The Legacy of Hospital Greed

“This illegal conduct was unacceptable, victimizing both taxpayers and patients. Treatment decisions motivated by financial gain undermine public confidence in our health care system and threaten vital federal programs upon which so many of our citizens rely. We will not relent in our efforts to protect the public from this sort of systematic misconduct.” (U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey)


They all look ethical from the outside


In the city of Ashland Kentucky there exists a well-known hospital called King’s Daughters Medical Center. Unfortunately for them, it is a hospital that is even more famous now, than it was before they were caught up in some seriously unethical, highly dangerous, doctoring doo-doo, 3 years ago.

And simply because of this hospital’s lack of a moral compass, they are now paying off a $41,000,000 fine. Why? Well, it seems they had a secret scam going on: falsely billing federal health care programs for millions, by performing heart procedures on patients who did not need them.

Cutting innocent people open for fun and profit. Does that sound like “healthcare” to you? It sounds like assault with a deadly weapon to us. Repeatedly.

Investigators learned that over a 6-year period that began in 2006, King’s Daughters inflated reimbursements from Medicare and Kentucky Medicaid, by billing for many unnecessary coronary stents and cardiac catheterizations performed by their surgeons.

The prosecution revealed that surgeons would routinely falsify patient records in order to justify unnecessary procedures.

“This type of conduct deceives individuals when they are seeking medical treatment and are vulnerable. The level of funds involved in this matter is staggering. This money has been stolen from the patients and the taxpayers.” (Perrye K. Turner, Special Agent in Charge, FBI, Louisville Field Division) 

Here’s another look at this case, which we originally covered 3 years ago:

UPDATE: Doctor who performed unnecessary procedures wants new trial


One thought on “The Legacy of Hospital Greed

  1. I hope he gets at least 25 years and glad he got busted. Greed destroys everyone or at least it should!

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