Another Week; Another Victim; Another Sexually-Perverted MD

In the Southern California city of Murrieta a physician was found guilty this week of sexually attacking numerous women patients in the Temecula clinic where he worked.


“My specialty is ear, nose & throat. So lay still while I pull down your panties”


Doctor John Francis McGuire, who lives in Escondido, was convicted in a jury trial Tuesday on a total of 25 Felonies and Misdemeanor charges. He was originally charged with 30 different crimes, including Rape; Attempted Sexual Assault of an Unconscious Person; Aggravated Sexual Battery of a restrained person, and Sexual Acts on Patients, which is a violation of the California Business & Profession Code.

According to Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Jess Walsh, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department opened their investigation in August 2015, after an unnamed adult woman reported that the doctor had repeatedly and inappropriately touched her during surgical follow-up, while she was a patient at Temecula Valley Hospital.

The woman told investigators that these incidents happened months earlier, in the Spring of 2015, when McGuire was supposedly performing post-surgical exams. She said the doctor repeatedly touched her between the legs, telling her that he was, “concerned about a rash.”

Not only did the victim have no rash, but McGuire’s specialty is ear, nose and throat.

After speaking with police, the victim called McGuire, who apologized for touching her the way he did. McGuire had no idea his apology was being recorded.

After law enforcement listened to the recording, McGuire was arrested.

Before the trial 9 different women approached investigators with experiences that were similar to, or – in some cases – far worse.

Some victims testified that the doctor repeatedly came up with reasons to grab their breasts, including one who reported she was assaulted during recovery after an operation, while still essentially unable to move her arms and legs.

McGuire worked at Graybill Medical Center in Escondido, an affiliation of Temecula Valley Hospital.

According to the California Medical Board, McGuire graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 2003 and has been an ear, nose & throat specialist for 12 years. His medical license was suspended in September 2015, a month after his arrest.

McGuire, age 45, has his next court date in April, before Superior Court Judge Stephen Gallon. He is currently being held with a “no bail” status at the Southwest Detention Center.

Here’s another look at this case:


One thought on “Another Week; Another Victim; Another Sexually-Perverted MD

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Women are just not safe around male doctors. This has been demonstrated over and over again.

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