Sobering Week for Healthcare: Another Murdering MD Has Died in Prison

Dr Dipak Desai

No other country has more physicians sent to U.S. prisons than India. And yet they continue to pour into this country by the thousands – UN-supervised.

An Indian-immigrant doctor by the name of Dipak K Desai died while in prison last Monday. He was serving a life sentence at Northern Nevada Correctional Center after he was found guilty on 27 felony charges in July, 2013. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office was able to prove in court that Desai’s shockingly careless medication injection routine at his clinic in Las Vegas, was the root cause of a massive Hepatitis outbreak in 2007 that sickened many and killed at least 2 of his patients.

Desai, age 67, was transferred to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno last week after suffering what prison medical staff believed was a massive stroke.

It was on July 1, 2013, that a jury convicted Dr. Dipak Desai of murder, and nurse anesthetist Ronald Lakeman of criminal neglect, in connection with the blood-born outbreak that has killed two people so far and infected 114 others.

Desai was convicted because he resolutely refused to follow standard medical protocols. He instructed his nurses to administer anesthetics to patients before colonoscopy procedures. If patients began to wake up, he would have the nurses draw more of the drug from the vials, by reusing syringes. This allowed the vial to be cross-contaminated by other patients’ blood. When the nurses filled a syringe from multiple vials, including a contaminated vial, that contamination was passed on to other vials, and ultimately to other patients.

At trial the nurses testified that Desai instructed them to ignore sterile technique and reuse plastic syringes and drug vials “to save money.” And they were pressured to rush through as many patients each day as possible.

Brian Labus

Heathcare Hero: Brian Labus, a young epidemiologist at Southern Nevada Health District, who figured out how and why Doctor Dipak Desai was injuring patients at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada. 


On February 27, 2008, after announcing at a news conference that tens of thousands of Southern Nevadans would have to be tested for Hepatitis C and HIV, Brian Labus, who had never been the focus of public attention, would find himself thrust into the public eye for years.

His “serial contamination theory ” of how Desai’s outbreak occurred, unprecedented in medical circles, would be supported by top physician/researchers with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The Hepatitis outbreak happened in 2007, but did not become public until early 2008, when health officials notified 63,000 former Desai clinic patients to get tested for potentially fatal blood-borne diseases. Within months, regional health investigators linked as many as 114 cases of Hepatitis C to the shameful physician.

Madman Desai was the poster-child example of what is known in medicine as a Third World Assassin.





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