Australian MD Sent to Prison 7 Years After Murdering His Diabetic Wife

In the city of Sidney a physician who killed his wife and then escorted his girlfriend to the morgue to see her corpse, has finally learned that his prison sentence almost guarantees he will die behind bars.

Doctor Brian Kenneth Crickitt, age 63, was sentenced by Justice Clifton Hoeben to a term of 27 years for the murder of Christine Crickitt, age 61, on New Year’s Eve, 2009.

Dr Brian Kenneth Crickitt

Dr Brian Kenneth Crickitt and his new wife Julie. Are these women out of their minds?

At the sentencing hearing last Thursday, the judge told the court that the MD “clearly abused his position of trust” – as a husband and as a doctor – by using “subterfuge” to inject a fatal dose of insulin into his wife, before leaving her to die of an overdose as he left the house.


Christine Crickitt

Christine Crickitt in happier times

The murderous medical man was found guilty in a non-jury trial of injecting his wife with a fast-acting form of insulin and then – as she lay comtose – he went off to spend a gleeful night with his girlfriend, a teacher named Linda Livermore.

The victim’s grieving adult children testified in court they were stunned when Crickitt showed up at the morgue holding hands with another woman several days after their mother’s death.

Drug Draw

“Trust me: I’m a doctor”

The prosecution was able to prove that the doctor murdered his wife so he could continue his new relationship, and finance their life, with his wife’s $600,000 life insurance pay out.

Investigators learned that two days before Christine Crickitt was found dead, the doctor had researched fast-acting insulin overdoses on his computer.

He then printed out an insulin prescription under the name of one of his patients; deleted the trace documentation of it from the hospital’s computer system and went to a drug store personally to pick up the drug.

Then, on the night of December 31, 2009, the doctor injected his wife in her right buttock with a fatal amount of the medication which she normally took, and drove away.

In spite of serial adultery and murder, Doctor Brian Crickitt was a regular at the local church. Imagine that. He even volunteered as teaching staff for bible study. None of which prevented him from going out and breaking at least 3 of the 10 Commandments – #6, #7 and #10, to be exact.

Of course, he also seriously fractured a key tenet of the Hippocratic Oath:

Primum no nocere.

But by now you already know – if you’ve been reading the Paramedic Heretic – that doctors break that oath 10,000 times a day.



One thought on “Australian MD Sent to Prison 7 Years After Murdering His Diabetic Wife

  1. Love that he got sentenced as compared to most murderous doctors!!!

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