Doctor Kiersten Cerveny Overdose Case: Drug-Pusher Convicted; Movie Producer Awaits Sentencing

“The drug dealer is not liable for a $1,000,000 restitution demand from the woman’s family. Doctor Cerveny was a victim of her own choices when she died following the all- night drinking and drug session in Manhattan.” (The Judge) 

The man,  James Holder, had earlier confessed to operating a “drug distribution house” where Doctor Kiersten Cerveny was found dead of cocaine and alcohol intoxication, in October 2015.

Friends of Cerveny, pictured with her husband, had observed her drinking wine, vodka, beer and tequila shots and doing lines of cocaine at a bar and in a hotel room she and her friends had secured for the night
“They looked healthy and happy. It seemed like they were on top of the world.” (Dr Thomas Nicotri, her former professor at the Medical Center of Louisiana)

Investigators questioned the doctor’s friends about the night of her death. The friends said she was drinking vodka, beer, wine and tequila shots, and snorting lines of cocaine at a bar and in a hotel room.

At Holder’s sentencing, the judge said that – although Holder had sold her drugs and behaved badly by not helping Cerveny after she overdosed – she was a victim of her own choices when she went to the apartment to buy the drugs.

Cerveny died of cocaine and alcohol intoxication in Holder's apartment building. He is pictured, center, being taken in for charges related to the death 

The case also resulted in a guilty plea  by Marc Henry Johnson, who is awaiting sentencing

Johnson is a producer of HBO’s The Deuce, which focuses on the porn industry in New York in the 1970s.

When paramedics arrived, they found the doctor’s panties tucked in her purse. 

The doctor, who had attended Duke University after winning the America’s Junior Miss Pageant, left behind a life her friends say she had ‘everything’.

She and her husband lived in a $1.2million home in Manhassaet, Long Island, where they lived with their three children 



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