state handles physician sexual predator cases, here’s a fair place to find some information:

And here’s an excellent article on this subject:



One thought on “Are You a Sex-Predator Doctor With a Revoked License? Not a Problem. There are 38 Other States You Can Move to

  1. A lot of valuable information here. Thank you! Now if we just take it, learn from it and file complaints or report it. Wrong is wrong!

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