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Mr. McDonald:
This doctor is still licensed in Michigan (Texas revoked his license due to charges). The State of Michigan says, “Respondent was remorseful regarding his conduct and was fully cooperative in resolving this matter. In addition, Respondents convictions were not practice related and did not involve respondent initiating or making contact with children.”
In the meantime, he looks like a saint on the internet:

I saw your article in the Detroit Free Press today. I have been trying to get legislation passed in Michigan for years. Michigan has about 30 sex offenders practicing (doctors who assaulted their own patients). Is this typical in other states?
Thank you.
Carlo Vendittelli
Canton, Michigan
Our response:
Carlo –
The short answer is “yes” physician sexual predators are relicensed in all 50 states, although to be fair, some states are responding to the abject embarrassment of that reality, by taking baby steps to change the ugly status quo.
In the end, it is extremely important for the public to know that – unlike what they believe to be true – physicians as a profession are routinely held to the LOWEST ethical standards in society. As a poster-child example, one need look no further than the medical monster named Visu Vilvarajah, MD, who was reissued a medical license after murdering his wife and her mother:
To our way of thinking, the inherent mind-fog in American healthcare is their damnable predilection of dismissing the appalling misbehaviors of their colleagues as “rare events.”
They are not “rare” at all. They happen hundreds of times per day by hundreds of practitioners; their crimes are stunning and unrelenting; and the typical decent physicians doing ethical work every day, remain stupifyingly silent about the criminals in their midst.
Sometimes SILENCE is itself a crime, is it not?

Not All Lab Coat Freaks End up in the U.S.: This One Terrorized Europe

Now and then we like to point out that not all misbehaving MDs are within the confines of the USA. There are tons of them elsewhere – especially in so-called “civilized” societies –  where they indeed appear to thrive. Here’s a recent case of a medical miscreant in England:

Dr Ian Paterson

Dr Ian Paterson terrorized female patients in England for years

British Physician Inflicted Women with Unnecessary Breast Surgeries

So it comes to pass that a breast surgeon in the UK has been found guilty of deliberately maiming hundreds of female patients by performing “completely unnecessary” surgical procedures. You might want to go back and read that sentence again.

Still wonder why this author morphed into The Paramedic Heretic?

Doctor Ian Paterson was convicted last week on 17 counts of “wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm,” in a Nottingham Crown Court jury trial, before Judge Jeremy Baker.

“Paterson was a controlling bully, who played God with people’s lives so he could live a luxurious lifestyle.”

According to court testimony, Paterson, age 59, was proven to have performed far more invasive operations than were called for, simply to make money. He routinely convinced women who had non-serious tissue conditions that they were a cancer risk, and

Deborah Hawtin

One of Paterson’s many, many victims, Deborah Hawtin

performed operations on them, up to and including mastectomies. Many of Paterson’s patients were left disfigured, and many continue to  have mental health issues.

Britain’s General Medical Council suspended Paterson’s medical license when they realized they would have to investigate the mastectomies of more than 700 patients, over a stunning 15-year crime spree that started in 1997, performed at Parkway and Little Aston hospitals.

Jade Edgington

Jade Edgington was only 16 when the evil Paterson started cutting on her breasts

England’s National Health System has already paid out more than $30,000,000 to more than 250 women as a direct result of the physical damages this appalling physician inflicted upon them. At least 2 dozen more cases are pending.

Paterson, originally from Scotland, is expected to be sentenced in May.

Here’s another look: