Murderous Physician is “Sane”; But Yet to be Sentenced for Killing 4 People

In Omaha Nebraska a doctor who went on a murderous rampage nearly 10 years ago and was convicted of multiple Murders, has been granted still another despicable delay in his sentencing.

Dr Anthony Garcia

Lab coat cretin got fired as a medical resident in Omaha; decided to start killing people for ruining his career

Douglas County District Judge Gary Randall agreed with a state psychiatric evaluation in March, that found Doctor Anthony Garcia of Terra Haute Indiana, is mentally competent to proceed to the sentencing phase of his case. The judge had ordered the evaluation earlier that month after Garcia refused to answer questions at a competency hearing.

But now, Garcia’s attorneys argue that they aren’t “prepared to proceed.” They say they need more time to determine whether Garcia’s history of mental problems should serve as a mitigating factor against a death sentence.

Dr Garcia Victims.png

He took the Oath: Primum no nocere. He just didn’t mean it

So let’s all get this straight. A mad-man doctor sneaks into two different homes and stabs a housekeeper 17 times; slashes an 11-year-old boy’s throat; does much the same to another doctor and his wife – and years later his lawyers are allowed to play legal-beagle burp-games over his “rights?”

God help this poor, tail-wags-the-dog nation.

It was last October when an Omaha jury found Garcia “guilty” in the March 2008 deaths of Thomas Hunter, age 11; housekeeper Shirlee Sherman, age 57; and the May 2013 deaths of Doctor Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary, both 65. Garcia, a 43-year-old doctor, killed all 4 as revenge, because he had been fired from Creighton University pathology department. His former bosses were Doctor William Hunter – whose son he murdered – and Doctor Brumback.

Dr garcia guilty

For a pathology major, this fool was dumber than a box of rocks. He left evidence everywhere

So after a hearing that lasted only minutes, Douglas County District Judge Gary Randall has seen fit to delay sentencing, which almost certainly means it will be months before this particular medical monster is sentenced.

And some people wonder why this particular Paramedic became a heretic. How much evidence do you need, to realize the USA is slipping evermore surely in Bizarre World.


One thought on “Murderous Physician is “Sane”; But Yet to be Sentenced for Killing 4 People

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    What can you say: It’s Nebraska, the same state that elected Senator Ben Nelson who sold his vote for some special funding deal for Nebraska and pushed Obamacare over the top.

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