Another Doctor: Another Murder Case

Dr John E. Gibbs

Dr John E Gibbs

In Chesterfield County Virginia law enforcement handcuffed and took another physician off to jail this week.

When it comes to the criminal-doctor gravy train, U.S. law enforcement has been as busy in this new year as they were last year. Some things just never change.

Doctor John E. Gibbs, age 39, was arrested in Richmond, a day after he was charged by a county grand jury of Murder, in the death of his girlfriend.

Gibbs now sits behind bars on the heinous charge of First Degree Murder of nurse Zulma Pabon, age 26, who has been missing since June, 2014.

Nurse Zulma L Pabon and son

“Mom’s gone now”

Prior to Gibbs arrest, detectives learned that Zulma L Pabon was last seen leaving St. Francis Medical Center, where both she and Gibbs worked, following her shift on June 6, 2014. Her Nissan Altima was located on the other side of town, South of Richmond, several days later. They said that Gibbs never reported his girlfriend missing, and he refused to cooperate when police asked him basic questions in order to determine her whereabouts. At that time she was simply listed as a Missing Person, and the couple lived together.

Investigators are certain now – nearly 3 years later – that, although she has not been found, Ms. Pabon is dead, and the case has been reclassified from “Missing Person” to a “No Body Homicide”.

Investigators learned that Pabon had been Gibbs’ girlfriend for years, and that he was the father of her son, but according to friends and neighbors, the relationship was deteriorating.

Yesterday morning the doctor was seen in Chesterfield Circuit Court on a video conference screen as he sat in his jail cell.

Gibbs name first surfaced a year ago, in February 2016, when he was charged with Child Neglect after repeatedly leaving his 5-year-old son home alone. He was convicted in November, and was expected to be sentenced at the time of his arrest for the nurse’s Murder.

Here’s another look at this case:


5 thoughts on “Another Doctor: Another Murder Case

  1. Isn’t 3 years of not cooperating with police a crime? Glad he got put away at any rate!

    • Vic –

      Yes, indeed it is. State Medical Boards almost always hold off on even suspending medical licenses – let alone revoking them – until they reach the point of embarrassment.

      Incidentally, the doctor who killed Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, is quietly taking the necessary steps to regaining HIS license, after moving out of California.

      Physician discipline by medical boards is jaw-dropping in its stupidity.

      • Vic Nicholls says:

        Well I’d say the Virginia State Medical Board and some of the State employees and State Senators/Delegates know now!

        Guess what? I got a response back from the Enforcement Board and apparently had the Directors’ name on it …

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