Dr Kiersten Cerveny Overdose: Readers Respond to the Case

Dr Kiersten Cerveny 4

Our readers write:


Stillwater said this:

“Married, three children, a dermatologist, 4:30 AM doing drugs with people who left her to die. Quality people.”


Becky said this:
“Her main concern was the drugs, not her kids. What a terrible role model. Waiting for the family to say how much she loved her children and how devoted she was to them.”

Quercus Alba

Quercus Alba
“Dumb & Dumber. Alcohol and “Coke” is a deadly cocktail. This female medical professional forgot the basics.”


“If she was home being a mother to her children she would still be alive !”


“If this were (a) meth, (b) a trailer park, and (c) no one famous — or (a) crack, (b) a public housing project, and (c) no one famous —— these 2 men would be chucked in prison for 20 years. It is SICK that the drug dealer will get a few months for “maintaining a drug-involved premises,” and the HBO exec will probably spend 6 months of his 24 months in a country club prison—and then he will write about it and produce a show and mane millions.”


“I really wish I’d never read this one. I really wish I didn’t know that people such as this exist in the same world I brought children into. My grandchildren live in a world with monsters walking among them…and the monsters look like decent people are supposed to look like. Can we tattoo ‘monster’ on their faces so that we will all be warned?”


“A doctor and mother of three out all night bar hopping, drinking and snorting coke until she over dosed. Glad she wasn’t my doctor….or my mother….or wife….or girlfriend….”

Dr. Kiersten Cerveny Case: ‘Yes, I Admit I Dragged Her Body Down the Stairway’

Dr Kiersten Cerveny family

We can see at least 3 reasons in this picture for a doctor to not be a cocaine user

In New York City a television producer has confessed in federal court that, well yes, by golly, he did indeed dump the body of an unconscious doctor, on the morning she died of a drug overdose in a Manhattan apartment. Who told?

Marc Henry Johnson

Marc Henry Johnson: movie producer, partier, drug provider, lady OD-body-dumper

The man, Marc Henry Johnson, told Judge Jesse M. Furman that just before daybreak, on the morning of October 5 2015, he helped carry the body of Doctor Kiersten R Cerveny from an apartment on West 16th Street to the lobby of the building downstairs.

Doctor Cerveny was a dermatology specialist on Long Island prior to the reckless partying that killed her.

Johnson, age 52, told the court that he “panicked” when the lady doctor suddenly went limp while slumped in a chair. They had been “partying for hours” since the night before. He said he and a drug dealer named James Holder, moved the unconscious woman from Holder’s apartment and down to the lobby.

If you can’t trust a drug-pushing movie-maker to look out for you, who can you trust?

“Cerveny’s death last year stunned those who knew her in Washington Township, Gloucester County, where she grew up and graduated as valedictorian from the high school in 1995. Students voted her as “Most Studious” and “Most Likely to Succeed.” Family friends called her “the perfect child.” She graduated magna cum laude from Duke University and obtained her medical degree from Tulane University.”

Prosecutors said they would be able to prove that Johnson had purchased cocaine from Holder and offered some to Cerveny as they sat in a bar with acquaintances. Investigators learned that the wayward MD had already been doing cocaine earlier in the evening, while out on the town. Her husband Andrew was home with the kids.

Detectives learned that it was Johnson who called 911, then performed some semblance of CPR on Cerveny, before leaving her body on the floor of the lobby near the door. A security camera caught the cowardly lion running away.

The drugged-out physician, who lived with her husband and children in Manhasset and ran a small clinic in Williston Park, was taken by ambulance to Lennox Hill Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Johnson finally admitted also, that he took several actions to hide the facts of the case, and covered up the fact that Holder routinely used the apartment as a drug house. Johnson faces a possible prison term of 2 years. Holder has not yet been sentenced.

And so in the end, the foolish Doctor Kiersten Cerveny – weekend partier, binge drinker and cocaine sniffer –was 38 years old on the day she was buried, and left 3 small children crying on the lawn of the cemetery.

Moral of the story? It is entirely possible to be valedictorian in high school, a former chief of dermatology at Brooklyn Hospital,  and still be dumber than a box of rocks behind closed doors.

Here’s another look into this lab coat lunatic’s case:

The Coddling of American College ‘Children’ Precisely Mimics Our Overtreatment of American Patients

Question of the day: at what point does THIS . . .


Increasingly, U.S. college students demand to be treated like 1st graders, and college administrations are allowing it to happen

Become THIS?

Doogie Houser MD

“I was treated like a baby, so that’s why I treat patients like one.”


Name one other planet where the adults put children in charge.

Wife Murderer Will Not Get a New Trial. It Was Utah’s “Trial of the Century”

The soap-opera story of the wealthy doctor, his beauty queen wife’s stunning death and his mistress who moved into the house just days later, had all the trappings of a “crime of the century” in Utah. It was quite the embarrassment for the Mormons.

In Salt Lake City the Utah Court of Appeals has refused to reverse the Murder conviction of Doctor Martin MacNeill, who was found guilty of killing his wife Michele 10 years ago.

Dr Martin & Michele MacNeill

The MacNeill’s in happier times

They had been married for almost 30 years.

On appeal, MacNeill’s defense attorneys submitted that key testimony by cellmates of the doctor was not credible, because they were promised benefits in return for their story. Attorneys appealing the conviction argued that the case was circumstantial and weak, and that it was dependent on false testimony from prison inmates, who testified the doctor had confessed that he killed his wife.

According to detectives, MacNeill had pressured his wife to agree to cosmetic surgery on her face in the days before her death, then overdosed her with pain pills and drowned her in the bathtub to make the death appear accidental.

Gypsy Willis

Gypsy Willis

MacNeill, now age 61, was convicted by a jury in 2013, after investigators were able to prove that he had drugged his wife in her Pleasant Grove home in 2007.

The formerly respected MD  was sentenced by Judge Frederic Voros. Martin MacNeill, who is serving a sentence of 15 years to life at the Utah State Prison, will have his first parole hearing when he is 96 years old: August, 2052.

Here’s another look:

The Twilight Zone Has Other Strange Rooms Too, Besides Healthcare

“Scales are very emotionally triggering for some people.” (Carleton University student)

Millenial Safe Space

Wonder what the 19-year-old sailors at Pearl Harbor would think of these crybabies


Just about the time you think you’ve heard it all, some freaky example of societal inanity pops up from left field to remind us that – lo & behold – our little imaginations are not quite capable of stretching far enough.

For it now comes to pass that an artsy-fartsy Canadian college by the name of Carleton University has determined that recognition of natural laws is too stressful to cope with. Specifically, they have announced that students need to be spared the indignity of the numerical value of their own weight. Yes, “gravity” is sending these poor adult-children into a tizzy. Mother Earth’s impolite habit of tugging on the human body has been declared a “stress trigger”, so the college has taken the only logical tack: remove the scales from the physical education department.

We’re guessing the next thing they criminalize is mirrors. Sometimes reflections can be downright rude.

The university’s decision to label gravity a “stressor” is, of course, entirely predictable, given academia’s mission: teaching students to substitute “feelings” for laws of nature.

But how surprised can we be, really, when so much of modern college education is no longer anchored in reality, but plods like a plow-horse, in lock-step with whatever the socially acceptable zeitgeist happens to be?

Of course there is a serious challenge with abandoning truth and replacing it with “feelings”. Where do you draw the logical line? Why stop with gravity?

In case you haven’t noticed the evening news, school children in their 20’s are on the march, demanding their right to “safe spaces”.

So here’s an idea: let’s eliminate numbers, especially the ones on those pesky Speed Limit signs. They certainly offend us.

You’ve got to hand it to the leaders of higher education, where laws of physics be damned. They strut to the artificial rhythms of the intellectually elite, showing us the way, because they know more than we do.

We ourselves are anxious to see just how much better off we’ll all be, with gravity shunned and numbers gone and words a thing of the past. (words make us downright twitchy) We’ll soon have our noses tucked so deeply into our phone-clone world, we won’t even notice the irritants of life. Logical thought will be gone, too, because reasoning can be a real bummer. But what the heck. We’ll finally be neatly folded and snug, burrowed into our very own, personal safe space.

Kinda like a coffin.

Here’s another peek into our “higher education” Twilight Zone:

Princeton banned “man-based” words, and California State University Fullerton, California State University Northridge, the University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee seem to be drinking the same Kool Aid.

Another Doctor: Another Murder Case

Dr John E. Gibbs

Dr John E Gibbs

In Chesterfield County Virginia law enforcement handcuffed and took another physician off to jail this week.

When it comes to the criminal-doctor gravy train, U.S. law enforcement has been as busy in this new year as they were last year. Some things just never change.

Doctor John E. Gibbs, age 39, was arrested in Richmond, a day after he was charged by a county grand jury of Murder, in the death of his girlfriend.

Gibbs now sits behind bars on the heinous charge of First Degree Murder of nurse Zulma Pabon, age 26, who has been missing since June, 2014.

Nurse Zulma L Pabon and son

“Mom’s gone now”

Prior to Gibbs arrest, detectives learned that Zulma L Pabon was last seen leaving St. Francis Medical Center, where both she and Gibbs worked, following her shift on June 6, 2014. Her Nissan Altima was located on the other side of town, South of Richmond, several days later. They said that Gibbs never reported his girlfriend missing, and he refused to cooperate when police asked him basic questions in order to determine her whereabouts. At that time she was simply listed as a Missing Person, and the couple lived together.

Investigators are certain now – nearly 3 years later – that, although she has not been found, Ms. Pabon is dead, and the case has been reclassified from “Missing Person” to a “No Body Homicide”.

Investigators learned that Pabon had been Gibbs’ girlfriend for years, and that he was the father of her son, but according to friends and neighbors, the relationship was deteriorating.

Yesterday morning the doctor was seen in Chesterfield Circuit Court on a video conference screen as he sat in his jail cell.

Gibbs name first surfaced a year ago, in February 2016, when he was charged with Child Neglect after repeatedly leaving his 5-year-old son home alone. He was convicted in November, and was expected to be sentenced at the time of his arrest for the nurse’s Murder.

Here’s another look at this case:


Florida Fraudster Fakes Eye Diseases, Steals Medicare’s Millions, Now Lives in a Cage

LASIK Surgery

How would you like to have this done to you, just so your scam MD could get rich?


In the city of Jacksonville a physician has been found guilty of performing literally hundreds of totally unnecessary eye operations. And this despicable excuse for a doctor has finally been sentenced to spend the next 10 years in federal prison.

Dr David Ming Pon

Pon the Con won’t be attending his med school alumni party this year

Doctor David Ming Pon, a resident of Windermere, was also ordered to repay the $7,000,000 he stole from Medicare.

Investigators discovered that Pon, age 59, repeatedly lied when he told patients they had glaucoma, after which they would then agree to undergo medically unneeded laser operations.

“I have personally had to look dozens of his victims in the eye and explain to them how they had been wasting their time and money for years, receiving imaginary treatments for diseases they did not have.” (Doctor Adam Berger, Florida eye specialist)

The prosecution learned there were hundreds of poor victims. And when they presented their case to a grand jury in 2014, the jury came back with a 20-charge indictment, accusing Pon of Medicare Fraud.

Pon’s case finally went to a jury trial in 2015, and the criminal MD was convicted on all 20 charges.

Pon the con operated two clinics: one in Orlando and another in Leesburg. He was known to have amassed more than $10,000,000, with much of his wealth held in mainland China. At the time of his arrest, he lived in a multi-million dollar estate located at the wealthy Isleworth Country Club.

The State of Florida Medical Board revoked his medical license last year. He was sentenced to prison today by U.S. District Judge Brian Davis.

Here’s another look at this lab coat lunatic: