Doctor “Drugged and Raped” Patients According to Las Vegas Prosecution

Still another doctor drugging and sex-with-patients trial, began yesterday at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas

Dr Binh Minh Chung

Care to know the most exasperating  thing about the medical profession? They can’t even admit to the damage they wreak upon society. They think you’re too stupid to notice

Doctor Binh Minh “Ben” Chung is a family medicine specialist in Las Vegas who now stands accused of sedating his patients and then video recording himself raping them as they lay in his clinic naked and unconscious. Investigators discovered that Chung would inject patients with a tranquilizer such as Ketamine, to put them to sleep.

According to the original arrest report, the doctor’s wife volunteered to show detectives numerous videos she had discovered on her husband’s computer. The videos were of a man in medical scrubs having sex with unconscious women. Chung’s wife, police said, identified the man in the videos as her husband.


Police believe Chung assaulted at least 11 victims.

On the first day of the proceedings Prosecutor Alexander Chen told the court that Chung’s former wife and medical staff, as well as former friends and patients, will all testify against him, in a trial that is expected to last about a week.  The prosecutor then went straight to his strongest evidence, by showing the court still-photos printed from the camera equipment found in the doctor’s treatment room. It was a shocking display of a medical professional gone mad.

The doctor, age 43, was arrested and taken into custody 2 years ago, in June, 2015, on more than 2 dozen felony charges, including:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Administering Drugs in the Commission of a Felony
  • Using a Minor in Production of Pornography

The California State Medical Board suspended Chung’s medical license when they became aware of the charges against him in June 2015. He has been held in jail since that time on $1,000,000 bail.

Chung could get life in prison. 

Our Observations:

As so often happens when physicians are caught in serious misbehavior, we now know that the State Medical Board could have prevented all of this, because there were plenty of warning signs.  This doctor was caught as far back as 2009 on Misdemeanor Lewdness charges, when he was sanctioned for sexually groping a young teenage girl, a patient who came to him to be treated for an eye infection. What was his “punishment” for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl behind closed doors in his clinic?

He was ordered to do “community service” and sit in on “impulse control” counseling. Was his medical license suspended for even one week? Of course not.

How well would you say friendly swats on daffy doctor butts work out for society?


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