Florida Fraudster Fakes Eye Diseases, Steals Medicare’s Millions, Now Lives in a Cage

LASIK Surgery

How would you like to have this done to you, just so your scam MD could get rich?


In the city of Jacksonville a physician has been found guilty of performing literally hundreds of totally unnecessary eye operations. And this despicable excuse for a doctor has finally been sentenced to spend the next 10 years in federal prison.

Dr David Ming Pon

Pon the Con won’t be attending his med school alumni party this year

Doctor David Ming Pon, a resident of Windermere, was also ordered to repay the $7,000,000 he stole from Medicare.

Investigators discovered that Pon, age 59, repeatedly lied when he told patients they had glaucoma, after which they would then agree to undergo medically unneeded laser operations.

“I have personally had to look dozens of his victims in the eye and explain to them how they had been wasting their time and money for years, receiving imaginary treatments for diseases they did not have.” (Doctor Adam Berger, Florida eye specialist)

The prosecution learned there were hundreds of poor victims. And when they presented their case to a grand jury in 2014, the jury came back with a 20-charge indictment, accusing Pon of Medicare Fraud.

Pon’s case finally went to a jury trial in 2015, and the criminal MD was convicted on all 20 charges.

Pon the con operated two clinics: one in Orlando and another in Leesburg. He was known to have amassed more than $10,000,000, with much of his wealth held in mainland China. At the time of his arrest, he lived in a multi-million dollar estate located at the wealthy Isleworth Country Club.

The State of Florida Medical Board revoked his medical license last year. He was sentenced to prison today by U.S. District Judge Brian Davis.

Here’s another look at this lab coat lunatic:



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