Las Vegas ‘Pain Doctor’ May be the Oldest Drug-Dealer on the Planet


Doctor Henri Wetselaar

So what do you do when you reach your 10th decade? Why, become a drug pusher. Sure beats bingo with the old folks. (photo by Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A 93-year-old Nevada physician has been found guilty of serious drug-dealing charges that could get him a prison term that would keep him behind bars until he is 123. 

Not very damn likely he’ll get any time at all.

Doctor Henri Wetselaar was convicted in Federal Court in Las Vegas on March 23 on all 11 Narcotic felonies, as well as Money Laundering charges, in case that began when he was arrested in 2011, along with his medical assistant and a Las Vegas pharmacist.

The medical assistant who worked in Wetselaar’s clinic, David Litwin,  was convicted on 8 felony drug charges in the narcotic conspiracy scheme. The case of the pharmacist, Jason Smith,  ended in a hung jury, and he will face a new trial next month.


Screwy ‘healthcare’ – and screwball practitioners – probably kill more people than disease. But let’s all keep pretending it isn’t happening

Wetselaar, a pain specialist, immigrated from Holland  and actually served in the military during World War II. During the trial federal prosecutors were able to prove that he  had made nearly 3 dozen cash deposits totaling $260,000 in less than a year, money raked in from drug sales, especially hydrocodone, Xanax and Soma. Investigators discovered the daffy doc would charge drug dealers and addicts up to $400 for each prescription.

Wetselaar sits behind bars in Las Vegas until his sentencing in June. He could get 30 years in prison. 


3 thoughts on “Las Vegas ‘Pain Doctor’ May be the Oldest Drug-Dealer on the Planet

  1. I still think you should stop calling some of these guys “dumb”. Getting away with it until you are 93? Not that dumb. No moral compass, but pretty clever, actually.

    • The human primate seems to be prismatic, in that we have many sides and are often conflicted by opposing behaviors. As you well know, it is entirely possible to be pretty bright in some aspects of life and still be dumber than a box of rocks in others.

      Reasonably bright folks can do appallingly dumb things. And we can’t think of anything “dumber” than a med school graduate choosing a career in drug-running for profit – at any age. It’s a fair guess his lawyer will yammer senile dementia and this fellow will not be locked up for very long.

      If we were king of the world, criminal physicians would be clamped in a pillory on the courthouse lawn. We suspect their bad behavior would drop by 90%.

      But that’s just us.

  2. Amazing! A 93-year-old doctor could get 30 years and other docs get probation/hand slap! No justice?

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