Verdict is in: Las Vegas Doctor ‘Guilty’ in Patient Sexual Attacks Trial

“Anything he said as a doctor, they believed him and thought he had their best interests in mind.” (Prosecutor Alex Chen)

Dr Binh Chung

Doctor Binh Chung enters the courtroom to face the women he sexually used

In Las Vegas Nevada a superior court jury has found Doctor Binh “Ben” Chung guilty on numerous charges of patient sexual assault while in his medical office for treatments.

In total, Chung was convicted on Friday of 11 of 14 felony-level crimes – the least of which included Kidnapping, as well as using a child to produce pornographic videos, because one of his sexual assault victims was only 16 years old.

Brenda Wong

Brenda Wong, wife of medical mad-man Binh “Ben” Chung, sadly testifies in Las Vegas courtroom  about her husband’s secret videos she found at home

The jury, which deliberated for 8 hours,  determined that Chung abused his position as a physician; drugged and raped unconscious patients behind closed doors; and in some cases, recorded his attacks by using a hidden video camera.

Over the course of the trial, several victims testified in detail, telling the court how they were drugged and then sexually used by the doctor as they lay on his exam table unable to move.

Criminal Chung was originally handcuffed and taken to jail in Las Vegas in 2015, after his wife had gone to police, and showed them the video recordings she’d found on his home computer.

In a last-ditch attempt to convince the jury of his innocence, Chung testified himself last Thursday. He stated he absolutely did not sexually assault any of his patients. Rather, the sexually explicit videos shown in court were of “role playing” with a woman he was having an affair with. He said he and the woman had a Sleeping Beauty fetish and would “pretend to be asleep”.

That response was denied by the woman in question. She testified against him, as did other victims who, apparently, had no such “fetish.” Neither did it explain any of the other patient attacks.

The doctor will be back in court for a sentencing hearing on July 10.

Our Observations:

As we previously reported, Doctor Binh “Ben” Chung is an immigrant from China. And as we also reported, the Nevada State Medical Board could have stopped all of this from happening a decade ago, when Chung was arrested on “lewdness charges” in 2006. As  too often happens with physician misbehavior, the charges were dismissed, when he agreed to 100 hours of “community service” and “impulse control counseling”. In that case, the deviant doctor sexually groped a 15-year-old girl who sought treatment for an eye infection. And some poor mental midget determined “impulse control counseling” would solve the problem of a sexual deviant.

How well did that work out for the ladies and girl in this case?

Never forget: The primary purpose of state medical boards is to protect criminal physicians. They all talk a good game about “public safety”. It’s nonsense. In literally thousands of cases since 1985, state medical boards could have protected the public by simply being proactive. All they have to do is institute policies and protocols similar to the airline industry regarding pilot misbehavior.

It ain’t exactly rocket science.

More on this case:


4 thoughts on “Verdict is in: Las Vegas Doctor ‘Guilty’ in Patient Sexual Attacks Trial

  1. Nice to know he was found guilty. I hope he gets a very long sentence and never gets to practice again.

  2. Doctor Watchdog says:

    This sort of thing happens way too much, and there is so little outrage about it.

  3. Irfan muhammed says:

    I can’t believe this guy is a doctor. He’s sick.

  4. Yes, he is sick. And here’s another little-known fact of which the public is unaware: in Washington DC, tucked away on a side-street happens to be a small office of what is known as the National Practitioner Data Bank. Their job is to collect the cases of “Dangerous” or Questionable” physicians. The names within those files are kept secret from the public.

    Any guess how many names of doctors the NPDB has in its files?

    Just under 260,000, since they began in 1985

    We might all want to go back and look at that number again.

    When is the last time healthcare mentioned THAT?

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