So Tell Us: Which Doctor is The Witch Doctor?

Time to take the Miscreant of the Week challenge.

Which one of these two creepy lab coat loons is a licensed physician, and which one is fake?

Dr Christopher OmigieA 58-year-old Lafayette Louisiana fraudster was finally sent off to federal prison after being convicted in a long-running drug-trafficking scheme, which he conducted just over the state line, in East Texas, according to U.S. Attorney John M. Bales.

The man was well-known in drug-running circles. Doctor Christopher Omigie, an immigrant of Nigeria who eventually became a naturalized American citizen. He confessed in October, 2014 to Conspiracy to Distribute cocaine, and is now into his third year of a 14-year prison sentence. He was ordered behind bars by U.S. District Judge Marcia A. Crone.

At his trial the prosecution was able to prove that Omigie had for years been an integral link in one of the most aggressive drug cartels in Texas. They paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide them protection from law enforcement.  The doctor was consulted by drug pushers before, during and after each criminal transaction.  His “protection” treatments often involved special massages, you see with secret ointments, powders and scented candles, to keep away the cops.

After these empowerment sessions, the drug traffickers were directed by the doctor to abstain from sex and even bathing, so as not to diminish the power of his treatments. 

For conspiring to assist major Hispanic drug lords in Texas, Omigie was handcuffed and jailed by federal drug agents on Sep. 5, 2013.

This case was investigated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation. It was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Craft.


Modern medicine vs Witch medicine. Can you tell the difference?


Dr Christine DanielMeanwhile, in San Fernando Valley California a woman who called herself a “special minister from God” was found guilty of using fake herbal concoctions and ‘beef flavoring’ as a way to scam money from dozens of people who suffered from such diseases as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

At least 28 victims died while taking what prosecutors called “false hope” treatments, prescribed by Doctor Christine Daniel. Daniel, now age 60, was convicted on 4 charges of mail; 6 charges of tax evasion and one count of witness tampering.

You’ll notice she wasn’t convicted of Homicide because, well, in the U.S. we kinda let that slide when the perpetrators wear white lab coats. You understand this by now, right?

Prosecutors proved that Daniel, who operated a scam clinic in Granada Hills Called “Sonrise”, used her position of trust among evangelical Christians, through an infomercial  on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, to push her scam treatments, which were advertised  under the name C-Extract.

Some of the “medications” contained nothing more special than sunscreen preservatives.

Daniel charged her customers up to $150,000 for her special 6-week program. The high cost was justified because the ingredients “were made with herbs from around the world, manufactured specifically for each patient.”

Daniel fraudulently claimed her treatments had a 60%-100% rate in curing “metastatic or terminal cancers.” She also claimed to be able to cure other serious medical conditions such as diabetes and strokes.

Daniel – like mad-man Omigie – was also sentenced to 14 years in federal prison, and fined $5,500,000.

So which of these two scamsters is the REAL doctor, and maybe more importantly, which one would you suppose is the most dangerous to society? ( the answer is below)





(Christine Daniel was the licensed MD. Christopher Omigie was known to most of his associates as The Witch Doctor. We are unaware whether the similarities in their names is at all significant)


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