Mississippi MD Changes His Bribery Plea From “Not Guilty” to . . . Uh, “Guilty”

In Jackson Mississippi a doctor arrested last year for his role in a long-running bribery case has changed his mind, and will plead guilty tomorrow morning in Federal Court before U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan, according to his attorney.

Dr Carl Reddix

Isn’t it amazing how normal and decent medical miscreants can look . . . in a lab coat?

Doctor Carl Reddix had originally pleaded not guilty last July after being handcuffed and taken to jail – charged with 6 counts of Bribery and 1 count of Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud. Wire Fraud covers a wide variety of theft schemes, but generally refers to the illegal movement of money via electronic bank transfers and/or computer internet systems.   

It comes to pass that Reddix MD owned a medical management business called Health Assurance, which won a $29,000,000 contract to provide healthcare to inmates at several state prisons. These contracts were approved by former Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps. Most of that arrangement was legal. What was not legal is that – in return for the contract – the doctor was paying the Commissioner thousands of dollars in secret personal cash. And when Health Assurance won contracts at more prisons, Reddix was sneaking Commissioner Epps $9,000 a month. What the daffy doctor did not know, is that federal agents were already onto the scam, and that in order to avoid a life-term in one of his own prisons, Epps was secretly gathering evidence against Health Assurance for U.S. government investigators.

Health Assurance art

Here’s the company logo. Incidentally, that EKG artwork  represents a truly sick heart

Health Assurance had been on law enforcement radar for several years. Former Harrison County Supervisor William Martin committed suicide in 2015, just before he was supposed to appear in Federal Court on bribery charges involving the doctor’s company.

This doctor could get 80 years in prison, although you can bet the house he will get a tiny fraction of that, because Reddix is . . . well, a doctor.

Here’s what they were saying in the beginning of this case:


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