Second Michigan MD Confesses Guilt in $17,000,000 Health Fraud Scam



No profession steals more taxpayer money than the errant doctor population

Another Detroit-area doctor changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” in March for his part in an appalling scheme which defrauded Medicare of more than $17,000,000. The theft involved fraudulent physician exams and unnecessary prescriptions. 

Doctor Leonard Van Gelder, age 69, admitted in U.S. District Court Eastern Michigan, to Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud, as he stood before Judge Avern Cohn.

Van Gelder, a resident of Caledonia Michigan, was an MD for a company called Lake Michigan Mobile Doctors, a service which provided home-bound citizens with medical visitations. Their office was located in Southfield. Van Gelder confessed in court that he would routinely visit patients who did not require physician-level care, but were charged via Medicare for the highest possible billing codes.  The criminal physician also admitted that he routinely prescribed patients wholly unneeded narcotics, such as Vicodin, which provided illegal indications that the patients were in serious pain. 


Investigators discovered that Mobile Doctors illegally charged Medicare $17,100,000 over several years.

Last December, Van Gelder’s co-conspirator, Stephen Mason, age 46, of Zionsville Indiana, pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud. And another doctor, Gerald Daneshvar, age 41 of West Bloomfield, is awaiting his own trial.  

Van Gelder has not yet been sentenced.  



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