Texas MD Found Guilty: He Wigged Out on Airliner Flight to Hawaii

Last week in Federal Court  a 53-year-old doctor from Texas was convicted by a jury of interfering with a jetliner operations in flight.


How to secure a disruptive doctor’s seatbelt

Doctor William Clark Turner, from the city of Kemp, southeast of Dallas, was found guilty of garbage-level misbehavior which happened last March 14, while he was a passenger on an American Airlines jet, non-stop from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Hawaii.

Airline passengers told police  that Turner acted like a madman, verbally abusing other passengers seated around him  and interfering with the  flight attendant who was trying to keep order on the plane.

When the doctor’s idiotic behavior was relayed to the pilot, the cockpit was placed on ‘lockdown status’ for the safety of everyone, until the aircraft landed. The daft doctor was immediately arrested by Maui airport police.

When this fellow isn’t acting like a chimp on chocolate, he’s  an Emergency specialist employed by Athens Emergency Medicine Associates in Dallas.

Gee, that’s good to know.

Turner is expected to be sentenced in Hawaii by Judge Susan O. Mollway in June. The maximum sentence for airliner assininity is a 20-year term in federal prison.

In reality, he will serve very little time behind bars because, well, he wears a lab coat for a living, and American jurisprudence coddles physicians.

Here’s another look at this lab coat loon:


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