Bay Area Doctor Disappears During Sex Crime Trial. Police Ask for Public’s Help

Bunyad was arrested in November  on the original charges of Sexual Battery, and additional charges were added in Sonoma County Superior Court in January. Police interviewed two teenage girls who reported being molested, who happened to be employees at his clinic. The additional charges alleged 10 counts of Felony Sexual Assault and 6 Misdemeanor counts of molesting a minor, over a 3-year period that started in 2012, according to Deputy District Attorney Robert Waner.

“There were multiple acts of sexual assault by a person using his professional license,” Waner said. “He would routinely have female chiropractic patients to remove their underwear during treatments, and then touch them in sexual ways.”

Bunyad was found guilty of 12 criminal charges at trial, including 6 felonies. Authorities say he failed to show up for the sentencing phase of his trial and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.
The Board of Chiropractic Examiners database still lists Bunyad’s license as “in good standing.”
Go figure.
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3 thoughts on “Bay Area Doctor Disappears During Sex Crime Trial. Police Ask for Public’s Help

  1. Isn’t there a law that a nurse has to be in the examing room with a minor?

    • Hi, Ms. Donna –

      The AMA strongly recommends MDs do it, but like so many other aspects of medicine, there is no law. Some facilities like Kaiser have pretty strong policies. But Kaiser – unlike 90% of all hospitals – hires its own physicians, so they have far more control than most.

  2. Hi! Nice to know! I have never been a fan of Kaiser. But I truly thought there was a law of some sort that doctors “couldn’t” be alone with a minor, Possibility of Malpractice suits, etc. “Strongly recommends” isn’t working! I have learned so much from you I hope he is found soon!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted as usual!

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