Doctor “Drugged and Raped” Patients According to Las Vegas Prosecution

Still another doctor drugging and sex-with-patients trial, began yesterday at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas

Dr Binh Minh Chung

Care to know the most exasperating  thing about the medical profession? They can’t even admit to the damage they wreak upon society. They think you’re too stupid to notice

Doctor Binh Minh “Ben” Chung is a family medicine specialist in Las Vegas who now stands accused of sedating his patients and then video recording himself raping them as they lay in his clinic naked and unconscious. Investigators discovered that Chung would inject patients with a tranquilizer such as Ketamine, to put them to sleep.

According to the original arrest report, the doctor’s wife volunteered to show detectives numerous videos she had discovered on her husband’s computer. The videos were of a man in medical scrubs having sex with unconscious women. Chung’s wife, police said, identified the man in the videos as her husband.


Police believe Chung assaulted at least 11 victims.

On the first day of the proceedings Prosecutor Alexander Chen told the court that Chung’s former wife and medical staff, as well as former friends and patients, will all testify against him, in a trial that is expected to last about a week.  The prosecutor then went straight to his strongest evidence, by showing the court still-photos printed from the camera equipment found in the doctor’s treatment room. It was a shocking display of a medical professional gone mad.

The doctor, age 43, was arrested and taken into custody 2 years ago, in June, 2015, on more than 2 dozen felony charges, including:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Administering Drugs in the Commission of a Felony
  • Using a Minor in Production of Pornography

The California State Medical Board suspended Chung’s medical license when they became aware of the charges against him in June 2015. He has been held in jail since that time on $1,000,000 bail.

Chung could get life in prison. 

Our Observations:

As so often happens when physicians are caught in serious misbehavior, we now know that the State Medical Board could have prevented all of this, because there were plenty of warning signs.  This doctor was caught as far back as 2009 on Misdemeanor Lewdness charges, when he was sanctioned for sexually groping a young teenage girl, a patient who came to him to be treated for an eye infection. What was his “punishment” for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl behind closed doors in his clinic?

He was ordered to do “community service” and sit in on “impulse control” counseling. Was his medical license suspended for even one week? Of course not.

How well would you say friendly swats on daffy doctor butts work out for society?


Idiot Immigrant MD Could Have Just Paid a Traffic Ticket. Now Faces Prison for Faking Evidence and Lying to the Court

A Northern California physician has been found guilty on felony charges in Oroville of faking evidence to dodge a speeding ticket. We suspect when he thinks about it over this Mother’s Day weekend, he might guess that he ought to have just paid the ticket.


Doctor Nickesh P Shah, age 49 and a resident of San Francisco, was tried and convicted in Butte County Court in a case that had gone on for 4 years.

Shah could have solved his problems a long time ago, on the night he was stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer in April, 2013, for driving at a speed of 95 mph on state highway 99. But the daffy doc thought it was smarter to lie, and tell the officer that he was en route to a medical emergency. After all, he was a doctor and doctors get to break the rules made for lesser folks. He needed to get to the Enloe Medical Center.

But cops know all about being lied to – so the CHP officer called his medical assistant. Unfortunately for the fibbing physician, the assistant told the truth: “no emergency anywhere, just a doctor who’s late for work.”

 So speedy Shah got a ticket.


A few weeks went by, and then the Butte County District Attorney’s Office got a letter from the hospital saying that their esteemed Doctor Shah really had been rushing to an emergency that night, and his ticket should be dismissed. But it just so happens that prosecutors also know just a skosh about being lied to themselves. So they made a phone call to the hospital administration and lo & behold, the letter was fake. 

So the scallywag MD scammed up a fake letter on hospital letterhead and dropped it in the mail box. Who’s gonna know?

In court on November 22, the letter was proven to be bogus by the prosecutor. So the lab coat loon was found guilty of speeding and fined $500.

Oh, that was just was trial #1.

In trial #2, Shah faced a whole lot more that a traffic citation. He learned first-hand what a Felony False Evidence case looks like in a jury trial.

“This doctor turned a traffic ticket, otherwise eligible for traffic school, into a felony, which reflects moral turpitude and calls into question how fit he is to serve as a physician. He is now facing up to three years, eight months in county prison.” (District Attorney Mike Ramsey) 

Oh. And the Enloe Medical Center he was rushing to on that fateful night? Nobody by that name on staff. Nope. They never even heard of him. Go figure.

Dumbo Shah is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Our Observations:

Nickesh P Shah is an immigrant from the Middle East. Like far too many immigrant MDs, he already knew how appallingly easy it is (usually) to scam vapid American systems. He lied and he scammed because – for the most part – the United States makes criminal immigrant misbehavior so easy.

Trust us, we have not heard the last of Doctor Nickesh P Shah. He’ll be back in the news soon in another public screw-up. Stay tuned.

Because we get precisely what we tolerate.