Wife Murderer Will Not Get a New Trial. It Was Utah’s “Trial of the Century”

The soap-opera story of the wealthy doctor, his beauty queen wife’s stunning death and his mistress who moved into the house just days later, had all the trappings of a “crime of the century” in Utah. It was quite the embarrassment for the Mormons.

In Salt Lake City the Utah Court of Appeals has refused to reverse the Murder conviction of Doctor Martin MacNeill, who was found guilty of killing his wife Michele 10 years ago.

Dr Martin & Michele MacNeill

The MacNeill’s in happier times

They had been married for almost 30 years.

On appeal, MacNeill’s defense attorneys submitted that key testimony by cellmates of the doctor was not credible, because they were promised benefits in return for their story. Attorneys appealing the conviction argued that the case was circumstantial and weak, and that it was dependent on false testimony from prison inmates, who testified the doctor had confessed that he killed his wife.

According to detectives, MacNeill had pressured his wife to agree to cosmetic surgery on her face in the days before her death, then overdosed her with pain pills and drowned her in the bathtub to make the death appear accidental.

Gypsy Willis

Gypsy Willis

MacNeill, now age 61, was convicted by a jury in 2013, after investigators were able to prove that he had drugged his wife in her Pleasant Grove home in 2007.

The formerly respected MD  was sentenced by Judge Frederic Voros. Martin MacNeill, who is serving a sentence of 15 years to life at the Utah State Prison, will have his first parole hearing when he is 96 years old: August, 2052.

Here’s another look:


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