San Diego County’s Own ‘Drugs-for-Sex’ Doc Heads Off to Prison

“We will continue to vigorously enforce the law against doctors who abuse the prescribing privilege and exploit desperate addicts for their own purposes.” (U.S. Attorney Alana Robinson)

Dr Naga Raja Thota 2

Doctor Naga Raja Thota’s “thrills-for-pills” palace. Don’t try to set an appointment. This clinic is . . . uh . . . closed.

A San Diego-area physician who confessed to prescribing narcotics to female patients in exchange for sex, has finally been sent off to federal prison. 

Doctor Naga Raja Thota had already admitted to 7 felony charges not long after he was handcuffed at his clinic, which he called the Pain Management Center, on Navajo Road in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon. His clinic was raided by Federal DEA agents in March, 2016, after DEA investigators served him with search warrants.

He treated patients at Alvarado Hospital and Sharp Grossmont Hospital

In court, investigators were able to prove that the drug-dealing MD had written fraudulent prescriptions for more than 2,000 Hydrocodone and Oxycodone pills in 2013, sometimes using the names of people other than the so-called patients.

San Diego County Coroners’ records revealed that from 2005-2012, at least 15 people died of overdoses after Thota prescribed drugs for them. Of course he was never charged

After the news of this pervert hit the airwaves in San Diego, a whopping 26 other women came forward and told police Thota had offered them drugs in exchange for sex, too. Thota had been operating a clinic in California since 1995.

So tonight, Doctor Naga Raja Thota, age 62, sits in a jail cell, and can look forward to spending the next 30 months behind bars. As far as we can tell, he joins just about 2,410 other Third World Assassins in America’s ‘foreign physician felon’ club. His name is now etched into the “Dangerous” category at the National Practitioner Data Bank, in Washington DC.

Thota had multiple sexual relationships with his so-called “patients”. One of them told investigators that he would send her expensive gifts, including diamonds, perfume and a MacBook computer. She testified the doctor was so into his pills-for-sex scam that he would drive her to different drug stores so the pharmacists wouldn’t know what was going on

Thota is an Indian emigrant who came to the U.S. after attending Guntur Medical College NTR, in Guntur, India. So will he be deported when released from prison?

Don’t be ridiculous. He’ll be allowed to move to another state; he’ll be gleefully relicensed; and the hospitals  where he treats new patients will do everything in their power to ensure no one knows of his criminal history.  

Because in the good ol’ USA, criminal immigrant physicians are treated like royalty.  

And patients? Well, their expendable.   

Have another look at this freak with a fetish:

The case:


One thought on “San Diego County’s Own ‘Drugs-for-Sex’ Doc Heads Off to Prison

  1. Still too light of a sentence in my “ethics” book. But glad to have him out of the neighborhood!

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