Why Medics and Nurses Don’t Watch TV Medical Shows: The ‘Drama-Goofs’ Drive Us Crazy

Wanna know what really makes a medical professional scream and holler?

GOOFY MED CartoonAs a Paramedic I’ve mentioned on this site more than once, why TV medical dramas – which purport to be realistic – often drive medical professionals stark-raving mad. Just for fun, we’ll note here what a few of our nurse friends have to say about Holly-Weird hospital programs:

“The patient starts having a seizure. The family screams for a nurse. The nurse runs in (first off, we don’t RUN) and her priority move is to take his temperature. Yeah, there’s a nifty move. Let’s pop a thermometer into a seizure patient’s mouth, so he can bite it off and swallow it. ERRRRR.” (Annie, RN)

“My jaw drops when the doctor goes to the patient’s home to explain to them why they need to return to the hospital to have a life saving operation. Yeah right.” (TwilightRN)

“In 40 years of TV goofy-dramas, I’ve never ever, ever seen ANYBODY wash their hands.” (Nerd2Nurse)



Grey’s Anatomy has raked in billions on its bizarre world “reality”. Sad to say, people are gullible enough to believe it 

“Ever notice there are pretty much NO nurses in “House”??? That’s probably because no RN on the planet would work anywhere near that ass.” (Smitty)

“Has anybody ever seen a TV hospital bed with the side rails up? I haven’t.” (Kenni)

House has to be the worst med-deadhead show ever. Some patients die like 5 times, then by the end of the hour they’re wide awake and talking after the commercial.” (AllyKat)

“Any show that has an MD starting an IV makes me turn it off with lightning speed. Too stupid for words.” (33nFree)

“My favorite Whhaaaa! moment was back in the days of Dallas. The cool Bobby Ewing, having been hit by a car, lying in hospital bed talking to his family. He’s connected to the EKG. Suddenly he goes from normal sinus rhythm to flat-line. Somebody calmly walzes in, switches off the machines and . . . one dead Bobby. Poor cutie Bobby. Never had a chance.” (GHGoonette)

“The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I ever watched, some coma guy had woken up perfectly fine after a year long coma and walked out of the hospital. Lord have mercy.” (Mazy)

“The whole idea of the nurses wanting to become doctors is science fiction. Never met a nurse in 30 years who would even consider it.” (CNL2B)

“Once in the ER (NOT “ER” but the real ER) I asked one of the cops, “How are the movies about you guys?” He answered, “Exactly the same as movies about you guys. Stupid.” (MaleRN)


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