Another California Drug-dealing MD Heads Off to Prison. Anybody Listening? Hello?

Prosecutors told the court that the doctor was well aware that at least some of her so-called “patients” were reselling the pills on the streets for profit, and some of them were being arrested by law enforcement.
Jasna Mrdjen is an immigrant from Croatia. She attended the University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine. She is a pluperfect example of what we call a Third World Assassin.

Why Medics and Nurses Don’t Watch TV Medical Shows: The ‘Drama-Goofs’ Drive Us Crazy

Wanna know what really makes a medical professional scream and holler?

GOOFY MED CartoonAs a Paramedic I’ve mentioned on this site more than once, why TV medical dramas – which purport to be realistic – often drive medical professionals stark-raving mad. Just for fun, we’ll note here what a few of our nurse friends have to say about Holly-Weird hospital programs:

“The patient starts having a seizure. The family screams for a nurse. The nurse runs in (first off, we don’t RUN) and her priority move is to take his temperature. Yeah, there’s a nifty move. Let’s pop a thermometer into a seizure patient’s mouth, so he can bite it off and swallow it. ERRRRR.” (Annie, RN)

“My jaw drops when the doctor goes to the patient’s home to explain to them why they need to return to the hospital to have a life saving operation. Yeah right.” (TwilightRN)

“In 40 years of TV goofy-dramas, I’ve never ever, ever seen ANYBODY wash their hands.” (Nerd2Nurse)



Grey’s Anatomy has raked in billions on its bizarre world “reality”. Sad to say, people are gullible enough to believe it 

“Ever notice there are pretty much NO nurses in “House”??? That’s probably because no RN on the planet would work anywhere near that ass.” (Smitty)

“Has anybody ever seen a TV hospital bed with the side rails up? I haven’t.” (Kenni)

House has to be the worst med-deadhead show ever. Some patients die like 5 times, then by the end of the hour they’re wide awake and talking after the commercial.” (AllyKat)

“Any show that has an MD starting an IV makes me turn it off with lightning speed. Too stupid for words.” (33nFree)

“My favorite Whhaaaa! moment was back in the days of Dallas. The cool Bobby Ewing, having been hit by a car, lying in hospital bed talking to his family. He’s connected to the EKG. Suddenly he goes from normal sinus rhythm to flat-line. Somebody calmly walzes in, switches off the machines and . . . one dead Bobby. Poor cutie Bobby. Never had a chance.” (GHGoonette)

“The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I ever watched, some coma guy had woken up perfectly fine after a year long coma and walked out of the hospital. Lord have mercy.” (Mazy)

“The whole idea of the nurses wanting to become doctors is science fiction. Never met a nurse in 30 years who would even consider it.” (CNL2B)

“Once in the ER (NOT “ER” but the real ER) I asked one of the cops, “How are the movies about you guys?” He answered, “Exactly the same as movies about you guys. Stupid.” (MaleRN)

Verdict is in: Las Vegas Doctor ‘Guilty’ in Patient Sexual Attacks Trial

“Anything he said as a doctor, they believed him and thought he had their best interests in mind.” (Prosecutor Alex Chen)

Dr Binh Chung

Doctor Binh Chung enters the courtroom to face the women he sexually used

In Las Vegas Nevada a superior court jury has found Doctor Binh “Ben” Chung guilty on numerous charges of patient sexual assault while in his medical office for treatments.

In total, Chung was convicted on Friday of 11 of 14 felony-level crimes – the least of which included Kidnapping, as well as using a child to produce pornographic videos, because one of his sexual assault victims was only 16 years old.

Brenda Wong

Brenda Wong, wife of medical mad-man Binh “Ben” Chung, sadly testifies in Las Vegas courtroom  about her husband’s secret videos she found at home

The jury, which deliberated for 8 hours,  determined that Chung abused his position as a physician; drugged and raped unconscious patients behind closed doors; and in some cases, recorded his attacks by using a hidden video camera.

Over the course of the trial, several victims testified in detail, telling the court how they were drugged and then sexually used by the doctor as they lay on his exam table unable to move.

Criminal Chung was originally handcuffed and taken to jail in Las Vegas in 2015, after his wife had gone to police, and showed them the video recordings she’d found on his home computer.

In a last-ditch attempt to convince the jury of his innocence, Chung testified himself last Thursday. He stated he absolutely did not sexually assault any of his patients. Rather, the sexually explicit videos shown in court were of “role playing” with a woman he was having an affair with. He said he and the woman had a Sleeping Beauty fetish and would “pretend to be asleep”.

That response was denied by the woman in question. She testified against him, as did other victims who, apparently, had no such “fetish.” Neither did it explain any of the other patient attacks.

The doctor will be back in court for a sentencing hearing on July 10.

Our Observations:

As we previously reported, Doctor Binh “Ben” Chung is an immigrant from China. And as we also reported, the Nevada State Medical Board could have stopped all of this from happening a decade ago, when Chung was arrested on “lewdness charges” in 2006. As  too often happens with physician misbehavior, the charges were dismissed, when he agreed to 100 hours of “community service” and “impulse control counseling”. In that case, the deviant doctor sexually groped a 15-year-old girl who sought treatment for an eye infection. And some poor mental midget determined “impulse control counseling” would solve the problem of a sexual deviant.

How well did that work out for the ladies and girl in this case?

Never forget: The primary purpose of state medical boards is to protect criminal physicians. They all talk a good game about “public safety”. It’s nonsense. In literally hundreds of thousands of cases since 1985, state medical boards could have protected the public by simply being proactive. All they have to do is institute policies and protocols similar to the airline industry regarding pilot misbehavior.

It ain’t exactly rocket science.

More on this case|

Study: Late Night Surgery Twice as Likely to Kill Patients as Daytime Operations

Research presented at last summer’s World Congress of Anesthesiologists in Hong Kong revealed a bit of a shocker: patients who undergo surgery at night are more prone to die, compared to those operated on during standard working hours.


(We Thank Michael A Keller for the very clever photo)

In other words, the later your surgery is, the greater the risk.

The findings, according to an in-depth study led by Doctor Michael Tessler and Doctor Ning Nan Wang, of the Anesthesia  Department at McGill University in Montreal Canada, surprised more than a few in attendance. They also learned that patients undergoing surgery in late afternoon and evening, also have a higher mortality rate.

Post-operative complication factors have been studied for decades. But the purpose of this particular evaluation was to determine if there is any corrolation between patient death rates and times of the day when surgeries occur. The research focused on a single, highly-rated Canadian hospital – Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

Night is not the ideal time to be in labor, either. One California study found a 25% greater risk of neonatal death following nighttime deliveries.

The researchers assessed all operations that took place over the previous 5 years, covering the period of April 2010 – March, 2015, that involved general anesthesia. Both emergency and elective cases were included.

The 24-hour day was divided into 3 time-frames: 7:30am to 3:29pm; 3:30 to 11:29pm; 11:30 to 7:29am. The surgical “start time” was considered to be when the first anesthetic was administered to each patient.

The researchers assessed just under 42,000 operations performed on 34,000 patients. (Some patients – such as emergency patients – require more than one procedure) About 10,500 were emergency patients.

“This study demonstrates that late day and night emergency surgeries are associated with higher mortality. Postoperative, 30-day in-hospital mortality rate should include start time of anesthesia, along with other known variables, as a risk factor.”

Researchers suspect tired medical staff as a key – but not the only – component to the problem.

Here’s another look:



MD Guilty in Voyeurism Case. OK to Still Undress People for Money? Of Course!

On the Canadian island of Vancouver a family medicine specialist has confessed in court that, well, yeah, come to think of it, he really did hide his camera phone in the clinic’s bathroom. He sorta wanted to catch a view of his lady staff using the potty. What’s wrong with that?


Doctor voyeurism: just what we ought to enable in our freakier lab coat loons, right?

Dr Mark D Thiessen (2)

Dr Mark David Thiessen

Dr Mark D Thiessen was convicted on January 5 of “secretly recording nudity in a private place”, after he set up his cell phone to record the bathroom activities of the women he worked with, back in 2015. So he was sentenced to the whopping punishment of 12 months probation for his crime, which occurred at the Saanich Medical Clinic. Then he went back to work.

The British Columbia College of Surgeons, which is the Canadian equivalent to a state medical board in the U.S., decided it would be a wise move to allow this stethoscope scallywag to keep his medical license, with the caveat that the doctor have a babysitter in the room whenever he examines a female patient with no clothes on.

That oughta teach him. No word on whether his medical staff stayed with him.

Dr Eike-Henner Kluge

Dr Eike Kluge

Now, you’re gonna love what a so-called medical morals expert has to say. Doctor Eike Kluge, an ethics professor at the University of Victoria, told the Canadian media that, just because the doctor wanted to see his lady staff naked, that doesn’t mean that either he or medical authorities, should have to tell patients what he did. After all, he wasn’t trying to film them. Why let the citizenry in on the fact that their doc happens to tilt 3 degrees on the pervert meter?

Wingnut Kluge says that British Columbia has a “doctor shortage” so they need to keep this guy around. Yeah, that’s a brainy idea.

We wonder if Kluge’s wife would want Thiessen as her frisky fissission.

Here’s another look at this particular clinical cretinism:


Another Immigrant Physician Finally Locked Away For Drug-Dealing. Who’s Counting?

“More people die in America every year from prescription drug overdoses than overdoses of all other drugs combined. Prescription drug addiction has led to resurgence in heroin use. Doctors who divert prescription drugs to the street market are contributing to this epidemic, and we are focusing our enforcement efforts to stop them.” (U.S. Attorney Daniel Lemisch)


This is exactly how many MDs view the American public

In Farmington Hills Michigan a physician was handcuffed this week and carted off to federal prison to serve a 19-year sentence. This, for his role in a massive drug distribution conspiracy, according to U.S. Attorney Daniel Lemisch.

Doctor Adelfo Pamatmat, age 71, was sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland for distributing prescription pills and committing  healthcare fraud – both felonies. Two co-conspirators were also convicted in the federal jury trial that lasted nearly two months.

U.S. government investigators discovered that Pamatmat and his partners in crime were running an illicit drug operation, using a fraudulent medical business licensed under the name Compassionate Doctors. The business functioned under the guise of a physicians’ home-health visitation company. But it was in fact a scam that involved fake patients   being routinely gathered up in vans and taken to private homes, where they were issued  prescriptions for narcotics.

Compassionate Doctors would then bill Medicare daily, for medical exams and treatments that were rarely conducted properly, and usually not conducted at all. The so-called patients would get their illegal prescriptions handled at select pharmacies around town – each of them also a player in the drug-dealing – and then sell the pills on the street for cash. Easy money for all, eh?

Police learned that the physician worked with Compassionate Doctors and other drug dealers until he was arrested in 2013. And then, even after his arrest, he continued to illegally prescribe narcotics until he was caught again in 2015.

At trial the prosecution was able to prove that Pamatmat had prescribed 3,000,000 doses of narcotics to non-patients, including at least 1,000,000 doses of hydrocodone. The wayward physician was able to steal at least $4,000,000 from insurance payers.

Pamatmat was one of 44 people arrested in a multi-count indictment unsealed in March 2013. Five other doctors and five pharmacists have been convicted thus far.

Pamatmat is an immigrant of the Philippines. He attended the Far Eastern University Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

Here’s more: