Troubled Florida Doctor Found Dead in the Ocean

A Florida doctor who was found guilty 3 years ago of drug-dealing has now been found dead in the ocean, in the city of Tampa.


Dr Aaron B Roush, arrested in 2013

Tampa Police Department announced they have identified the man, whose body was discovered floating at the Port last Friday, as that of Doctor Aaron B Roush.

Roush, age 48, had a history of getting into trouble with the law. Polk County detectives arrested him 4 years ago and he was later convicted, of operating his Lakeland clinic as a front for narcotic drug dealing. Appropriately, he had named his clinic Uphoria.

Investigative reporters with 10News in Tampa learned that Roush was embroiled in numerous legal battles at the time of his death.

Roush’s career as a physician came to an abrupt end after Polk County undercover agents, posing as patients, busted him peddling pain killers for cash back in 2013. A search warrant revealed illegal drugs in the trunk of his car.

In exchange for a guilty plea at the time, Roush was put on probation and ordered by the State Medical Board to never treat patients again. But he violated the terms of his probation last summer in Tampa, when he vandalized the elevator in his downtown condo.

Rouse was scheduled to go to court on a Criminal Mischief charge for damaging the elevator, at the end of this month. And he had another court date for violation of probation in March. But last Friday, Tampa Port employees found him floating in the water.

Tampa Police said Roush’s toxicology report will take at least several weeks. His former wife, Natalie Gonzalez, told 10News that with all the tragedy he had been through, she wouldn’t be surprised if his own actions contributed to his death.

“I would be shocked if toxicology doesn’t come back with something in his system. I think suicide is a real possibility. He was very depressed.”

A police records check revealed that Roush had also been arrested several times for domestic violence.

Tampa Police said they have no evidence that the troubled doctor was murdered.


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