Dr Kiersten Cerveny Overdose: Readers Respond to the Case

Dr Kiersten Cerveny 4

Our readers write:


Stillwater said this:

“Married, three children, a dermatologist, 4:30 AM doing drugs with people who left her to die. Quality people.”


Becky said this:
“Her main concern was the drugs, not her kids. What a terrible role model. Waiting for the family to say how much she loved her children and how devoted she was to them.”

Quercus Alba

Quercus Alba
“Dumb & Dumber. Alcohol and “Coke” is a deadly cocktail. This female medical professional forgot the basics.”


“If she was home being a mother to her children she would still be alive !”


“If this were (a) meth, (b) a trailer park, and (c) no one famous — or (a) crack, (b) a public housing project, and (c) no one famous —— these 2 men would be chucked in prison for 20 years. It is SICK that the drug dealer will get a few months for “maintaining a drug-involved premises,” and the HBO exec will probably spend 6 months of his 24 months in a country club prison—and then he will write about it and produce a show and mane millions.”


“I really wish I’d never read this one. I really wish I didn’t know that people such as this exist in the same world I brought children into. My grandchildren live in a world with monsters walking among them…and the monsters look like decent people are supposed to look like. Can we tattoo ‘monster’ on their faces so that we will all be warned?”


“A doctor and mother of three out all night bar hopping, drinking and snorting coke until she over dosed. Glad she wasn’t my doctor….or my mother….or wife….or girlfriend….”

One thought on “Dr Kiersten Cerveny Overdose: Readers Respond to the Case

  1. @GaryCPR says:

    Lot shaming ego talk above, everyone does drugs since the dawn of humankind. Stop the war on drugs which is a war on people.

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