Doctor Pill-Pushers in Ohio: Drug-Dealing Was a Family Affair

Dr Margaret Temponeras

In Scioto County Ohio a lady physician and her elderly MD-dad have changed their “not guilty” pleas to “guilty” to Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics.

Doctor Margaret Temponeras, age 52 and a resident of Portsmouth, confessed this week in Cincinnati U.S. District Court. Her father, Doctor John Temponeras, age 82, had already pleaded guilty on March 15 to the same charge – Conspiracy to Distribute oxycodone.

According to U.S. Department of Justice investigators, “Margy” Temponeras operated a front for drug-dealing called Unique Pain Management Clinic with her father, for years. They found that from June 2005 until May 2011, the doctor daddy-daughter duo routinely saw two dozen “patients” each day, and charged them $200 or more for prescriptions for thousands of narcotic pills.

Many of these so-called patients received monthly prescriptions for combinations of oxycodone and Xanax. At some point the Temponeras realized that many pharmacies in the Scioto County area had become suspicious, recognizing that hundreds of those coming through their doors were drug abusers and street dealers, and they stopped filling the Temponera’s prescriptions. So Margaret Temponeras  opened her own drug store called Unique Relief, Incorporated next door to the clinic itself. Problem solved.

Both of the Temponera physicians were originally trained as OB-Gyn specialists earlier in their careers. At some point they realized that could make more money by prostituting their medical licenses.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin C. Glassman’s office reports the doctor-drugster scamsters face 20-year federal prison terms when they are sentenced later this Summer. Don’t count on it.

Here’s another look at this most recent medical embarrassment:



2 thoughts on “Doctor Pill-Pushers in Ohio: Drug-Dealing Was a Family Affair

  1. Why no murder charges for the patients that died?

    • Hi, there –

      I don’t know why in this particular case, but oftentimes the victims of overdoses are found to have been using more than just one pill-pusher MD. It’s often not possible to link which MD is responsible for which drug. Thanks for chiming in, young lady! Be well.

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