American ‘Healthcare’: Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud

In the city of New Orleans 4 physicians and 2 others have been found guilty in federal court this week, in yet another massive Medicare theft scam.

According to federal prosecutors, this latest group of medical scamsters stole at least $13,500,000 by fraudulently billing Medicare for unnecessary services.

All 6 criminals worked with Abide Home Care Services, which routinely created imaginary patient diagnoses in order to make patient treatments appear more serious and complex than they were. At trial the prosecution was able to prove that Abide falsified hundreds of patient records to support medically unnecessary home health services.

Lisa Crinel

Lisa Crinel

Abide Home Care Services was owned by a New Orleans woman named Lisa Crinel, who changed her not guilty plea to guilty, in her role in the scam in 2015. 18 others have also pleaded guilty related to the scheme prior to this trial.

This week’s guilty verdicts came at the end of a four-week trial:

  • Doctor Shelton Barnes, age 62 – Healthcare Fraud; Audit Obstruction
  • Doctor Henry Evans, age 71 – 5 counts of Healthcare Fraud
  • Doctor Gregory Molden, age 60 – Healthcare Fraud
  • Doctor Michael Jones, age 47 – Healthcare Fraud
  • his wife Paula Jones, age 45 – Healthcare Fraud
  • Jonathon Nora, age 29 – Healthcare Fraud

Barnes could get a 170-year prison sentence; Molden faces 115 years; Jones 95 years; Evans 50 years; Paula Jones could get 15 years and Nora faces 25 years.

The U.S. Attorneys Office reports that all 4 physicians acted as home-visit medical professionals who ordered home healthcare services for Medicare patients “with no legitimate necessity.” They then illegally signed the patient charts.

The case revealed that Abide Home Care Services paid Doctors Molden, Barnes and Evans medical consultant fees monthly, even when no actual services were provided. In the case of Doctor Michael Jones’ and his wife Paula Jones, they were paid by over-inflating their already existing salaries, according to the U.S. Attorneys Office.

Here’s New Orlean’s “Business Woman of the Year” at the center of the multi-million dollar scam. Go figure.


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