Immigrant MD Faces Prison for Sexually Torturing Young Girls: “It’s God’s Will.”

My mom said it’s a secret and I’m not supposed to talk about it. The doctor had to cut me and get the germs out” (One little victim told FBI Agent Kevin Swanson)

Dr Jumana Nagarwala

We cut vaginas to keep us pure. We’re not like American women at all. We just live here.

In the city of Livonia Michigan an Indian-immigrant doctor was handcuffed and taken to jail this week for performing female genital mutilation on at least several girls as young as 6 years old. FGM is the appalling rite of sexual assault brought to the U.S. under the guise of “religious cleansing.” The purpose? To curb female sexuality and cause sexual intercourse to result in excruciating pain.

Doctor Jumana Nagarwala, age 44 and a resident of Northville, Michigan at the time of her arrest, worked as an ER physician at Henry Ford Hospital. She is also, apparently, a member of an ever-growing, secretive cultural niche in this country, that routinely sexually lacerates girls and women, in the name of God.

Except for a shocking few, American physicians who are aware of this imported societal scourge – such as pediatricians who treat patients after “cutting infections” – choose not to speak out. FGM is but one – albeit terrible – symptom of what is well-known as the “lab coat conspiracy” of silence. Doctors almost never ‘out’ the crimes of other doctors.

“Despite her oath to care for her patients, Doctor Nagarwala is believed to have performed horrifying acts of brutality on the most vulnerable victims.” (Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco)

According to the  case investigation brought to the U.S. District Court in Detroit, the parents of the young victims transported them from Minnesota to Livonia Michigan, under the pretense that they were going on a “special girls trip” and that what happened to the children had to be kept secret.

Detectives learned that Nagarwala performed the vaginal torture at a small clinic in the city of Livonia. According the FBI investigation, Nagarwala has been permanently damaging the sex organs of children for more than 10 years.

In a press release Wednesday, the U.S. Attorneys Office stated Nagarwala’s arrest is the first criminal case of its kind in American history – the sick practice of clitoris removal, which is punishable by 5 years in prison. This doctor however, could be sentenced to 10 years, because one of her felony charges is Transportation With Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Assault.

The parents of one of the girls told Minnesota Child Protective Services that they took the girl to Detroit to see Nagarwala for a “cleansing” of extra skin, the complaint said.

According to investigators, phone records and surveillance video prove that as recently as February, two Minnesota girls and their parents traveled to the Detroit area for appointments with Nagarwala. The girls believed they were seeing a doctor because their “tummies hurt.” Instead, police said, the girls had parts of their genitalia cut off and their vaginas sewn tightly closed.

A court-ordered physician examined both girls this week, and reported  to law enforcement that the genitals were abnormal in appearance and had been “totally altered.”

“Female genital mutilation constitutes a particularly brutal form of violence against women and girls. It is a serious federal felony in the United States. (U.S. Attorney Daniel Lemisch)

Nagarwala immigrated to America from Gujarat, India.

According to the World Health Organization, FGM is an internationally-recognized violation of human rights. The organization said 200,000,000 girls and women have been tortured in this manner, in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where FGM is considered “God’s Will.”


One thought on “Immigrant MD Faces Prison for Sexually Torturing Young Girls: “It’s God’s Will.”

  1. This makes me ill! The cultures and traditions around the world are so often horrific! My world isn’t perfect but I favor human kindness.

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