MD’s Ruan and Couch: Doctor Drug-Pushing Duo Head Off to Prison

For their despicable wealth-building roles in an outrageous and lethal drug-dealing operation, two Alabama physicians have now been sent off to prison for at least the next 2 decades.

Dr Ruan & Ferrari

Dr Xiulu Ruan: a drug-dealer and one of his perks

Doctor John Patrick Couch received a 20-year federal prison term on May 25, and was ordered to repay the $15,000,000 to the insurance companies he robbed.

His buddy-in-crime, Doctor Xiulu Ruan, was sentenced to 21 years the next day, and he too will repay the millions he stole.

The doctor do-bad duo were found by investigators to have defrauded numerous insurance companies in a scheme they manipulated out of their pain management clinic in the city of Mobile. As an example, they wrote out more than 65,000 narcotic prescriptions in the year 2014 alone – more than 100 every day the clinic was open.


Dr John P Couch and Dr Xiulu Ruan: Just your friendly drug dealers down the street

The daft doctors’ downfall actually began in 2015, when U.S. DEA agents raided the clinic called Physicians Pain Specialists of Alabama.

At trial prosecutors were able to prove the pill-pushing physicians were raking in thousands of dollar each day by using their clinic – as well as the C&R Pharmacy they owned – to prescribe thousands of doses of narcotics to patients with no need, and then fraudulently bill insurance payers.

The DEA and prosecutors discovered that Couch and Ruan had raked in millions by overprescribing potent narcotic pain medications; had ignored signs that clinic nurses were stealing drugs and working while impaired; had systematically handled patients in a way designed to maximize payouts from insurance companies; and had collected speaking fees and other payments that essentially were kickbacks. The array of charges included money laundering, mail and wire fraud and even a violation of the RICO organized crime statute.

The trial, which lasted nearly 2 months, involved more than 75 witnesses testifying.

Following their convictions, both doctors were ordered to forfeit their homes, vacation condos, and bank accounts. They lost the 23 exotic cars they had accumulated, including multiple Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys. All will be sold at U.S. government asset auctions.

Each MD was also fined $5,000,000.

Here’s the case:



One thought on “MD’s Ruan and Couch: Doctor Drug-Pushing Duo Head Off to Prison

  1. The fraud is despicable but “Hallelujah” they were sentenced and fined!

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